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Râmnicu Vâlcea

and later by Constantin Brâncoveanu) and the nearby "''Dintr-un lemn''" Monastery (16th or 17th century; the legend of its origin was recorded by Paul of Aleppo). Origin and migration north of the Danube The Bulgarian Roman Catholic community in the north-western ore-mining town of Chiprovtsi and surrounding villages was possibly established in the Middle Ages by "Saxon" miners (Germans in Bulgaria),


monastery (nowadays belongs to the Armenian Catholics) in Baghjaghaz. In August 1915, the people of Ekizolukh were deliberately deported to the Syrian desert and the village lost more than two-thirds of its residents. Between 1919 and 1922, when there was no official authority ruling the region, ''Joe Toutigian'' organized a group of volunteered soldiers to provide security to Ekizolukh, the nearby "Valley of Honey" (Meghratsor) and the other surrounding villages, with the assistance of the volunteers from the town of Kessab. In 1947, the people in Ekizolukh did not welcome the migration process to Soviet Armenia, with only 20 individuals have moved to Armenia. The only active church in the village is the Armenian Evangelical Emmanuel Church, as the entire population of Ekizolukh turned from Apostolic to Evangelical in 1855. Since the mid 20th century, Armenians from Aleppo started to invest in Ekizolukh. Consequently, it became the first village to have water and electricity network and a paved road to link with the town of Kessab. Nowadays, the village has around 35 families, consisted entirely of Armenians. Baghjaghaz (al-Mesherfeh) Baghjaghaz or al-Mesherfeh ( Category:Armenian diaspora communities Category:Populated places in Latakia District Category:Towns in Syria

Laughlin, Nevada

and Laughlin, Nevada, as well as the Grand Canyon, California, the Colorado River, Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Lake Mohave, and Lake Havasu. *Oatman, Arizona, a nearby "ghost town" tourist attraction. http: wiki Oatman,_Arizona *Mike Hegstrand (Road Warrior Hawk), professional wrestler, Hawk, One half of the Road Warriors, 1958-2003. Born in Owatonna, Resided on Xerxes Ave. *Don Laughlin, founder of the resort town

Kingman, Arizona

, a nearby "ghost town" tourist attraction. *Keepers of the Wild, a wild animal sanctuary featuring lions and tigers among other animals. Keepers Of the Wild http: *Kingman is the closest city to the Grand Canyon Skywalk, a transparent horseshoe-shaped cantilever bridge and tourist attraction on the edge of the Grand Canyon. *The Grand Canyon Caverns, one of the largest

Omsk address Chokana Valikhanova street, 9 lat long directions phone +7 (3812) 32-5213 tollfree fax +7 (3812) 32-5205 hours price content Go next Omsk is a convenient hub for several regional attractions. Remember that the distances are large in this part of the world, and a city 700 km away is readily considered "nearby" by the locals. In their defense, the transportation is usually good and can make destinations seem closer than

Antigua Guatemala

Guatemala following this disaster. As the lahar produced a destructive flood of water, this prompted the modern name "Volcán de Agua" meaning "Volcano of Water", in contrast to the nearby "Volcán de Fuego" or "Volcano of Fire". The Kaqchikels call Volcan de Fuego ''Chi Gag'', which translates to "where the fire is" or Chi Q'aq' in current Kaqchikel orthography. '''Volcán de Fuego''' ("Volcano of Fire") is an active stratovolcano


of Liampó, after the nearby "illustrious city" was the easternmost known point of the mainland Asia. The Portuguese began trading in Ningbo around 1522. By 1542, the Portuguese had a sizable community in Ningbo (or, more likely, on nearby small islands). Portuguese activities from their Ningbo base included pillaging and attacking multiple Chinese port cities around Ningbo for plunder and spoil. They also enslaved people during their raids.


. *'''Khubz''' (flatbread) '''Desserts''' *The most popular traditional dessert is '''Halwa Showaiter''', also known as '''Halwa Bahraini'''. It is a jelly like halwa made with corn starch, saffron and various nuts. Drink : ''See Manama for detailed nightlife listings.'' Bahrain has relatively liberal laws regarding alcohol and has long been a favorite getaway for visitors from Saudi Arabia and other nearby "dry" countries — don't be surprised to see Arabs in ''thobe


cowboy ... a transient laborer working on a nearby dam project." It is not clear what "nearby" means. The description is in a paragraph that indicates Kathleen Maddox gave birth to Manson "while living in Cincinnati," after she had run away from her own home, in Ashland, Kentucky. Emmons, Nuel. ''Manson in His Own Words''. Grove Press, New York; 1988. ISBN 0-8021-3024-0. Pages 28–29. Brooklyn has long been a magnet for immigrants, and many ethnic groups dominate a particular neighborhood for a time, although the neighborhoods are ever-changing as populations move in and out. For example, during the early to mid-20th century, Brownsville had a majority of Jewish residents; since the 1970s it has been majority African American. Midwood during the early 20th century was filled with ethnic Irish, then filled with Jewish residents for nearly 50 years, and is slowly becoming a Pakistani enclave. With gentrification, many of Brooklyn's neighborhoods are becoming increasingly mixed, with an influx of immigrants integrating its neighborhoods, and this may be the permanent equilibrium. Brooklyn and Queens have been a worldwide example of poor immigrants getting along most of the time, often with better results than in their home countries. It presently has substantial populations from many countries. The borough also attracts people previously living in other cities in the United States. Of these, most come from Chicago, Detroit, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia, Boston, Cincinnati, and Seattle. "African Americans", Encyclopedia of Chicago. Retrieved March 1, 2008. Gibson, Campbell (June 1998). Population of the 100 Largest Cities and Other Urban Places in the United States: 1790 to 1990. ''U.S. Bureau of the Census – Population Division''. Retrieved March 1, 2008. Commons:Category:Cincinnati WikiPedia:Cincinnati Dmoz:Regional North America United States Ohio Metro Areas Cincinnati Metro

Mexico City

) and the name of the municipality comes from the old lake plus a reference to the "Programa Nacional de Solidaridad" (National Program of Solidarity) which was initiated here. The municipality's glyph and shield make reference to both names. It is a distinct entity from the city and municipality of Chalco (Chalco de Díaz Covarrubias), which is nearby. "Chalco" in both names refers to the Chalca tribe that were one of the original inhabitants of the area. ref name "

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