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Ingersoll, Ontario

in 1846. It was originally named Knox Presbyterian until the union of a number of parishes in 1889. Trinity United Church The original "Two Tower" church was built in 1865. The present building has only one small tower. The Methodist congregation joined the United Church in 1925. Historical schools Ingersoll District Collegiate Institute The current building was constructed in 1953. The original school was demolished in 1954. A cairn and plaque mark its original

Hill City, South Dakota

, and high schools located in separate building on the same campus. A permanent school building was constructed in 1921 and housed all grades until an elementary school building was constructed in 1961 with several modifications in the 1980s. The Middle School was built in the 1970s with several additions in the 1990s. After the middle school was built the original school building became the high school building. In 2001, construction was begun on a new high school which was completed in 2002

Port Coquitlam

: keeper.html keeper He is also the father of actor Keenan Tracey. '''Terry Fox Secondary School''' is a school with approx. 2,000 students in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada. The original school was built on Wellington Street in the 1950s under the name "Port Coquitlam Senior Secondary" for grades 11 and 12. It was renamed Terry Fox Senior Secondary School after 1976 graduate Terry Fox. The "

La Crosse, Wisconsin

, Wisconsin La Crosse , Wisconsin, and many girls of the parish who felt a calling to religious life joined that order. The school is still operated on the premises of the parish by the Archdiocese of Dubuque, as a consolidation of the original school and the Catholic school which once served the nearby community of Balltown (Balltown, Iowa), Iowa. In the early years Norwegian Synod seminary students were sent to Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri. Luther College (Luther College (Iowa)) was founded near La Crosse, Wisconsin in 1861, and relocated to Decorah, Iowa the next year. Peter Laurentius Larsen served as President of Luther College from 1861 until he resigned from the presidency in 1902. of Luther College'' (Luther College) thumb Herman Amberg Preus (File:HAPreus.JPG), (1825 – 1894), a key figure in organizing the Norwegian Synod '''Viterbo University''' is a Roman Catholic liberal arts university (Liberal arts college) located in La Crosse, Wisconsin, United States in the Diocese of La Crosse. **Green Bay (Green Bay, Wisconsin) – Austin Straubel International Airport **La Crosse (La Crosse, Wisconsin) – La Crosse Municipal Airport **Madison (Madison, Wisconsin) – Dane County Regional Airport *La Crescenta, California (LCA) (Amtrak station) (La Crescenta (Amtrak station)) *La Crosse, Wisconsin (LSE) (Amtrak station) (La Crosse (Amtrak station)) *La Grande, Oregon (LAE) Greyhound Bus Stop A third National Tour opened in La Crosse, Wisconsin on November 4, 2008 with Matthew Friedman, Kyle Martin, and Jon Abrams in the lead role of Piano Man. '''WCOW-FM''' (97.1 FM (FM band), "Cow 97") is a country music radio station licensed to Sparta, Wisconsin that serves "Midwisconsin" and the La Crosse (La Crosse, Wisconsin) and La Crescent (La Crescent, Minnesota) communities on the nearby Mississippi River separating Minnesota and Wisconsin. WCOW-FM also simulcasted for many years on their sister station at 1290 AM when it too had the WCOW calls. The WCOW call sign (callsign (radio)) has previously been used by other broadcasters, including a station that existed from 1951 to 1957 in Minneapolis-St. Paul before being renamed as WISK. The scenic route went west across northern Illinois to the Mississippi River at Savanna, Illinois and then closely followed the Mississippi through La Crosse, Wisconsin, St. Paul, and Minneapolis in Minnesota as far as Little Falls, Minnesota. North Dakota cities served includes Fargo (Fargo, North Dakota), Bismarck (Bismarck, North Dakota), and Dickinson (Dickinson, North Dakota). Crossing Montana, the train passed through Glendive (Glendive, Montana), Billings (Billings, Montana), Livingston (Livingston, Montana), Bozeman (Bozeman, Montana), Butte (Butte, Montana), and Missoula (Missoula, Montana). After passing though Sandpoint (Sandpoint, Idaho), the train made stops at Spokane (Spokane, Washington), Pasco (Pasco, Washington), Yakima (Yakima, Washington), and East Auburn (Auburn, Washington) (a stop for connecting service to Tacoma (Tacoma, Washington)) before terminating at King Street Station in Seattle (Seattle, Washington). The trip from Chicago's Union Station (Union Station (Chicago)) to Seattle was just under two days, taking about 45 hours. Several names for this area are used. '''Driftless Area''' is widely used by both Federal and state sites, and seems to be the common name. '''Paleozoic Plateau''' shows up in a number of learned and popular articles and may be on its way to being the preferred name. '''Coulee Region''' is primarily a term used in Wisconsin for the greater La Crosse (La Crosse, Wisconsin) Metropolitan area,, and never for other portions of the region in question. '''Little Switzerland''' is encountered for the Iowa region of the Driftless Area, particularly for the southern portion of Dubuque County (Dubuque County, Iowa) and Swiss Valley Park while areas west of Madison, Wisconsin are occasionally referred to as '''Little Norway'''. '''Driftless Zone''', '''Driftless Region''', '''Driftless Land''' are also encountered "Regional Landscape Ecosystems of Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin: Section IV. Driftless Area", USGS, Retrieved July 13, 2007; another government site, "Driftless Area Initiative", USDA, retrieved July 15, 2007, gives by 16 degrees. http: bis halloween.php Record snow and cold was recorded as far south as Nebraska and Colorado. http: oax ?n Halloween http: pub ?n climate halloween_als.php The Arctic air also spread over Chicago, recording a low of 11 on November 4. http: lot ?n Nov_wx_trivia http: dtx climate fnt_summary_2003.php Herbert, who was born in Waconia (w:Waconia, Minnesota), Minnesota, attended the University of Wisconsin (w:University of Wisconsin-La Crosse) in La Crosse (w:La Crosse, Wisconsin). After graduating with degrees in English and general science, he joined the US Army Air Corps, and served in World War II as a bomber pilot in Europe. Post-war, he worked as an actor before becoming the host of ''Watch Mr. Wizard'' in 1951. The program ran for nearly 15 years on NBC (w:NBC) and CBC (w:CBC).

Gary, Indiana

). Born and raised in Gary, Indiana, she is the eldest child of the Jackson family of musicians. She first performed on stage with her siblings during shows in Las Vegas, Nevada (Las Vegas Valley), at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in 1974, before subsequently appearing in the television series ''The Jacksons (The Jacksons (TV series))''. Childhood and youth Maureen Reillette "Rebbie" Jackson was born in Gary, Indiana to a working-class family on May 29, 1950. The daughter of Joseph Walter "Joe" (Joe Jackson (manager)) and Katherine Esther (Katherine Jackson) (née (Married and maiden names) Scruse), she is the eldest of their ten children. Her siblings are Jackie (Jackie Jackson), Tito (Tito Jackson), Jermaine (Jermaine Jackson), La Toya (La Toya Jackson), Brandon (d. 1957), Marlon (Marlon Jackson), Michael (Michael Jackson) (d. June 25, 2009), Randy (Randy Jackson (The Jacksons)) and Janet (Janet Jackson). Taraborrelli (2004), pp. 11–14. Joseph was a steel mill employee who often performed in a rhythm and blues (R&B) band called The Falcons with his brother Luther. Taraborrelli (2004), p. 15. His wife, Katherine, is a Jehovah's Witness and raised her children to follow the religion. Rebbie, La Toya and Michael became the most devout of the children as time progressed. ref name "tara 17 18"

Greenville, South Carolina

in 1850. It was named for Richard Furman of Charleston, SC, a prominent minister (minister (Christianity)) and president of the first Baptist convention in America, the Triennial Convention. The original school building from that campus was transported to the Greenville campus, where it still stands. In 1933, students from

Works Progress Administration

; The original school burned down and was replaced by a school at Second and Mill streets in 1858. This school served the community until 1937, and at the time was the oldest schoolhouse still in use in the state. In 1937, a new school was built using a Works Progress Administration grant. This building served as a public school facility until 2003. ''Itemizer Observer'' "


is popular in the Ottawa Valley and Kitchener (Kitchener, Ontario) area. In 1941 Rabbi moved to Waterbury, Connecticut and assumed a rabbinic pulpit in that community. In 1944 Rabbi Gifter was called to moved to Cleveland, Ohio to join the faculty of his alma mater, the newly re-established Rabbinical College of Telshe, which was moved from Telshe, Lithuania to Cleveland. The original school and Telshe community were almost completely destroyed by the Nazis and Lithuanian


his education at the Hugenot Memorial School at Daljosafat in the Cape (1883 - 1885). He then moved to a German mission school named Morgensonne near Rustenburg from 1888 to 1890 before returning, between 1890 and 1894, to his original school at Daljosafat. Later he attended a theological college at Burgersdorp before becoming a military chaplain with the Boer Commandos during the Second Boer War. After the war, he studied at the Vrije Universiteit Free University

United States

water companies. The original school was a log cabin on a hill located behind and rented from Glen Lodge. The lodge had a full restaurant, bar, gas and repair station, grocery store, hotel, cabins, and a dance hall with a large fireplace. In 1953 the first teacher, originally from South Dakota and a graduate of USC (University of Southern California), was Orville Young. He lived with his family in Camp Angelus and taught the community children from 5 years of age to 13 years old at Camp

. There are a total of 60 buildings on campus, which spans over . Since 1977, over 40 buildings have been built. The oldest building on campus is Alumni Hall, which was originally constructed in 1891, and rebuilt in 1893 after a fire; at that time, the building was the entire original school. ''The Washington Post'' recently referred to Saint Anselm College as "the Benedictine college with a box seat on United States America's

about 500 students (as of 2006) from kindergarten through sixth grade in Spokane (Spokane, Washington), Washington (Washington (U.S. state)), the United States. The school is part of the Spokane Public Schools district. The current building was completed in 1994. The original school building was opened in 1954. caption Benjamin Mayberry Prentiss allegiance United States of America (United States) Union (Union (American Civil War)) branch Union Army

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