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Downtown Eastside

and local performers. Gastown is a hotbed of activity and music during this time. Contemporary dancers perform annually at the Dancing on the Edge Festival. Every Labour Day since 2004, a volunteer-run outdoor concert featuring Vancouver bands has been held in Victory Square (Victory Square, Vancouver) Park. The Victory Square Block Party raises money for charities in the DTES. City Opera of Vancouver has produced numerous events in the DTES since 2006. All have been free to the residents and general public, and have included recitals, concerts, and lecture-demonstrations. These have been given at numerous DTES venues, including the Carnegie Centre, the Pantages Theatre (Pantages Theatre (Vancouver)), Jacob's Well, the Evelyne Saller Centre, Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden, the Interurban Gallery, Building Opportunities with Business, 319 Main, the Strathcona Community Centre, both years of the Fearless Festival at Pigeon Park, and both years of the Homeground Festival at Oppenheimer Park. Several have been videotaped for re-broadcast on Fearless Television over Shaw TV Vancouver. The Women's Memorial March is held annually in the district on Valentine's Day, to call attention to missing and murdered women. As of 2009, an estimated 39 women were missing from the Downtown Eastside. Robert Pickton (w:Robert Pickton), one of Canada's most profilic serial killer (w:serial killer)s, has been found guilty of all six counts of second-degree murder (w:murder) in connection of the deaths of women from the Downtown Eastide (w:Downtown Eastside) in Vancouver (w:Vancouver).


by an association and a parade on the streets presented by an NGO. Tourists and locals alike, more than ninety thousand people participates in the numerous events, year after year. A repeated tragedy in Bali in 2005 did not reduce the Kuta community’s determination to carry out this annual event. Kuta Karnival is conducted to commemorate and give respect to the victims of human violence and show the world the true spirit of local community survival despite terrorism attacks. Kuta Beach Kuta Beach

Cholula, Puebla

These people kept the pyramid as their primary religious center, but the newly dominant Toltec-Chichimecas founded a new temple to Quetzacoatl where the San Gabriel monastery is now.The Toltec-Chichimec people who settled in the area around the 12th century CE named Cholula as ''Tlachihualtepetl'', meaning "artificial hill". Brand name The hot sauce is named after the 2,500-year-old city of Cholula, Puebla, the oldest still-inhabited city in Mexico. The name "Cholula" is derived from the Nahuatl toponym ''Chollollan'', meaning "the place of the retreat." In 1999, the Borregos Salvajes obtained a second championship when defeating again the Aztecs of the UDLA by score of 38-25, this time the game was celebrated in the field nicknamed the Temple of the Pain in Cholula, Puebla. In the 2000, the squad arrives at the final game but this time in front of its brothers of the Campus Estado de Mexico, and falling by a score of 38-28, in a game that was celebrated at the "Plastic Corral" Stadium in the State of Mexico. During the last days of her life, she lived in Cholula, Puebla, Mexico, and died at her home in San Andres Cholula (San_Andrés_Cholula_(municipality)), accompanied by her daughters and grandchildren, where her surviving family still live. Mendoza had been given his choice of the Viceroyalty of Mexico or of Peru, with Velasco to fill the other office. Velasco arrived at San Juan de Ulúa, New Spain on August 23, 1550. He spent the month of September in Puebla, while Mendoza was making his choice. Finally the two men decided to meet in Cholula (Cholula, Puebla), and there Mendoza chose Peru. On November 25, 1550, Velasco made his official entry into Mexico City, thus becoming Viceroy of New Spain. He served until his death there on July 31, 1564. '''Estadio Templo del Dolor''' is a stadium in Cholula (Cholula, Puebla), Puebla, Mexico. It is primarily used for American football and is the home field of the Aztecas de la UDLA. It holds 13,000 people. Sometimes more.


, it is the first contemporary arts dedicated museum in Poland. Boasts a collection of over 3,500 exhibits. * Parks

State College, Pennsylvania

with the football student-athletes is held in Beaver Stadium, prior to kickoff of the Blue-White football intrasquad scrimmage game. Homecoming Weekend is celebrated annually by Penn State (Pennsylvania State University) students, alumni, faculty, staff, and fans alike. Numerous events take place in State College and on the University Park (University Park, Pennsylvania) campus including charity fund raisers, socials, pep rallies, tailgate competitions, a parade, and a football game.

Kitchener, Ontario

Park, Kitchener Victoria Park , in the heart of downtown Kitchener. Numerous events and festivities are held in this park. A cast-bronze statue of Queen Victoria (Victoria of the United Kingdom) is located in Victoria Park, along with a cannon. The statue was unveiled in May 1911, on Victoria Day (the Queen's birthday) in the tenth year after her death. The Princess of Wales Chapter of the IODE (Imperial Order of the Daughters of the Empire) raised the $6,000 needed for the monument

Gary, Indiana


Chacón and Fernando de la Mora (Fernando de la Mora (tenor)). It has also participated in numerous events such as the 23rd anniversary of Radio Sonora, the Noche de Arte at the ITESM Sonora campus, the Festival Tetabiakte and the Dr. Alfonso Ortiz (Alfonso Ortiz Tirado) Festival. There is also an organization for minors called the Orquesta Juvenil de Sonora.

Hamilton, Ontario

; , Accessed 14 April 2011 Location Although it is an international event, the United States almost always hosts it (the 1995 fair was held in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada). Locations for 2011–2019 fairs have been decided, and they will rotate between Los Angeles, California; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and Phoenix, Arizona. The host city prepares a convention center and arranges hotel accommodations for the event, hosts numerous events


, the Broncos lost a shot at the 2010 national title game after losing to Nevada 34-31 in overtime. A number of wave stories have been suggested for numerous events, including the following. The wave was done later at the 1976 Montreal Olympics and adopted by the National Hockey League in Canada in the late 1970s, then introduced to a wider audience (intentionally) in October 1981 at a Major League Baseball game in Oakland, California, by Krazy George, and gained notoriety at U.S.American football games in Seattle, Washington's Kingdome stadium.

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