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soft hues, lavish gold decorations, and strictly canonical imagery. Nowadays, these icons are mostly showcased in the museums at Ekaterinburg, but you can also see them in Nevyansk or, preferably, in the village of Byngi (Nevyansk#Go next) which boasts authentic houses and an old church designed by Old Believers. Tourists with less interest in history and arts enjoy numerous local crafts, especially the production of pottery. Tourist information is available from the local museum

The war memorial at Revolyutsii Square. thumb 300px Cultural center of the Machine Factory. (File:Дворец культуры машиностроителей в Невьянске.jpg) * '''Nevyansk (Leaning) Tower'''. This gorgeous structure was built between 1721 and 1742. Its history, purpose, and style are a matter of numerous local myths. One piece of information that is beyond dispute is the Tower's original shape, which consists of a lofty rectangular base surmounted by three octagonal tiers and a spire. The degree of tilt

Caye Caulker

and the famous Blue Hole are regularly available. Snorkeling Short "half-day" snorkeling tours are offered by numerous local businesses for approximately 70BZD per person (Dec. 2014). They usually leave at 10:30AM (back at 1PM) and 2:30PM. Stops include the local reef, the Coral Garden, and Shark and Ray Alley. thumb right Looking out towards the reef (File:Beach on Caye Caulker.JPG) Longer "full-day" snorkeling tours are offered by numerous local businesses, for approximately $140Bz (Dec. 2014). They usually leave around 10AM and return around 4:30PM. Stops include the Coral Garden, Shark and Ray Alley, and Hol Chan Marine Reserve. Be sure to check whether your tour guide will include lunch, since some only include snacks. Some of them include lunch, snacks, and a Rum Punch "happy hour" on the way back. With all operators, check to make sure they have equipment that is in good shape. The creation of '''Swallow Caye Wildlife Sanctuary''' - a manatee reserve near Belize City is due to the efforts of a Caye Caulker local named Chocolate. He offers guided tours to the '''Manatee reserve''' approximately every other day, as do a few other tour operators. Be warned that you don't get to swim with the manatees in the sanctuary and some days may be more difficult to see them. Most manatee tours include one or two snorkeling stops. Manatees can be seen all year long, and in the summer months can be seen near Hol Chan Marine Reserve as well as other local areas. The younger ones are curious and will swim close to you, unlike the more mature manatees, which generally avoid people (for good reason). * Wikipedia:Caye Caulker Commons:Category:Caye Caulker


if there are better newer bicycles then the one offered - you are rarely offered the best bicycle. Haggling and visiting several rental shops is recommended. See Nearby Villages Many people who come to Tozeur do so for the three abandoned villages nearby, Chebika, Tamerza, and Mides. These three villages are easily accessible through the numerous local tour operators who sell seats per person to these villages and many other local attractions. For a half day trip, expect to pay 30-35 dinar per

Ashburton, New Zealand

of bringing the war to a speedy and successful conclusion. He represented Ashburton (Ashburton, New Zealand) on the Canterbury Provincial Council (Canterbury Province) from 1866 to 1870 and Heathcote in 1871 and 1875–76. For a short time in 1875 he was President of the Provincial Executive. In addition he served on numerous local bodies and was a keen member of the Canterbury Acclimatisation Society. He was an early member of the Canterbury Jockey Club and helped Cass to select the site of the racecourse. He commanded the Canterbury Yeomanry Cavalry, was a patron of opera and drama, a governor of Canterbury College, and a diocesan synodsman. As a farmer, he imported pedigree sheep, principally Lincolns, and founded a stud flock. Born in Ashburton (Ashburton, New Zealand), New Zealand, he attended Auckland Grammar School. He gained a BSc (Bachelors of Science) in geology and physics from the University of Auckland, an MA (Master of Arts (postgraduate)) in anthropology from Cambridge University (University of Cambridge) and an MLitt (Master of Letters) and DPhil (Doctor of Philosophy) from Oxford University.

Durango, Durango

- - 005 Durango (Durango, Durango) Victoria de Durango - Production Filming took place in the fall of 1988 mainly outside Durango, Mexico (Durango, Durango), where the Los Alamos research facility was re-created. The re-creation of the Los Alamos laboratory entailed 35 buildings and cost over US$ (United States dollar)2 million to construct in 1988. "Films in Production". - ''The Record (The Record (Bergen County))''. - October 28, 1988. —Rohter, Larry. - "Dropping a Bomb: 'Fat Man and Little Boy' explores fact and fiction at the dawn of the nuclear age". - ''St. Petersburg Times''. - October 21, 1989. —Arar, Yardena. - "Entertaining Thoughts - 'Fat Man' had Weaknesses from Day One". - ''Daily News of Los Angeles''. - October 22, 1989. - Durango Basque (Basque language) The state is named after its capital city, Durango (Durango, Durango), which was named after the city of Durango, Biscay in the Basque Country (Basque Country (autonomous community)), northern Spain. During colonial times it was part of the Spanish realm of ''Nueva Vizcaya'', "New Biscay", a province of New Spain. - *22 (Mexican Federal Highway 22): San Carlos (San Carlos, Baja California Sur), BCS - Ciudad Constitución, BCS; Rincón de Romos, AGS - Ciénega Grande (Ciénega Grande, Aguascalientes), AGS *23 (Mexican Federal Highway 23): Tepehuanes, DGO - Durango (Durango, Durango), DGO - Malpaso (Malpaso, Zacatecas), ZAC - Tesistán, JAL - Guadalajara, JAL - Jocotepec, JAL *24 (Mexican Federal Highway 24): Pericos, SIN - Los Naranjos (Los Naranjos, Sinaloa), SIN; Nuevo Palomas, CHIH - Hidalgo del Parral, CHIH - Guadalupe y Calvo (Guadalupe y Calvo (municipality)), CHIH *26 (Mexican Federal Highway 26): Los Herrera (Los Herrera, Durango), DGO - Topia, DGO *27 (Mexican Federal Highway 27):Durango (Durango, Durango), DGO - Mezquital, DGO *30 (Mexican Federal Highway 30): El Palmito, DGO - Bermejillo, DGO; Torreon, COA - San Pedro de las Colonias, COA - Monclova, COA - Parás (Parás, Nuevo León), NL - Nueva Ciudad Guerrero, TAM *39 (Mexican Federal Highway 39): Rodeo, DGO - Velardena, DGO *40 (Mexican Federal Highway 40): Villa Unión (Villa Unión, Sinaloa), SIN - Durango, Durango, DGO - Torreón, COA - Saltillo, COA - Monterrey, NL - Reynosa, TAM *40D (Mexican Federal Highway 40D): Villa Unión (Villa Unión, Sinaloa), SIN - Durango (Durango, Durango), DGO - Gómez Palacio, DGO; Torreón, COA - Saltillo, COA; Cadereyta Jiménez, NL - La Sierrita, NL *40 (Mexican Federal Highway 40): Villa Unión (Villa Unión, Sinaloa), SIN - Durango, Durango, DGO - Torreón, COA - Saltillo, COA - Monterrey, NL - Reynosa, TAM *40D (Mexican Federal Highway 40D): Villa Unión (Villa Unión, Sinaloa), SIN - Durango (Durango, Durango), DGO - Gómez Palacio, DGO; Torreón, COA - Saltillo, COA; Cadereyta Jiménez, NL - La Sierrita, NL *41 (Mexican Federal Highway 41): Opopeo, MICH - Tacámbaro de Codallos, MICH *44 (Mexican Federal Highway 44): Peñitas (Peñitas, Nayarit), NAY - Estacion Ruiz, NAY; Valparaíso (Valparaíso, Zacatecas), ZAC - Fresnillo, ZAC *45 (Mexican Federal Highway 45): Ciudad Juárez, CHIH - El Sueco, CHIH - Chihuahua (Chihuahua, Chihuahua), CHIH - Ciudad Camargo (Ciudad Camargo, Chihuahua), CHIH - Jiménez (Jiménez, Chihuahua), CHIH - Hidalgo

Anoka, Minnesota

articles 2009 10 25 gops_new_lightning_rod_98864.html GOP's New Lightning Rod - George Will Growing up, Carlson was an accomplished violinist winning numerous local and national competitions. She performed as a soloist with the Minnesota Orchestra as an 8th grader and was the Concertmistress for the Greater Twin Cities Youth Symphony. She spent five summers studying at the prestigious Aspen Music Festival in Aspen, Colorado. Winner of several Concerto Competitions at the MacPhail

Metropolitan Borough of Gateshead

of the county. It is named after its largest town, Gateshead, but also spans the towns of Rowlands Gill, Whickham, Blaydon and Ryton (Ryton, Tyne and Wear); suburban areas include Felling (Felling (UK)), Pelaw, Dunston (Dunston, Tyne and Wear) and Low Fell. It is bordered by numerous local authorities including Newcastle upon Tyne to the north, Northumberland to the west, County Durham to the south, Sunderland (City of Sunderland) to the south east, and South


, such as the well-known vacation area of Palanga, are frequently closed for swimming because of contamination. Forests affected by acid rain are found in the vicinity of Jonava, Mažeikiai, and Elektrėnai, which are the chemical, oil, and power-generation centers. Lithuania was among the first former Soviet republics (Republics of the Soviet Union) to introduce environmental regulations. However, because of Moscow's emphasis on increasing production and because of numerous local violations

Tal Afar

Postal Service turned Local Historian is also interred here. Len's writings appeared in numerous local publications, including the Telegraph Herald and Julien's Journal. In September 2005, Iraqi and US forces conducted a counter-insurgency operation in the predominantly Turkmen (Iraqi Turkmen) town of Tal Afar. According to an AP (Associated Press), report, an Iraqi Army Captain claimed that Iraqi forces arrested 150 non-Iraqi Arabs (Syria, Sudan, Yemen and Jordan


other community events and classes throughout the year. The Downtown Chilliwack Business Improvement Association hosts free concerts and activities in the downtown core each Friday evening during the months of July and August, called "Party in the Park". "Music and More" is another free summer event that takes place each Wednesday throughout July and August, with kids' activities at noon and concerts in the evening. This event is presented by numerous local arts groups working

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