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British Hong Kong

made in Hong Kong main Asia news channel final broadcasting end closed sign-off shut down ceased transmission on 1 May 1994 as STAR TV BBC World Service Television Asia (BBC World Service Television) based in Causeway Bay, Victoria Harbour, Central (Central, Hong Kong), Hong Kong, the channel's slogan and motto tagline coat of arms names revamp us This is BBC World Service Television, BBC Television International News Television Channel. Following STAR TV acquisition

Kong Hong Kong in 15 November 1991, although it could still be received in the rest of Hong Kong (British Hong Kong) particularly Singapore. STAR TV is the based in Hong Kong (British Hong Kong) via based satellite and cable operator, will buy 20 percent of the national network BBC World Service Television giving it a firmer foothold in Asia first most populous country at a time when the British international news television advertising market is booming. STAR TV pay

South Northamptonshire

of Northamptonshire is served by the BBC's East (BBC East) region which is based in Norwich. The regional news television programme, '''BBC Look East''', provides local news across the East of England, Milton Keynes and most of Northamptonshire. An opt-out in ''Look East'' covers the west part of the region only, broadcast from Cambridge. This area also is covered by the BBC's '''The Politics Show: East (The Politics Show)''' and ''' Inside Out (BBC TV series) Inside

Antigonish, Nova Scotia

cable news television channel. The programs were cancelled in June 2009. "Major changes ahead at CBC News". ''The Globe and Mail'', June 19, 2009 CBC News Sunday has won several Gemini Awards. Scott was raised in Liverpool (Liverpool, Nova Scotia), Nova Scotia, and attended a number of higher-learning institutions, including St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish (Antigonish, Nova Scotia), Nova Scotia, Carleton University in Ottawa (Ottawa, Ontario), Ontario, the University of Winnipeg and the University of Manitoba. He worked as a financial-government analyst, and at one stage worked for the Auditor General of Canada. Scott also held membership in a number of environmentally-oriented groups, including the ''Naturalists Society'' and the ''Solar Energy Society of Canada''. Early life and career Born in Sydney (Sydney, Nova Scotia), Nova Scotia, Gallivan began his broadcast career at a local radio (Independent Local Radio) station in Antigonish, Nova Scotia while attending St. Francis Xavier University. Whiles at St. Francis Xavier, he was once room mates with Hollywood film director, Daniel Petrie. He taught high school algebra and Latin in Antigonish following graduation and took a stint in the Canadian Army before returning to continue his broadcasting career. Nova Scotia *Antigonish (Antigonish, Nova Scotia): Derived from the Mi'kmaq (Mi'kmaq language) word ''nalegitkoonechk'', meaning "where branches are torn off". *Baddeck (Baddeck, Nova Scotia) '''The StFX Student Union''', known as ''The U'', represents the students at St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada. It is a student run organization, it represents over 4000 students and it provides many services and activities. ''The U'' sits as a voting member on the federal lobbying group CASA (Canadian Alliance of Student Associations) and provincial lobbying group ANSSA (Alliance of Nova Scotia Student Associations). "Rethinking Development: Local Pathways to Global Wellbeing," the ''Second International Conference on Gross National Happiness'' was held in Antigonish, Nova Scotia June 20–24, 2005, co-hosted by Genuine Progress Index Atlantic (proceedings online); the Coady International Institute; Shambhala; the Centre for Bhutan Studies; the Province of Nova Scotia; the Gorsebrook Research Institute at Saint Mary's University; and the University of New Brunswick. The son of Allan McDonald and Christina Cameron, he was educated at Saint Francis Xavier University and called to the Nova Scotia bar in 1855. McDonald married Sarah Smith in 1856. He practiced law in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. McDonald represented Antigonish County in the Legislative Assembly of Nova Scotia from 1859 to 1863. In 1872, he was named Queen's Counsel. Lamb attended Edmonton County Grammar School, and later Lamb joined the oil industry, which resulted in him working in Libya and Canada, where he attended St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. This developed his amateur interest in acting into a professional level, performing at Canada's Stratford Festival (Stratford Shakespeare Festival) in 1975–76.


of mainstream culture and elevated local Haight bands such as the Grateful Dead, Big Brother and the Holding Company and Jefferson Airplane to national stardom. A July 7, 1967, ''Time'' magazine (Time (magazine)) cover story on "The Hippies: Philosophy of a Subculture," an August CBS News television report on "The Hippie Temptation"and other major media interest in the hippie subculture exposed the Haight-Ashbury district to enormous national attention and popularized the counterculture movement across the country and around the world. The Summer of Love attracted a wide range of people of various ages: teenagers and college students drawn by their peers and the allure of joining a cultural utopia; middle-class vacationers; and even partying military personnel from bases within driving distance. The Haight-Ashbury could not accommodate this rapid influx of people, and the neighborhood scene quickly deteriorated. Overcrowding, homelessness, hunger, drug problems, and crime afflicted the neighborhood. Many people simply left in the fall to resume their college studies. N Owl 4th St. and Townsend San Francisco 4th and King Street Station Caltrain station Judah and La Playa Ocean Beach (Ocean Beach, San Francisco, California) Mission Bay (Mission Bay, San Francisco, California), Embarcadero (Embarcadero (San Francisco)) Financial District (Financial District, San Francisco), Civic Center (Civic Center, San Francisco), Lower Haight (Lower Haight, San Francisco, California), Haight-Ashbury, Cole Valley (Cole Valley, San Francisco, California), Sunset (Sunset District, San Francisco) Schedule Route map (PDF) right thumb 200px Ross Alley in San Francisco's Chinatown 1898. (Photo by Arnold Genthe (Image:Chinatownsf-large1.jpg)) It was during the 1860s to the 1880s when San Francisco began to transform into a major city, starting with massive expansion in all directions, creating new neighborhoods such as the Western Addition (Western Addition, San Francisco), the Haight-Ashbury, Eureka Valley (Eureka Valley, San Francisco), the Mission District (Mission District, San Francisco), culminating in the construction of Golden Gate Park in 1887. The City's famous Cable Cars (San Francisco cable car system) were built around this time, a unique invention devised by Andrew Smith Hallidie in order to traverse the City's steep hills while connecting the new residential developments. San Francisco grew in cultural prominence at this time as famous writers Mark Twain, Bret Harte, Ambrose Bierce, Rudyard Kipling, Robert Louis Stevenson, and Oscar Wilde spent time in the city, while local characters developed such as Emperor Norton. In 1967, thousands of young people entered the Haight-Ashbury district during what became known as the Summer of Love. The San Francisco Sound emerged as an influential force in rock music (rock and roll), with such acts as Jefferson Airplane and the Grateful Dead achieving international prominence. These groups blurred the boundaries between folk, rock and jazz traditions and further developed rock's lyrical content. The CWLF attracted into its membership many Christians and new converts who were interested in its ministry objectives. Among those who were attracted were three men who later collaborated in the formation of the SCP: Brooks Alexander, David Fetcho (who named the ministry), and Bill Squires. Both Alexander and Fetcho were converts to Christianity from the counterculture. Alexander had participated in the psychedelic drug usage of the counterculture, was an initiate of Transcendental Meditation, and lived in the famous Haight-Ashbury community in San Francisco. Brooks Alexander, ''Reflections of an Ex'', revised ed.,(Berkeley: SCP, 1984) (originally published in ''Right On'', September 1973). Fetcho had been involved with the Ananda Marga Yoga Society before converting to Christianity. David Fetcho, "Last Meditation Lotus Adept," ''SCP Journal'', 6 1 (Winter 1984), pp. 31–36. While residing in the Bay Area, Roberts performed in many of the local clubs and as the opening act for the Steve Miller Band at the Straight Theater in Haight-Ashbury in September, 1967. He also opened for the Santana (Santana (band)) Band at a Bill Graham Winterland concert in 1970. Deanery Three The parishes in Deanery Three consist of those from the Western Addition, Japantown, Haight-Ashbury, Richmond District (Richmond District, San Francisco, California), and Cow Hollow neighborhood.

Manchester, New Hampshire

00 95.7 FM Manchester (Manchester, New Hampshire) Saga Communications of New England, LLC Adult Contemporary '''New England Cable News''' ('''NECN''') is a regional 24-hour (24-hour news cycle) cable news (United States cable news) television network owned and operated by Comcast (as part of the NBC Sports Group) serving the New England region of the United States. It is very similar to CNN

Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission

licensed the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) on November 30, 1987 to provide a national all-news television network. Its competitor applicant, Alberta-based Allarcom, appealed this decision to the Canadian House of Commons. It was overturned and there were questions of whether federal politicians should meddle in CRTC decisions. Because of this the network launch was delayed from September 1, 1988 to July 31, 1989. * ''' RAI


Me Why', a comic digest Balarama and the men's lifestyle magazine The Man ( The group has also diversified into Entertainment and News Television (Mazhavil Manorama , Manorama News), Radio (Radio Mango), internet ( programming (Manorama Vision). From 1527 the Paravars were being threatened by Arab fleets offshore, headed by the Muslim-supporting Zamorin of Calicut, and also by an onshore campaign of the Rajah

Burlington, Vermont

''' ('''NECN''') is a regional 24-hour (24-hour news cycle) cable news (United States cable news) television network owned and operated by Comcast (as part of the NBC Sports Group) serving the New England region of the United States. It is very similar to CNN in structure and style, but focuses more on regional news. The channel is also similar to Northwest Cable News, which covers the Pacific Northwest. Its main studios are located in Newton, Massachusetts


;) is a Romanian news television network (television network). The channel is distributed by many cable operators in Romania and Moldova. Its main owner is Romanian businessman Elan Schwartzenberg. The '''Romanian diaspora''' is the ethnically Romanian (ethnic Romanian) population outside Romania and Moldova. The concept does not usually include the ethnic Romanians who live as natives in the states surrounding Romania, chiefly those Romanians who live

Portland, Maine

England Cable News''' ('''NECN''') is a regional 24-hour (24-hour news cycle) cable news (United States cable news) television network owned and operated by Comcast (as part of the NBC Sports Group) serving the New England region of the United States. It is very similar to CNN in structure and style, but focuses more on regional news. The channel is also similar to Northwest Cable News, which covers the Pacific Northwest. Its main studios are located in Newton

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