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and numerous public museums, which tell of the history and culture of Udmurtia and its people, like the Museum of History and Culture in Sarapul, or the Tchaikovsky (Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky) Museum (Museum Estate of P.I. Tchaikovsky) in Votkinsk. One of the oldest arms (weapon) museums is located in Izhevsk, as well as the newer Kalashnikov Museum (dedicated in November 2004), which has recently become a general small-arms museum. Since the breakup of the Soviet Union a new, pan

Bel Air, Los Angeles

1185261551.html?dids 1185261551:1185261551&FMT ABS accessdate 2007-11-16 After leaving Washington, Nancy made numerous public appearances, many on behalf of her husband. She continues to reside at the Bel Air home, where she lived with her husband until his death on June 5, 2004.

Tiburon, California

difficult decisions involved traffic planning. After numerous public hearings it was finally decided that Tiburon Boulevard (California State Route 131) would remain a two-lane road east of Trestle Glen Blvd. Stop lights and turnouts were scheduled east of that point and eventually built. The four-lane bypass section from Highway 101 (U.S. Route 101) to Blackie's Pasture (the old Tiburon Boulevard became Greenwood Beach Road) was completed in 1966. The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) had anticipated extending the four lanes downtown, so the fill created during this project was placed in the Bay east of Blackie's Pasture, and after the City did some land swapping with Caltrans, became McKegney Green and the park South of the Knoll Park. Blackie's Pasture property was also acquired and became part of the series of waterfront parks and paths known as the Richardson Bay Lineal Park. LAFCO determined that Tiburon's sphere of influence would extend to Highway 101. Annexation of the rest of the peninsula was attempted but never successful due to opposition in Strawberry (Strawberry, Marin County, California). Eventually, those areas that wished to be within the city limits were annexed, and the city grew westward to include the Reedland Woods, Bel Aire, Tiburon Crest and Cypress Hollow subdivisions. After 1997 The completion of the Point Tiburon development in the former railroad yards in 1985 signaled a change in the population mix and needs of the area. In 1997 a new Town Hall was opened with a new Belvedere-Tiburon Library next door. A new police station followed in 2000. Following a large and successful Millennium Party the Town has pursued a policy to revitalize Main Street and the rest of downtown Tiburon. Main Street was reconstructed to make it and the shops and restaurants handicapped accessible without ruining its quaint charm. The Allan Thompson Walkway along the water side of Main Street was completely rebuilt. In the summer of 2004 a series of "Friday Nights on Main Street" community parties was inaugurated. Main Street was closed to automobile traffic on Friday nights during the summer and the restaurants created special menus for the occasion. Tables in the street in front of each restaurant added to the festivities. As of 2014, the festival continues. In November 2006, a commissioned fountain with a nautically themed sculpture titled "Coming About" was at the entrance to Main Street was formally dedicated. About half of the $500,000 cost of the sculpture was donated by the Zelinsky family, longtime owners of many commercial properties in Tiburon. The sculpture was designed by Jeffery Reed and Jennifer Madden. Development thumb Aerial view of the Tiburon peninsula (File:San Francisco Bay from the air in May 2010 04.jpg) Controversies surrounding development are a significant public policy issues facing the Town; this condition has endured for at least three decades. At the lowest level, any new construction or exterior renovation, commercial or residential, must be approved by the Design Review Board, which often applies stringent criteria to avoid "eyesores" and preserve neighbors' views. More significantly, there remain several large tracts of undeveloped land, virtually all of which have owners who desire to build multiple residences on these properties. Many of these properties, while located on the Tiburon Peninsula, are outside of town boundaries. However, under a LAFCO policy, any urbanization of these lands would result in their being annexed by the Town, since it is the Town that would provide needed services. Hence it is the town planning commission and ultimately the Town Council that determines the extent that these lands can be developed. Major tracts of land currently in various stages of planning or permitting include the Martha Property, Easton Point and Tiburon Glen. The permitting processes in all cases are lengthy and contentious, pitting developers against active and organized residents seeking to preserve the open space and quasi-rural character of the area and avoid the kind of traffic seen by other Bay Area communities. Particularly active in opposing development is the Tiburon Last Chance Committee. No development has yet begun on any of these open tracts. The Martha Property and Easton Point, the largest of the undeveloped lands, are particularly contested issues, with court battles dating back to 1975. Historically the Ring Mountain (Ring Mountain (California)) property was an area of contest, especially due to the high biodiversity and presence of rare (rare species) and endangered species. In 2002 residents in a referendum narrowly defeated a proposed rule that would have prohibited much of the development on open tracts of land by, among other things, banning development near ridgelines. Among the arguments against this proposal were that it would subject the town to costly lawsuits by developers claiming their economic rights had been unjustly impaired. A 2006 controversy concerned the expansion plans of the Kol Shofar Synagogue (Congregation Kol Shofar). These were opposed by a number of neighbors, principally over the size of a new multi-purpose room and the traffic and noise impact of a proposed 27 additional events with up to 250 persons. The Tiburon Planning Commission in the summer of 2006 rejected the expansion plans, claiming that Kol Shofar refused to engage in compromise discussions. This brought the issue to the Tiburon Town Council. In October 2006, the dispute took on broader significance when Kol Shofar proponents raised issues of religious freedom. Specifically, they claimed that the federal Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act (RLUIPA), which prohibits "substantial burdens" on the exercise of religion by government regulations, would be violated if the Town prohibited their expansion plans. The synagogue retained The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty which threatened litigation depending on the outcome. and late won the 'Best Animation Award' at the 2011 Cinefest in Sudbury, Ontario. From 8 June 1945 to 26 November, ''Etlah'' sailed out of San Pedro, CA (San Pedro, Los Angeles, California), repairing and maintaining antisubmarine nets, and conducting salvage operations in the 11th Naval District. She then served at the Net Depot, Tiburon, CA (Tiburon, California), testing experimental equipment and giving salvage service in the Oakland Estuary. Following World War II. In the spring and summer of 1946, ''Etlah'' performed a miscellany of service to Joint Task Force 1, conducting atomic weapons (Nuclear weapon) tests at Bikini Atoll in "Operation Crossroads". The net tender was overhauled at Bremerton, WA (Bremerton, Washington) that fall, and on 14 March 1947 was placed out of commission in reserve at Astoria, OR (Astoria, Oregon). district Marin County (Marin County, California) municipality Mill Valley (Mill Valley, California), Tiburon (Tiburon, California), Belvedere (Belvedere, California), Sausalito (Sausalito, California) thumb right Lyford House built 1876 (Image:Lyforderazorback.jpg) Through the latter 19th century and early 20th century, the land fronting on Richardson Bay was extensively subdivided into public and private ownership encompassing hundreds of parcels. The cities of Tiburon (Tiburon, California), Mill Valley (Mill Valley, California), Belvedere (Belvedere, California) and Sausalito (Sausalito, California) have enacted strong shoreline development policies to protect the perimeter of Richardson Bay, even though considerable development has occurred. The Audubon Society manages the whole Richardson Bay Sanctuary subject to governance by the Joint Powers Agency of the four peripheral cities. Filming ''Mother'' was filmed on location in and around the Sausalito, Greenbrae, and Tiburon (Tiburon, California) areas, with additional shooting in San Francisco. *** The City and County of San Francisco (San Francisco, California) has an exclave on Alameda Island, across San Francisco Bay and adjoining Alameda County (Alameda County, California). The exclave came into being as land on the border between the two counties was reclaimed from the Bay to build the Naval Air Station Alameda, now decommissioned. This small piece of open space cannot be reached from San Francisco (except by boat) without passing through Oakland (Oakland, California) and Alameda (Alameda, California). *** Also in San Francisco Bay, there is a small (5.37 acres) piece of land on the eastern end of Angel Island (Angel Island, California) that belongs to the City and County of San Francisco. The rest (99.3%) of Angel Island lies in the town of Tiburon (Tiburon, California), which is in Marin County (Marin County, California). *** The port community of San Pedro (San Pedro, Los Angeles, California) is part of the city of Los Angeles (Los Angeles, California) but is connected to the rest of the city only by a narrow strip of land known as the Harbor Gateway (Harbor Gateway, Los Angeles, California), four city blocks wide and several miles long.

Semnan, Iran

the Western world. Other transportation services Semnan also offers an extensive bus route throughout the entire municipality as well as numerous public and private taxi services. Similar to most cities in Iran, Semnan has a particular taxi service referred to in Persian as "agence." This originally French (French language) word is used to denote taxis that arrive at the individual's place of residence and provide service to the individual's destination. This form of service varies


and nano technology industries. !-- In Udmurtia, there are eight professional theaters, a Philharmonic Society, and more than ten state and numerous public museums, which tell of the history and culture of Udmurtia and its people, like the Museum of History and Culture in Sarapul, or the Tchaikovsky (Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky) Museum (Museum Estate of P.I. Tchaikovsky) in Votkinsk. One of the oldest arms (weapon) museums is located in Izhevsk, as well as the newer Kalashnikov

Courtenay, British Columbia

numerous public schools operated by School District 71 Comox Valley. In the 2007 school year, School District 71 had 9,197 students enrolled. Infrastructure Elementary schools * Airport Elementary K-7 * Arden Elementary K-7 * Courtenay Elementary K-7 * École Puntledge Park Elementary K-7 * École Robb Road Elementary K-7 * Huband Park Elementary K-7 * Queneesh Elementary K-7 * Valley

Beckley, West Virginia

in the latter year. He was the school's first principal for a year, and commenced the practice of law in Beckley, West Virginia in 1916. During the First World War he served in the infantry from 1917 and was discharged as a captain in 1920; in 1921 he organized the West Virginia National Guard and retired as a colonel in 1953. Works His murals have been commissioned as decoration for numerous public buildings in the United States. These include Chase Field; the Robert C. Byrd (Robert Byrd) Federal Building & Courthouse in Beckley, West Virginia; the main branch of the New York Public Library, the Lakewood Public Library (Ohio), the Sarasota County, Florida Judicial Center and the former Board of Education building in Brooklyn, NY´. One of his most renowned works, "Brooklyn Bridge", couples both his artistic genius with his architectural background. '''Beckley Raleigh County Memorial Airport''' Retrieved on 11-30-2008.


, Estonia - free Wifi covers not only the capital city Talinn, but most of the entire country, as of 2011 thanks to the Tiigrihüpe (Tiger Leap) project. Farivar, Cyrus (2011) The Internet of Elsewhere: the Emergent Effects of a Wired World. New Brunswick, N.J.: Rutgers University Press. p. 109-149. Covers the history of the Internet and public WiFi access in Estonia. Numerous public and private buildings were built during the 15th


The first university to be set up in Nigeria was the University of Ibadan. Established as a college of the University of London in 1948, and later converted into an autonomous (Autonomous entity) university in 1962. It has the distinction of being one of the premier educational institutions in Africa. The Polytechnic, Ibadan is also located in the city. There are also numerous public and private primary (primary schools) and secondary schools located in the city. Other


British , Italian (Italy) and Austro-Hungarian (Austria-Hungary) consulates are regarded as the most beautiful of these. Cetinje made great progress under the rule of Prince Nikola I Petrović (Nicholas I of Montenegro) when numerous public edifices were built. Those include the first hotel, called ‘Lokanda’, then the new Prince’s palace, the Girls’ Institute and the hospital. This period also saw the first tenancy houses. In the 1860 report Cetinja had 34 households. Cetinje

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