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, Novonikolayevsk, now with a population exceeding 47,000, was granted town status with full rights for self-government. The pre-revolutionary (October Revolution) period saw the population of Novosibirsk reach 80,000. During this period the city experienced steady and rapid economic growth, becoming one of the largest commercial and industrial centers of Siberia and developing a significant agricultural processing industry,

Allentown, Pennsylvania

duties including sports play by play (Sports commentary). He started his commercial broadcast career as a radio reporter for WKAP (WSAN) radio in Allentown, Pennsylvania, in 1963. He also worked in print journalism, writing for ''The Morning Call'' in Allentown. He was a reporter with the Associated Press in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (1967–68) and a correspondent in Bonn for the ''Chicago Daily News''. Theme The song's theme is of the resolve of those coping

Binghamton, New York

to the Jefferson Railroad at Lanesboro. Also leased in 1870 was the Schenectady and Susquehanna Railroad, connecting the Albany and Susquehanna at Duanesburg (Duanesburg, New York) to Schenectady (Schenectady, New York), opened in 1872 Delaware & Hudson: The History of an Important Railroad Whose Antecedent Was a Canal Network to Transport Coal (reorganized as the Schenectady and Duanesburgh Railroad in 1873). Newscast music * "The Action News Theme"


News newscasts on all of its stations except for its Brisbane station, TVQ-0, from 1976 to 1988 (Network Ten did not reach Perth (Perth, Western Australia) until May 26, 1988), a record twelve years before the theme music was changed to reflect the full reach of the network across Australia's five major cities. By then, Frank Gari's Turn To News, the then Ten news theme in both Brisbane (in 1986) and later in Adelaide (in early 1987), was adopted by Ten's stations in Melbourne, Sydney


for its ''CityPulse (CityNews)'' newscasts throughout the 1980s, but had phased out "''Gonna Fly Now''" entirely by the 2000s. A few other local television stations in the United States had also used Ferguson's arrangement of the theme on their newscasts in the past.


World ,'' the theme song made famous by WPVI (though it was known by the station as ''The Eyewitness News Theme''). Furthermore, WKBW was a source for much of WPVI's on-air talent. Personal life Cobb lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and maintained a friendship with ''Philadelphia Daily News'' columnist Pete Dexter, who frequently commented on boxing. In a notorious 1982 Grays Ferry (Grays Ferry, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) incident Cobb came to the defense of Dexter


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United States

of the ticker's cycle was often accompanied by an attention signal, such as warning tones or a small jingle from the station's news theme or network (such as the NBC Chimes). Fox News Channel Fox News Channel, an American sister channel to Sky News, was the first news network in the United States to debut a permanent news ticker, at 10:49 a.m, on the morning of the September 11 attacks in 2001. The ticker

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