Itera's key capital assets are concentrated in Bratsk, a city northwards from Irkutsk, where Bratsk gas condensate field is located. The field is operated by the partnership Bratskekogaz formed by the city authorities and ITERA Oil & Gas Company, with stakes 21,1% and 78,9% respectively. The field’s proven reserves are estimated at a level of 10,7 billion cubic meters of gas and 820 thousand tons of condensate. Project output exceeds 400 million cubic meters. http

East Kalimantan

work Flight International page 93 date 2007-04-03 The company also maintain a secondary hub for its oil & gas industry clients in Sepinggan International Airport, East Kalimantan, and operates limited scheduled services from Ngurah Rai International Airport on the island of Bali to the islands of Lombok and Flores. Indonesia Air Transport is listed in category 1 by Indonesian Civil Aviation Authority for airline safety quality. ref>

Tyumen Oblast

(Salym Petroleum Development N.V.) have their representative offices there. Tyumen Oblast has the highest levels of oil and gas production of any region in Russia, which some argue has caused the high levels of economic inequality observed in the region.

Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan

Dust First Nation has developed several business partnerships to increase its business portfolios to Property Development, Oil & Gas & Forestry. It manages a Farming, Sand and Gravel Operation. Flying Dust is a treaty land entitlement band with the capability of purchasing 22,000 more acres of land. The Flying Dust has a long-standing partnership with the town of Meadow Lake and they have worked jointly on several major projects in the region over the last few decades.

Fort Nelson, British Columbia

is on the southwest edge of the Greater Sierra oil & gas field (Greater Sierra (oil field)). History Fort Nelson, named in honour of the British naval hero Horatio Nelson, was established in 1805 as a fur trading post. Due to fires, floods and feuds, Fort Nelson is currently situated in its fifth location. The Fort Nelson Airport played a key role in developing Fort Nelson as a community. Yukon Southern Air Transport began chartering flights to the regional airport in 1935. World

Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement

B. Hall, "BOEMRE splits -- becomes BSEE and BOEM" ''Oil & Gas Law Brief'' (October 4, 2011). Retrieved February 17, 2012 '''Mars''' is a permanent offshore drilling and production tension-leg (tension-leg platform) oil platform (TLP) operating in Mississippi Canyon blocks 762, 763, 806, 807, 850 and 851 in the Gulf of Mexico and was approved

Enid, Oklahoma

mated a drilling rig to a truck and a power take-off assembly. The innovation allowed rapid drilling of a series of slanted wells. This capacity to quickly drill multiple relief wells and relieve the enormous gas pressure was critical to extinguishing the Conroe fire. (E&P, "Making a hole was hard work," Kris Wells, American Oil & Gas Historical Society Contributing Editor, 1 Nov. 2006 and "Technology and the Conroe Crater"). In a May, 1934, '' Popular Science Monthly

Muscat, Oman

PDO , this is the most popular destination for expatriates living in Muscat. The common and unique feature to Shati is the ocean of white houses. An opera house, cinema (movie theater), theatre, schools and a hospital are also located there. foundation 1925 (as '''Petroleum Development of Oman and Dhofar''' ) 1967 (as '''Petroleum Development Oman''' ) location Muscat (Muscat, Oman), Oman industry Oil & Gas (petroleum) To give one example, the "Carpet of Wonder" in the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in Muscat (Muscat, Oman) in the Sultanate of Oman measures 4,343 square meters. Its construction required four years of labor by 600 workers, resulting in 12 million man hours of work. On 31 October 1989, ''Bagley'' and her colleagues made their first port of call since leaving North America in mid-September when they arrived in Hong Kong. After nearly a week of liberty, the warship returned to sea with the task group on 6 November for the voyage to the Philippines and arrived in Subic Bay on the 11th. She spent the next four weeks either in port at Subic Bay or operating in nearby waters. On 10 December, she set out for a tour of duty with the contingency forces operating in the Arabian Sea. Along the way, she made a liberty call at Pattaya Beach, Thailand, another at Singapore, and a resupply stop a Diego Garcia Island before arriving on station in the Arabian Sea in mid-January 1990. Her stay in the troubled region proved a brief one, however, for she called only once at a local port, Muscat (Muscat, Oman) in Oman between the 20th and the 22d, and cleared the region entirely early in February 1990. After visits to Penang, Malaysia, and Subic Bay, ''Bagley'' set out on the voyage home on 23 February. She stopped along the way at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii and reentered San Diego on 16 March 1990. Tipu Sultan is credited to have founded state trading depots in various locations of his kingdom. In addition, he founded depots in foreign locations such as Karachi, Jeddah and Muscat (Muscat, Oman), where Mysore products were sold. M.H.Gopal in Kamath 2001, p. 235 During Tipu's rule French technology was used for the first time in carpentry and smithy (Smith (metalwork)), Chinese (China) technology was used for sugar production, and technology from Bengal helped improve the sericulture industry. Kamath (2001), pp. 235–236 State factories were established in Kanakapura and Taramandelpeth for producing cannons and gunpowder respectively. The state held the monopoly in the production of essentials such as sugar, salt, iron, pepper, cardamom, betel nut, tobacco and sandalwood, as well as the extraction of incense oil from sandalwood and the mining of silver, gold and precious stones. Sandalwood was exported to China and the Persian Gulf countries and sericulture was developed in twenty-one centres within the kingdom. Kamath (2001), pp. 236–237 - Oman Muscat (Muscat, Oman) '''‘Umān''' عُمان '''Masqaṭ''' مسقط Arabic (Arabic language) (Arabic script) chapter url http: books?id aSgPAAAAYAAJ&pg PA351&dq sailed,+on+the+evening+of+the+first+of+September,+for+Muscat&hl en&sa X&ei N6h1T8DeBMzQrQfl9OSyDQ&ved 0CDEQ6AEwAA#v onepage&q sailed%2C%20on%20the%20evening%20of%20the%20first%20of%20September%2C%20for%20Muscat&f false accessdate March 29, 2012 edition Digital archiveurl archivedate quote . In 1837, he conquered the town of Mombasa, Kenya. In 1840, Said bin Sultan moved his capital from Muscat, Oman, to Stone Town, Zanzibar. In 1840, he sent a ship to the United States in an attempt to establish a trading relationship. On assuming power in 1888, Faisal ibn Turki gradually found his authority over the interior weakened as tribal leaders increasingly perceived his dependence on British (United Kingdom) advisers as an inherent weakness. In 1895 he was forced to seek refuge at Jalali fort after Muscat (Muscat, Oman) was captured. British political agents frustrated his efforts to recapture Muscat, compelling him to court the French (France). He granted the French coaling facilities for their fleet at Bandar Jissah near Muscat. Air The nearest airport is Coimbatore International Airport which has regular ( Air timings) flights from Delhi, Kolkatta, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calicut (Kozhikode), Chennai, Cochin, Hyderabad (Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh), Thiruvananthapuram, Jammu, Pune, New Delhi, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Bahrain, Kuwait, Muscat (Muscat, Oman), Sharjah (Sharjah (city)), Abu Dhabi, Colombo, Dubai, Doha, Singapore etc. The voyage In 1466, Nikitin left his hometown of Tver on a commercial (commerce) trip to India. He travelled down the Volga River, reached Derbent, then Baku and later Persia (Persian Empire) by crossing the Caspian Sea, where he would live for one year. In the spring of 1469, Nikitin arrived at the city of Ormus and then, crossing the Arabian Sea, reached the sultanate of Bahmani, where he would live for 3 years. On his way back, Nikitin visited Muscat (Muscat, Oman), the Arabian (Arabian Peninsula) sultanate of Fartak ( wiki Fartak), Somalia and Trabzon, and in 1472 arrived at Feodosiya by crossing the Black Sea. On his way to Tver, Nikitin died not far from Smolensk in the autumn of that year. 2014 FIFA World Cup qualification (2014 FIFA World Cup qualification (AFC)) '''André Pereira dos Reis''' was a Portuguese (Portugal) captain, pilot, and cartographer. A native of Goa, he was engaged in the wars against the Arabs, serving in the fleets of fortress of Portuguese India. In 1647, he was knighted (knight). He was blamed for the loss of Muscat (Muscat, Oman) (1650). The '''Indian School Al-Ghubra (ISG)''' is an independent (independent school), co-educational (mixed-sex education) private day school located in the city of Muscat (Muscat, Oman) in the Sultanate of Oman. The educational establishment was founded in July 1990 by Indian born Omani businessman Dr. P. Muhammad Ali, who is the Managing Director of Galfar Engineering and Contracting, one of the largest construction companies in Oman. The students of the school are organised in 4 Houses, which compete against each other in intra-school tournaments, which include sporting, quizzing etc. The houses are named after significantly famous places in Oman. The houses are Muscat (Muscat, Oman) House, Nizwa House, Sohar House, and Sur (Sur, Oman) House. The Merchant Vessel (w:Cargo ship) (MV) Doulos, listed in the Guinness World Records (w:Guinness Book of Records) as the world's oldest active ocean-going passenger ship, has docked in the port of Muscat (w:Muscat, Oman), Sultanate of Oman (w:Oman) this week. The ship was built in 1914, two years after the Titanic (w:RMS Titanic), but unlike the more famous luxury liner, Doulos has over 90 years of safe sailing to her credit. This "Grand Old Lady of the Sea" has undergone several periods of rebuilding and expansion throughout the 20th century and sailed under three different names, before being purchased by a Christian missionary group, Operation Mobilisation (OM), in 1977 and converted for their use.


, the capital of Azerbaijan, was one of the richest, producing 80 per cent of the Soviet Union's oil – about 24 million tons in 1942 alone. Hayward (2001), p. 2. * On 27 May 1999, the Anza Mk-II (Anza (missile)) was used to attack Indian aircraft during the Kargil conflict with India. A MiG-21 and a MiG-27 of the Indian Air Force were shot down by Pakistan Army Air Defence forces.


are concentrated in Bratsk, a city northwards from Irkutsk, where Bratsk gas condensate field is located. The field is operated by the partnership Bratskekogaz formed by the city authorities and ITERA Oil & Gas Company, with stakes 21,1% and 78,9% respectively. The field’s proven reserves are estimated at a level of 10,7 billion cubic meters of gas and 820 thousand tons of condensate. Project output exceeds 400 million cubic meters.

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