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Commander Islands

terrestrial fauna includes two distinct, endemic subspecies of arctic fox, (''Alopex lagopus semenovi'' and ''A. l. beringensis''). Though relatively healthy now, these populations had been significantly depleted in the past due to the fur trade. Most other terrestrial species, including wild reindeer, American mink, and rats have all been introduced to the islands by man. Over a million seabirds gather to nest on numerous large colonies along almost all

New Belgrade

Yugoslavia . It has been host to numerous large scale events and performances. History The construction of the biggest congress and performance hall in Yugoslavia (as called back then - now Serbia) started in 1976. The hall would be located in the new construction area of the city of Belgrade, New Belgrade. In those years the capital of Belgrade spread across the rivers of the Sava and Danube to construct a modern alternative to the historical city. The complete construction


Category:Populated places in Somogy County Category:Shtetls Category:Lake Balaton islands cities Keszthely, Siófok, Balatonfüred (''see list (#Towns and villages)'') frozen The major resorts around the lake are Siófok, Keszthely, and Balatonfüred. Siófok is known often as the "Party Capital of Hungary", which attracts many young partygoers in summer due to its numerous large clubs. Zamárdi, a resort


, chancellor of Nasser-al-Din Shah, Iran's King in 1852. thumb House of Borujerdis. 1870s. (File:Kashan-borujerdis house.jpg) The earthquake of 1778 leveled the city of Kashan and all the edifices of Shah Abbas Safavi, leaving 8000 casualties. But the city started afresh and has today become a focal tourist attraction via the numerous large houses from the 18th and 19th centuries, illustrating the finest examples of Qajari (Qajar dynasty) aesthetics. Today Although


-Bundesliga Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund, is the largest stadium in Germany The region is host to numerous large events, comprising fun fairs and cultural events like the Cologne (Cologne carnival) and Düsseldorf carnivals, the Cologne Comedy Festival, Ruhrfestspiele Recklinghausen, and the RuhrTriennale, as well as gamescom and other trade fairs at koelnmesse - Cologne Trade Fair and Messe Düsseldorf. With a capacity of up to 20,000 people, Kölnarena


leo.jpg left thumb The Krasnoyarsk Lion After the Russian Revolution of 1917, during the periods of centralized planning (Five Year Plan (Five Year Plan (USSR))s) numerous large plants and factories were constructed in Krasnoyarsk: Sibtyazhmash, the dock yard (Krasnoyarsk Dock Yard), the paper factory (Krasnoyarsk Paper Factory), the hydroelectric power station (Krasnoyarsk Hydroelectric Power Station) (now the fifth largest in the world and the second in Russia), and the river port (Krasnoyarsk Port). In 1934, Krasnoyarsk Krai, was formed, with Krasnoyarsk as its administrative center. During Stalinist times, Krasnoyarsk was a major center of the gulag system. The most important labor camp was the Kraslag or ''Krasnoyarsky ITL'' (1938-c.1960) with the two units located in Kansk and Reshyoty. In the city of Krasnoyarsk itself, the Yeniseylag or ''Yeniseysky ITL'' labor camp was prominent as well during World War II (c. 1940-41). During World War II, dozens of factories were evacuated from Ukraine and Western Russia to Krasnoyarsk and nearby towns, stimulating the industrial growth of the city. After the war additional large plants were constructed: the aluminum plant (Krasnoyarsk Aluminum Plant), the metallurgic plant (Krasnoyarsk Metallurgic Plant), the plant of base metals (Krasnoyarsk Plant of Base Metals) and many others. In the late 1970s, the Soviet Union began constructing a phased array radar station at Abalakova, near Krasnoyarsk, which violated the ABM Treaty. Beginning in 1983, the United States demanded its removal, until the Soviet Union admitted the radar station was a violation in 1989. Equipment was slowly removed from the site and by 1992 it was officially declared to be dismantled, though the equipment from the site was likely relocated to a new site near Komsomolsk-na-Amure. WikiPedia:Krasnoyarsk Dmoz:Regional Europe Russia Administrative Regions Krasnoyarskiy Kray Krasnoyarsk


in summer due to its numerous large clubs. Zamárdi, a resort town on the southern shore, is the site of Balaton Sound, a major electronic music festival since 2007. Keszthely is the site of the famous Festetics Palace and Balatonfüred is a historical bathing town home to the annual Anna Ball. Chief resorts include: Badacsony - Balatonalmádi - Balatonboglár - Balatonfüred - Balatonlelle - Fonyód - Keszthely - Siófok - Tihany

West Island

into a sprawling network of bedroom suburbs. The West Island has numerous large tracts of uncultivated land, some of which are protected parks while in other cases they're merely the fallow fields of former farms, waiting to be sold to residential property developers. Other portions of land have been designated for the construction of a highway to connect the 40 with the 440, through Kirkland, Pierrefonds, Ile Bizard and Laval, but the plan has gone nowhere. A significant portion of the Northwestern corner of the West Island is so sparsely developed it constitutes the last portion of Montreal's pre-settlement ecosystem. Though agriculture on the island is limited to the Macdonald Experimental Farm, the remnants of farmland in Senneville and Pierrefonds are likely to be developed into low-density residential housing. Conserving the remaining segments of local island wilderness has become a focal point of West Island politics over the course of the last thirty years, and is point of common concern. Flora & Fauna Due to the primarily residential character of the West Island and the influence of the City Beautiful and Garden City (Garden city movement) movements in residential urban-planning in older suburbs on island, the West Island is primarily composed of single-family dwellings on spacious lots organized along small winding roads leading away from large thoroughfares. The area is notable for its many parks and a general emphasis on retaining as much of the rustic, rural charm that characterized the region and led to its development as a popular summer retreat in the early part of the 20th century Due to these and other traits, a wide variety of flora and fauna common to the Saint Lawrence river valley can be found in a somewhat balanced natural ecosystem in the largely undeveloped Northwestern corner of the West Island, in addition to the developed low-density residential areas. Flora and fauna found in the West Island fall within the broader spectrum of the Eastern Great Lakes lowland forests ecoregion. Of note is the presence of non-native, borderline hardiness trees, such as the Tulip Tree (Liriodendron), which thrive in small section of Senneville near the Île aux Tourtes Bridge. Among others, mammal species that inhabit the greater West Island region include White-tailed deer, Coyote and Cottontail rabbits. the current population of White-Tailed Deer is quite substantial, It is estimated that there is over a thousand individuals in the deer population. It is not uncommon for Moose to occasionally cross the ice onto the island in Winter. Other species endemic to the western portion of the island include grey squirrels, red squirrels, flying squirrels, mink, chipmunks, racoons, beaver, skunks, porcupines, martens, woodchucks, muskrat, otters, and fox. The number of bird species varies according to season and migration. During spring and fall many species pass through the area on their way to southern breeding grounds. During winter months, depending on climatic conditions and availability of food in the northern Quebec, many species of birds will take up temporary residence, such as Great Grey Owls, Snow Buntings, Snowy owls,and others. The West Island has enough variation in suitable habitats, such as marsh, ponds, forest and field that many species of birds nest here. Various species of reptiles which can be found include Garter Snakes, Red Bellied, Brown, Milk and the Northern Water Snake. Species of turtles include Painted, Map and Snapping turtle. Amphibians include Bullfrogs, Green frogs, leopard frogs, Spring peepers, Wood frogs, and others. Salamanders such as the Eastern Newt, Red backed Salamander, Blue Spotted Salamander are also found in the more humid habitats. In the surrounding waters of the west island, notably the Lake St. Louis side, large fish species such as Northern Pike, Sturgeon, Garfish, Carp, Catfish, Muskellunge can be found. Given the Saint Lawrence's heavy traffic and years of mis-use, the ecoregion is negatively effected by high pollution which in turn has resulted in diminished local populations of native fauna. That said, residential development in the greater West Island suburban region (including the Vaudreuil-Soulanges (Vaudreuil-Soulanges Regional County Municipality) area and parts of Eastern Ontario), has resulted in occasional sightings of black bears (American black bear), wolves (Eastern Wolf), lynx (Canada lynx) and cougars (Eastern Cougar) (which are generally believed to be extinct though sightings and some physical evidence suggest otherwise) as they themselves are pushed out of their habitats. Gallery of West Island Fauna Image:EasternScreechOwl-Rufous.jpg Eastern Screech Owl Image:Wtdfishwild.jpg White-tailed Deer Image:Lepus americanus 5459.JPG Snowshoe Hare Image:Brautentenpaar 2008-03-21 072.jpg Wood Duck Image:Beaver in Winter, Gatineau Park.jpg Canadian Beaver Image:Groundhog3.jpg Groundhog Image:Cardinalis cardinalis -Columbus, Ohio, USA-male-8 (1).jpg Northern Cardinal Image:River Otter-27527.jpg North American River Otter Image:Canada lynx by Michael Zahra.jpg Canada Lynx Image:Porcupine-BioDome.jpg North American Porcupine Image:Raccoon (Procyon lotor) 1.jpg North American Racoon Image:Falco peregrinus -Nova Scotia, Canada -eating-8.jpg Peregrine Falcon Image:EasternBoxTurtleMale.jpg Eastern Box Turtle Image:Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes) -British Wildlife Centre-8.jpg Red Fox Image:Tyto alba close up.jpg Barn Owl Image:Notophthalmus viridescensPCCA20040816-3983A.jpg Eastern Newt Image:Turkey Vulture, Ottawa.jpg Turkey Vulture Gallery of West Island Flora Image:Acer saccharum.jpg Sugar Maple Image:Img ulmus americana 2209.jpg American Elm Image:Quehanna Birches.jpg Canoe Birch Image:Tsuga canadensis morton.jpg Eastern Hemlock Image:Pinus resinosa.jpg Red Pine Nature Parks The Morgan Arboretum in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, 610 acres of protected urban forest with over 180 bird species, of which about one-hundred breed within the park. It is also the home to the Ecomuseum Zoo, which features a collection of species native to the Saint Lawrence River valley. Cap Saint Jacques (Cap-Saint-Jacques Nature Park), Montreal's largest park at 711 acres of protected forest, it features of 30 km of cross-country trails, a beach and a small organic farm. There are also the L'Anse-à-l'Orme Nature Park, Angell Woods, Terra Cotta Park, Centennial Park, the Rapides du Cheval Blanc linear park, and the Bois-de-Liesse Nature Park which constitute the major forested areas of the West Island, while remaining community green spaces are typically designed in a conventional park layout. The other principle large open green spaces include Macdonald Experimental Farm and the remaining tracts of open land around the Morgan Arboretum in Senneville and western Pierrefonds. Municipalities and boroughs The West Island consists of the following towns, cities and boroughs: *Baie-D'Urfé – a primarily residential town of 3,900 people notable for a more rural charm, established in 1910. *Beaconsfield (Beaconsfield, Quebec) – a small residential city of 19,000 people well-served by public transit The '''North Shore Lions''' football (Canadian football) organization is currently a member of the QBFL (Quebec Bantam Football League) operating in the West Island of Montreal, Canada. This storied park was founded by Bill Allan in 1967 when the local teams were struggling to find talented kids to play football. Since 1967 this park has taken part in 35+ provincial title games and won 30 of those provincial games. World War II prosperity kept unemployment low. Machine politics, fiscal conservatism and a program of rural electrification consolidated the dominance of the Union Nationale over the province. The government of Maurice Duplessis adopted the current flag of Quebec to replace the Union Jack. It won a landslide victory in the 1948 election (Quebec general election, 1948), leaving the Liberals with only a handful of seats. Until the 1952 election (Quebec general election, 1952), the Liberal delegation to the Legislative Assembly (Legislative Assembly of Quebec) consisted of only a handful of members who came almost entirely from Montreal's West Island. It was not until 1953 that their leader could win a seat in the institution. Conrad Black, Duplessis, ISBN 0-7710-1530-5, McClelland & Stewart, Toronto, 1977.


abundant and highly reliable rainfall and the fertile alluvial soils. Whilst this region contains numerous large cities, the most important being Lagos, Ibadan and Port Harcourt, both of which have grown into mega-cities since the 1970s, the majority of its population remains rural and dependent upon subsistence farming. Major ethnic groups include the Igbo (Igbo people) and Yoruba (Yoruba people). The western part is less populated but is similar demographically to the east, with numerous African tribes predominating. The major cities here are Abidjan and Conakry. Transport Minna is connected to neighboring cities by road. Abuja, the capital, is only 150 km away. Minna is also connected by railroad to both Kano in the north and Ibadan and Lagos in the south which is also boarder by Illori city. The city is served by Minna Airport. Final demise Atiba's gambit failed, and Oyo never regained its prominence in the region. It became a protectorate of Great Britain in 1888 before further fragmenting into warring factions. The Oyo state ceased to exist as any sort of power 1896. He died in died in 1905. (Oba Atiba otherwise called Atiba Atobatele did not die in 1905. He died in 1859; It was his son Adeyemi I and the 3rd Alaafin to rule in the present Oyo who died in 1905. See http: wiki List_of_rulers_of_the_Yoruba_state_of_Oyo)During the colonial period, the Yoruba's were one of the most urbanized (living in city-like areas) group in Africa. About 22 % of the population lived in large areas with population exceeding 100,000 and over 50 % lived in cities of made up of 25,000 or more people. The index of urbanization in 1950 was close to that of the United States, excluding Ilorin. The Yoruba continue to be the most urbanised African ethnic group today. Old Oyo linked cities such as Ibadan, Osogbo, and Ogbomoso, which were some of the major cities that flourished after the collapse. Bascom 1962, pp. 699-709. Apart from the All African Games, the stadium has hosted important football matches, such as World Cup qualifiers between Nigeria and other countries. The first game played at the stadium was a football (soccer) match between two local rival teams; the Shooting Stars of Ibadan and Sunshine Stars of Akure on the 8th of April, 2003 "Nigeria; Who Will Score First International Goal at Abuja Stadium?." ''VANGUARD Newspapers'' April 19, 2003. Retrieved October 30, 2006 The first goal scored in the complex was from Shooting Stars' striker Shakiru Lawal who scored the only goal of the game after just five minutes. Its normal headquarters are in Bouaké, Côte d'Ivoire, but because of the political situation in that country, it is

Port Harcourt

of the forest zone is one of the most heavily populated parts of Africa, largely owing to its abundant and highly reliable rainfall and the fertile alluvial soils. Whilst this region contains numerous large cities, the most important being Lagos, Ibadan and Port Harcourt, both of which have grown into mega-cities since the 1970s, the majority of its population remains rural and dependent upon subsistence farming. Major ethnic groups include the Igbo (Igbo people) and Yoruba (Yoruba people). The western part is less populated but is similar demographically to the east, with numerous African tribes predominating. The major cities here are Abidjan and Conakry. - Port Harcourt

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