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Telegraph Hill, San Francisco

. The feeding ban was championed by Mark Bittner, the birds' most outspoken supporter who fed them for years and wrote the book ''The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill''. Other local conservationists also supported the ban, though some residents continue to object.

County of Foix

of Pamiers , in the County of Foix in the south of France, whose outspoken disrespect for Philip IV of France incurred charges of high treason in the overheated atmosphere of tension between the King and his ministry and Pope Boniface VIII, leading up to the papal bull ''Unam sanctam'' of 1302. thumb left 230px France in 1477. Red line: Boundary of the Kingdom of France; Light blue: the directly held royal domain (File:Map France 1477-en.svg) In the mid 15th century

Afghan Transitional Administration

appointed Qanuni special adviser on security, which made Qanuni de facto supervisor of Wardak, he decided to join the administration anyway, but he also formed a party outside of the government and run for president in the next elections. Women's Affairs There was also controversy around the post of minister for woman's affairs: Interim Womans Affairs Minister Sima Samar had been very outspoken and she had been threatened and complaints against here were

Ngawa Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture

; (For centuries following, up to today, historians disagree over whether Li Deyu or Niu was correct.) See, e.g., ''Bo Yang Edition of the Zizhi Tongjian'', vol. 59 843 and commentaries contained therein. Celebrity Support ICT is supported by large numbers of well-known celebrities around the world. Richard Gere is one of the most outspoken supporters of the campaign and is chairman of the Board of Directors for ICT. Paris Hilton has voiced her support


citizens to hand down their typewriters to the authorities. Cioroianu, ''Pe umerii...'', p.479; Deletant & Ionescu, p.42-43 This coincided with a noted popular rise in support for outspoken dissidents who were kept under house arrest, among whom were Doina Cornea and Mihai Botez. Deletant & Ionescu, p.37-39 On May 28, 1919, the King and government of Romania went to the grave of Michael the Brave in Câmpia Turzii and Bishop


), "BOYSON, Rt Hon. Sir Rhodes," ''Who's Who 2009'', A & C Black, 2008; online edn, Oxford University Press, Dec 2008. and finally and famously from 1967 to 1974 at Highbury Grove School, a new all-boys' comprehensive (comprehensive schools) in Islington, North London, of which he was the founding head; in this capacity, and subsequently as an MP, he was vocal and outspoken in support of the retention of School corporal punishment corporal punishment

Simcoe, Ontario

, BC: Trafford Publishing, 2004. His father, Frank August Brown, was a successful merchant in agricultural products who had close trading ties with the United States, was active in municipal politics and generally supported the reform policies of the Liberal Party (Liberal Party (Canada)). His son, however, became an outspoken Tory supporter of Canada's role within the British Empire and had a deep mistrust of the influence and intentions of the United States towards


(Annaba, Algeria). Laetus was an equestrian (equestrian (Roman)) who served and took part in the first Battle of Bedriacum for the Emperor Otho and against the future Emperor Vitellius in CE 69. The Romano-Berber theologian known as Augustine of Hippo (modern Chaoui city of Annaba, Algeria), who is recognized as a saint and a Doctor of the Church by Roman Catholicism and the Anglican Communion and revered by the Reformed, was an outspoken

Resettlement Administration

, and Walter C. Thomas for a site that had formerly consisted of of farmland. In 1912 Charles Seeger was hired to establish the music department at the University of California at Berkeley (University of California, Berkeley) but was forced to resign in 1918 because of his outspoken Pacifism during World War I. According to Dunaway, the British-born president of the university "all but fired" Charles Seeger (''How Can I Keep From Singing

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