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years (Although very small, less than +0.01% per year), being one of the 20 Russian regions to have a positive natural population growth rate. Постоянное население России на начало 2008 года - 142 миллиона человек. Retrieved on 2013-08-20. В 2007 году естественная убыль снизилась до 478 тысяч человек, а миграционный прирост увеличился до 240 тысяч

North Kesteven

the district one of the top six fastest-growing districts in England and Wales.

Belgorod Oblast

. As in other regions of the European part of Russia, since the dissolution of the Soviet Union there has been a natural population decrease (about -5 per 1,000 of the population). In recent years, there has been some reversion of this decline as a result of growth of fertility and mortality. Nevertheless, despite the negative trend of growth, the population of the area has remained relatively stable because of immigration. Belgorod, even in Soviet times, attracted retirement workers from

Murmansk Oblast

2013 - 1.61(e) Vital statistics for 2009 In 2009, the urban areas were marked by natural population decline (-0.16% per year) and the rural ares were marked by natural population growth (+0.35% per year). http: moinfigures population demography basicindicators 06.htm Religion

Irkutsk Oblast


French colonial empire

thumb right upright The deportation order is read to a group of Acadians (File:Deportation of Acadians order, painting by Jefferys.jpg) in 1755. Unlike elsewhere in Europe, France experienced relatively low levels of emigration to the Americas, with the exception of the Huguenots in British or Dutch colonies. France generally had close to the slowest natural population growth in Europe, and emigration pressures were therefore quite small. A small but significant emigration, numbering only in the tens of thousands, of mainly Roman Catholic French populations led to the settlement of the provinces of Acadia, Canada and Louisiana, both (at the time) French possessions, as well as colonies in the West Indies, Mascarene islands and Africa. In New France, Huguenots were banned from settling in the territory, and Quebec was one of the most staunchly Catholic areas in the world until the Quiet Revolution. The current French Canadian (French Canadians) population, which numbers in the millions, is descended almost entirely from New France's small settler population. On 31 December 1687 a community of French Huguenots (Huguenots in South Africa) settled in South Africa. Most of these originally settled in the Cape Colony, but have since been quickly absorbed into the Afrikaner population. After Champlain's founding of Quebec City in 1608, it became the capital of New France. Encouraging settlement was difficult, and while some immigration did occur, by 1763 New France only had a population of some 65,000. Further unique points included her Cafe Terrasse (:File:The Terrace Café of the SS France (1912).jpg) and the Salon Mauresque, the latter a reference to the French colonial empire in Africa. The ship also had a gymnasium, an elevator as well as a hair salon, all great novelties at the time. Style Louis seize (Louis XVI) (Louis XVI) was also used within the private apartments of the grand luxe suites onboard. According to a 1912 booklet publicising the liner, her second class accommodation was credited as "match ing the richness and comfort of first class on the old liners." Passengers in this class could also utilise a hair dressing salon. Third and steerage classes were also praised as being well-appointed. Recreation The game of ''El Koura'' is a traditional game that was played in Miliana, Laghouat and other places prior to French colonization (French colonial empire). Similar to association football, Sato, Daisuke. "Sport and Identity in Tunisia." International Journal of Sport and Health Science Vol 3 (2005): 27-34. Retrieved October 3, 2010. the game was played during the spring and times of extreme drought because it was believed to bring rain. Hartland, E. Sidney. "Games." Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics Part 11. Whitefish, Montana: Kessinger, 2003. 167-71. After French colonization, European sports, especially association football, became more popular.


6 -bgcolor faecc8 World War II Germany (Nazi Germany), with limited Italian assistance, invaded the Kingdom of Yugoslavia (Invasion of Yugoslavia) on April 6, 1941. Zadar held a force of 9,000 that after limited fighting reached Šibenik and Split on April 15, a mere 2 days before surrender, with civilians having previously been evacuated to Ancona and Pula. Occupying Mostar and Dubrovnik, on April 17 they met invading troops that had started out from Italian-occupied Albania. On April 17 the Yugoslav government surrendered, faced with the Wehrmacht's overwhelming superiority. Before World War I, numerous other railways were built. In 1860, Pragersko was connected to Ormož (Ormož railway station) and further to Čakovec, Croatia, thus connecting the Austrian and the Hungarian part of the empire. In 1862, a single-track railway (expanded into double-track in 1944) along the Sava river was built, connecting Zidani Most with Zagreb. In 1863, the "Carinthian railway" was built along the Drava river, connecting Maribor (Maribor railway station) with Dravograd (Dravograd railway station), Klagenfurt (Klagenfurt Hauptbahnhof) and Villach (Villach Hauptbahnhof). In 1870, a railway along the upper Sava river valley was built, connecting Ljubljana with Kranj (Kranj railway station), Jesenice railway station Jesenice

Da Nang

Nẵng's natural population growth is only slightly higher than the national average. Its crude birth rate was recorded at 18 live birth (Live birth (human))s per 1000 persons; the crude death rate was measured at 6.7 per 1000 persons in 2011. Life expectancy at birth was estimated at 77.4 years for women and 72.4 years for men, or 74.8 years overall in the 2009 population census. The infant mortality rate was measured at 9.9 infant deaths per 1000 live births, less than two points above the nation's average for urban areas. ;Urbanization The city has the highest urbanization ratio among provinces and municipalities in Vietnam (provinces of Vietnam), "Đà Nẵng - Trung tâm vùng kinh tế trọng điểm miền Trung" Commons:Category:Da Nang


one of the youngest populations in the generally aging Russian Federation; in the early 1990s, it was among the few regions experiencing natural population growth. Since 2002, Chechnya has experienced a classic post-conflict baby-boom.

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