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Emirate of Abu Dhabi

* style "text-align:right;" 532,858.0* - style "text-align:left;" Total exports style "text-align:right;" 191,125.2 style "text-align:right;" 214,827.2 style "text-align:right;" 300,702.1* style "text-align:right;" 416,484.0* - style "text-align:left;" Oil, gas and oil products style "text-align:right;" 184,711.7 style "text-align:right;" 196,632.2 style "text-align:right;"


of US$36 million. Once rehabilitation was completed, distribution of liquified petroleum gas (Liquefied petroleum gas) was to be improved, and the quantity supplied was to rise from 28,000 to 34,000 barrels per day. Construction on the new Tema-Akosombo oil products pipeline, designed to improve the distribution system further, began in January 1992. The pipeline was to carry refined products from Tema to Akosombo Port, where they will be transported across Lake Volta to Northern

Orenburg Oblast

, corn (maize), and gourds. The range of the oblast's export commodities includes: oil and oil products, gas and gas produced products, rolled ferrous and non-ferrous metals, nickel, asbestos, chromium compounds, rough copper, electric engines, radiators, products of machine-building industry. See also commons:category:Orenburg Oblast wikipedia:Orenburg Oblast

Abadan, Iran

. In December, when she returned to the Mediterranean for another deployment with the Sixth Fleet, she again transited the Suez Canal, repeated her former visits to middle eastern ports, and added Bahrain Island and Abadan (Abadan, Iran), Iran, to her itinerary. Volume production of Persian oil (Petroleum) products eventually started in 1913 from a refinery built at Abadan (Abadan, Iran), for its first 50 years the largest oil refinery in the world (see Abadan Refinery

Nanyang, Henan

;See for discussion. - Nanyang (Nanyang, Henan) ZHNY NNY Nanyang Jiangying Airport - The largest industry in Jingmen is petroleum refining. The Jingmen Branch of Sinopec is a main producer of oil products in central China, refining crude oil extracted from Nanyang (Nanyang, Henan) Oilfield in Henan province

Murmansk Oblast

Peninsula , Murmansk Oblast, Russia speakers 753 total, 608 in Murmansk Oblast only Oil product shipping The canal has seen use shipping oil products from oil refineries on the Volga River to consumers in the Murmansk Oblast, or overseas. Russia's Volgotanker Company, which owns a fleet of suitably sized petroleum tankers and ore-bulk-oil carriers, pioneered this route starting in August 1970, when ''Nefterudovoz-3'' delivered a cargo of fuel oil to the White

Kaluga Oblast

high-voltage power transmission line going through the territory of the oblast connecting the Tula and Ryazan (Mikhailovskaya substation) systems to Smolensk Atomic Power Station. Kaluga is part of the Transneftproduct system which supplies oil products through the pipeline of Plavsk fuel pumping station. Moscow – Bryansk gas main is passing through the territory of the oblast. There is an underground gas storage facility located near Rezvan village. Agriculture wikipedia:Kaluga Oblast Commons:Category:Kaluga Oblast


of Noyabrsk in the Yamal-Nenets autonomous district (''Noyabrskneftegas''), a geological exploration enterprise and an oil products distribution network. Nikolay Schedrin graduated from a military gymnasium (gymnasium (school)) in Omsk. In 1876, he joined Zemlya i volya in St.Petersburg. After its split in 1879, Schedrin became a member of the Black Repartition. Together with Yelizaveta Kovalskaya, he organized the Workers' Union of Southern Russia in the spring

Golan Heights

emeyda.htm Golan Archaeological Museum Golan Heights Winery, a major Israeli winery, and the mineral water plant of Mey Eden, which derives its water from the spring (Spring (hydrosphere)) of Salukiya in the Golan. One can tour these factories as well as factories of oil products and fruit products. Two open air strip malls, one which holds the ''Kesem ha-Golan'' (Golan Magic), a three-dimensional movie and model of the geography and history of the Golan

Republic of the Congo

accessdate January 11, 2010 Petroleum exploration began in 1954 by the Cabinda Gulf Oil Company, when the territory was under Portuguese rule (Portuguese West Africa). Cabinda, Angola, ICE Case Studies Number 129, 2004 by Alan Neff Cabinda also produces hardwoods, coffee, cacao (Cocoa bean), rubber, and palm oil products, however, petroleum production accounts for most of Cabinda's domestic product

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