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Lakeside Apartments District, Oakland, California

-in-oakland-shootings title Hollister Man Among Those Injured In Oakland Shootings author McClatchy News Service work Hollister Freelance date 2011-06-06 A shooting murder and robbery occurred at 19th and Webster in July, 2010. ref>

article.cgi?f g a 2003 12 31 oakland1.DTL title Oakland surpasses 2002 homicide total author Bay City News Service work The San Francisco Chronicle date 2003-12-31 Since Brown worked toward the stated goal of bringing an additional 10,000 residents to Downtown Oakland (Downtown Oakland, Oakland, California), his plan was known as "10K." It has resulted in redevelopment projects in the Jack London District (Jack London District, Oakland, California), where Brown purchased and later sold an industrial warehouse which he used as a personal residence, and in the Lakeside Apartments District (Lakeside Apartments District, Oakland, California) near Lake Merritt. The 10k plan has touched the historic Old Oakland district, the Chinatown (Chinatown, Oakland, California) district, the Uptown (Uptown Oakland) district, and Downtown (Downtown Oakland). Brown surpassed the stated goal of attracting 10,000 residents according to city records, and built more affordable housing than previous mayoral administrations. Oakland City Council Nadel was elected to Oakland's District Three "Downtown-West Oakland" City Council seat in 1996. The district includes Adams Point (Adams Point, Oakland, California), most of Oakland's Central Business District (CBD) including all of Downtown (Downtown Oakland, Oakland, California) and the Lakeside Apartments District (Lakeside Apartments District, Oakland, California), but excluding the Civic Center (Civic Center, Oakland, California) district south of 14th Street, and Chinatown (Chinatown, Oakland, California). District Three also includes Jack London Square (Jack London Square, Oakland, California), the Jack London District (Jack London District, Oakland, California), Pill Hill (Pill Hill, Oakland, California), and West Oakland (West Oakland, Oakland, California).


and control of tourism in the Himalayas - Nepal The tourist district is along the north shore of the Phewa lake (Baidam, Lakeside and Damside). It is mainly made up of small shops, non-star tourist hotels

Shanti Stupa World Peace Pagoda built in 1996 across the southern shore of Phewa lake and Sarangkot (Sarankot) which is located northwest of the city. In February 2004, International Mountain Museum (IMM) ref>

the highest in the country.

Encarnación de Díaz

newspaper EFE News Service location Madrid date August 27, 2010 The '''Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe Church''' was never finished since construction was begun in 1867. It is an eclectic design favored in the Porfirio Díaz era covered in vaults and the tallest cupola in the municipality. Metal filigreedecorates the architrave and transparent glass is found on the apse. Despite its relative newness, the sacristy is filled with a large collection of colonial era religious paintings

established in 1759 Natural mummification has been known to occur in several places in Mexico, though the most famous are the mummies of Guanajuato. A collection of these mummies, most of which date to the late 19th century, have been on display at ''El Museo de las Momias

Westwood, Los Angeles

-hosted a show with Danny Williams called ''Dannysday''. She also was a sales representative for a school yearbook company. Determined to leave journalism behind, she moved to the Los Angeles neighborhood of Westwood (Westwood, Los Angeles) in 1979 with $10,000 in the bank. Hart


year 2007 The Côte d'Ivoire national football team helped secure a truce to the nation's civil war (Ivorian Civil War) in 2006 and it helped further reduce tensions between government and rebel forces in 2007 by playing a match in the rebel capital


--3-children-cross-into-Algeria Article1-739486.aspx title Gaddafi's wife, 3 children cross into Algeria work Hindustan Times agency Indo-Asian News Service date 30 August 2011 accessdate 15 October 2011 location Algiers The Algerian government had since informed the head of the National Transitional Council. Libya's rebels said sheltering Gaddafi family members was an act of aggression, and called for their extradition. The westernmost of the three


with other agencies, such as Operation Blessing (Operation Blessing International). The center was set up initially in the tents from the IDF (Israel Defense Forces)’s field hospital. Heyman, Jeffrey "The resilience of the people is stronger than we expected", (10 February 2010), in ''Israel 21c Innovation News Service'', Retrieved

Richmond District, San Francisco

, Pauline. "High school groups: Punks, Cholos, Blood." ''Pacific News Service'' at the ''Merced Sun-Star''. Tuesday April 7, 1981. Page 2. Retrieved from Google Books (2 of 26) on July 4, 2011. "George Washington High School In Francisco's Richmond District looks like it has been hit by a series ... " ref

Bowe Bergdahl

20100208153710 http: news index.shtml?224245 archivedate 8 February 2010 title Pakistan News Service publisher PakTribune accessdate 13 May 2010

-lMyQjAxMTA0MDIwNjEyNDYyWj date June 25, 2014 accessdate July 15, 2014 The 2010 Pentagon investigation referred to above dealt with events leading up to his capture. In July 2014, Bergdahl was returned

Gorman, California

' family living room. The school was relocated to its present site and built on land donated by the Ralphs family, where it became known as the Gorman School District." In 1990 Gorman had the smallest school district, and the smallest school in Los Angeles County, with just three classrooms, each with combined grades. New York Times News Service, "Parents Tout Tiny Gorman School," ''The Bakersfield Californian,'' October 16, 1990, page A-12

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