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to be close to nature. In the winter it is not as bustling, although many people visit Tofino and the west coast to watch storms on the water. Close to Tofino is Long Beach, a scenic and popular year-round destination, at the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve. Nearby Maquinna Marine Provincial Park, Ministry of Environment Maquinna Marine Provincial Park with its natural hot springs, is located about WikiPedia:Tofino, British Columbia commons:Tofino


There are four Spas in Anshan which take advantage of the areas natural hot springs. Visitors may shower and bathe in the spring water. At '''Tanggangzi''' Spa, just south of the city, visitors may have mud treatment where they are buried in hot volcanic sand, which has been infused with the spring water. In addition to there are many bathhouses throughout the city. These bathhouses don't use the natural hot springs but offer similar services. Prices are ¥28-60 for bathing. Extras such as massage may be ¥20-100 for each service. Price lists are usually prominently displayed though only in Chinese. Many spas and bathhouses are open 24 hours and it is quite common for people to sleep overnight in the restrooms after bathing. This can make a cheap alternative to a hotel room. * WikiPedia:Anshan, China



and camping. There are two natural hot springs at Baturaden, namely Pancuran Telu and Pancuran Pitu. The campground is called Wana Wisata. Baturraden Adventure Forest Some hotels, villas and budget hotels are available in Baturaden. Food The Purwokerto local food includes mendoan (fermented soy bean covered in wheat flour dough and deep fried), ranjem, nopia and mino (small nopia), tempeh keripik and many different kinds of chips. Gethuk goreng, made of cassava and Javanese sugar is also available. It is sold by various shops under various names. Also, in the morning, one may find a serabi seller on almost every corner of town. One Purwokerto delicacy is soto. It is also made in the nearby town of Sokaraja. Purwokerto soto is made from chicken while that from Sokaraja contains beef. Both are different from other sotos in Indonesia, because they are mixed with a spicy nut sambal. The most famous soto sokaraja seller in Sokaraja is "Soto Kecik", near the Buddha's monastery. Medical facilities Purwokerto is a centre for medical care for the southern part of the Central Java Province. There are both public and private hospitals for both general and specialist care. They include: * RSU Margono Soekarjo general hospital * RS DKT hospital * RSIA Santa Elisabeth hospital * RS Islam hospital * RSIA Hidayah hospital * RSIA Bunda hospital * RSIA Ananda hospital * RS Geriatri hospital (gerontology) * RS Orthopedi hospital (orthopaedics). * Jenderal Soedirman University Dental Hospital The main state run hospital is Margono Soekarjo general hospital which is located on the eastern edge of Purwokerto. Its name is commonly shortened to "RS Margono Soekarjo". It was named after the first surgeon in Indonesia. The surgeon was born in Purwokerto and his grave is found in Pesarean Kebutuh, Sokaraja Kulon. Schools Jenderal Soedirman University is the main university in Purwokerto. It is located on the town's northern outskirts. "Jenderal Soedirman University" There are many universities and academies in Purwokerto which serve the southern part of central Java. They include: * Universitas Jenderal Soedirman (UNSOED) * Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto * Universitas Wijaya kusuma * Sekolah Tinggi Agama Islam Negeri Purwokerto * Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Ekonomi Purwokerto * Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Ekonomi Satria * Sekolah Tinggi Manajemen Informatika & Komputer Widya Utama * Sekolah Tinggi Teknik Wiworotomo * Akademi Kebidanan YLPP * Akademi Kesehatan Lingkungan * Akademi Manajemen Informatika & Komputer * Akademi Pariwisata “Eka Sakti” * Akademi Perawat Muhammadiyah * Politeknik Pratama Notable People * Tontowi Ahmad, badminton player * Christian Hadinata, badminton player * Purnomo, runner See also *Tunggul Wulung Airport References


Mammoth Lakes, California

, over Minaret Summit, then down to Devils Postpile National Monument, with access to the Ansel Adams Wilderness. The area has natural hot springs which are sometimes used after skiing. Other features include lakes, a soda springs, and an obsidian dome (Mono-Inyo Craters). Mammoth Lakes is north of the Owens Valley, a scenic area with extensive hiking opportunities. The town is surrounded by mountains: on the west, Mammoth Mountain looms over the town, while to the south


down. No breakfast. Go next Bogotá is 2 to 3 hours away, $17.000. Villa de Leyva, one of the nicest colonial towns in Colombia, is 45 minutes to an hour away, take a minibus from the terminal, $6.000. Paipa has a natural hot springs, with waterpark and spa. 45 minutes by bus, $4.000. San Gil is the capital of extreme sports in Colombia, and is 4 hours away. WikiPedia:Tunja commons:Tunja


the Iran border where a long stretch of barbed wire fencing and a guarded iron bridge in Iran are plainly visible. The guard will sometimes wave back to gawking tourists. At the end of the road are natural hot springs that merge with the river. Here you can alternately dip in the hot springs and the cold river. '''Yanar Bulag''' *This area contains a water spring that burns constantly as if it were a gas lit flame. This is located just outside of Lankaran on the highway to Astara towards the beautiful range of mountains to the west (just before the Electric Station). '''Beaches''' *South of town, the beaches are cleaner and isolated. There is a beach access by the Kanarmesha area where there are some restaurants. '''Khazar (Caspian) Lankaran Football Stadium''' *There is a football stadium outside the city center where professional football is played. The team owner is a wealthy Lankaran native. The team is the 2007 national champion. '''Heydar Aliyev Park''' *At the city center is a sprawling park where the people congregrate. It's a great place to people-watch and here you can also see a museum, monuments, and water fountains with accompanying lights music. Plans are ongoing to expand the park all the way to the sea. '''Zirva Physical Fitness Center''' 80, Nizami Street *This is a new heath center located in a 10 minute walk from the town center. This center has a massage room, sauna, steam bath, weight lifting area, mini soccer, boxing, martial arts, swimming, barber shop, and entertainment area. Call 0171-4-53-53 for an appointment. '''Xanbulan Lake''' *This lake is located southeast of the city of Lankaran. It is a wooded reservoir in the lower foothills, which is wonderful for a picnic lunch and a relaxing nature hike. '''Aurora Tea Factory''' *Near Xanbulan Lake, tourists can go to one of Lankaran’s famous tea factories and sample the widely known tea in a rose garden of the Aurora Tea Factory. At this factory, people can also tour and see the tea-making process. Call 994 0171 570-72 for an appointment. '''Ballabur Castle''' *East of the city of Lankaran near a small hill by the Ballabur village is a place claimed to be the site of the ancient Bazz Castle. It was here, where the Khuramid chief, Babek, defended the castle against the Arab invasion. After the execution of Babek at the hands of the Arabs, the occupiers demolished the castle, but remnants of the castle can still be seen. '''Gizil Agaj State National Reserve''' *The area of the State Reservation is 88,360 hectares. As a result of scientific research in this State Reservation 23 sorts of mammals, about 270 sorts of birds, 12 sorts of reptiles and 47 sorts of fish have been observed. Every year, a lot of birds come to Gizilagaj State Reservation to make nest from the East countries such as yellow and wild heron swans, flamingo, wild ducks beside it flamingo, river ducks, and swans are inhabited in this State Reservation. Fishes such as sazan, herring, seal, omul, grey mullet, pike, salmon and mammals such as swine, hares, jackals, foxes, badgers, beavers wild boars, and water squirrels can be found in this reserve. Itineraries Weekend Itinerary '''Friday''' * Arrive in the evening, check in to a hotel * Go to a local restaurant and try the Lavangi chicken with plov (rice) * Drink Lankaran tea at nearby chay hana (teahouse) and chat play dominoes with locals '''Saturday''' * Buy freshly-baked tendir bread for breakfast and eat with butter and honey cheese * Walk through the bazaar and look at the various local handicrafts * Buy a picnic lunch for trip to Istisu (make sure to also bring a towel) * Take the bus to Istisu from big bazaar and get off at the Sanitorium (last stop; .20 AZN) * Hike up the Talish hills behind the Sanitorium and have a picnic at the top * Go down to Sanitorium and take a dip in hot spring spa (ask for large private room; 1 AZN person) * Return to town by taxi for 2 AZN. * Eat dinner at a local restaurant and try the various BBQ meat or fish (kabab) dishes '''Sunday''' * Walk around the city to see the places of interest * Try some gutab (flat pancake) and a refreshing kokteyl (like milkshake) for a snack * Take a refreshing walk on the beach by the Caspian Sea * Depart for your next destination A Week Itinerary Go on an adventure such as a tour of the "pirs" which are mystical holy places that are scattered around the southern region. Go to for more details. Buy thumb Big Bazaar (Image:Big Bazaar Lankaran, Azerbaijan.jpg) * '''Big Bazaar''' Stroll through the interconnected outdoor and indoor bazaar for a shopping extravaganza of anything and everything. Exploring and discovering is half the fun! * '''Zanbil''' Zanbil is a weaved basket that comes in different sizes. Large baskets are used in bazar shopping. Small baskets can be sometimes used as purses. * '''Talish Knitted Socks (Tohuma Jorab)''' Talish women traditionally wear colorful clothes (red is a favorite) and Jorab knitted socks are worn in the cold season. Prices range from 1-6 AZN depending on length of the socks. * '''Lankaran Tea (Chay)''' Lankaran is well-known throughout Azerbaijan for producing the best tea in the country. Lankaran Tea is a very popular gift purchase by visitors from Baku and other regions. Tea is sold in 100g and 0.5kg bags and prices range from 8-16 AZN per kilo. * '''Kalosh''' Kalosh is a rubber boot that is used by the Talish people in the rainy season. ATMs ''International Bank of Azerbaijan'' * Lankaran , Lankaran, Digah (Azpetrol) * Lankaran, 18, Sh.Akhundov street * Lankaran , Lankaran, H.Aslanov avenue (Central department store) Eat Regional Specialties thumb Tendir Oven and Talish Women (Image:Tendir Oven and Talish Women.jpg) thumb Gutab (Image:Qutab.jpg) * '''Lavangi Chicken''' When going to restaurants or households in Lankaran, you will probably be offered this dish. This dish is cooked with a special nut and onion stuffing inside. You can also get Fish (Balig) Lavangi. * '''Tendir Bread''' The tendir is a traditional clay oven where this special bread is made. Hot tendir bread with cheese and butter is a real treat. Lavangi chicken is also traditionally cooked in a tendir. * '''Plov''' In Lankaran, there are many different types of rice dishes by the name of plov. These include dill plov, potato plov, pea plov, and fish plov. * '''Gutab''' Gutab is a crunchy, fried dough with fillings inside. Try it with potato (kartov) or stomach meat (qarin) fillings and make sure to sprinkle lots of sumac spice with its astringent-acidic flavour. * '''Other Foods''' Lankaran has a great deal of subtropical foods such as feyhoa, quince, cumquat, pomegranate, lemon, mandarin oranges, and tea. If you have a chance, make sure to try some of these regional foods. Great Restaurants * '''Dalga Restaurant''' This is the best restaurant in Lankaran with great dishes such as Balig (Fish) Lavangi and Entrikot (Lamb Chops). Make sure to ask for prices before ordering to avoid being overcharged. * '''Sahil Restaurant''' This restaurant is located south of the Heydar Aliyev Park just by the iron-bridge and the Lankaran river. * '''Titanic Restaurant''' This is a newly-built restaurant that is shaped like a ship. It is in the outskirts of town by the sea and the Olympic Complex. Enjoy the view of the sea while you eat here. * '''Uzbek Restaurant''' This restaurant is next to the library and is very popular with the locals. There is no signage, so just ask the locals. * '''Istanbul Lahmacun''' This is the newest restaurant in Lankaran. It has the normal Turkish fare at prices that are not too expensive. Tel: 044-271-06-44,055-711-71-41. Location: On Haydar Eliyev meydan terefi, near the Beynexalq Bank. 2-5 AZN. Drink WikiPedia:Lankaran Commons:Category:Lenkoran

Banff, Alberta

The mountain has also been called '''Stoney Chief''', which is related to the name of the smaller neighbouring mountain

Mill Valley, California

later. The annual Dipsea Race is in June, although the trail can be run or hiked any time. The West Marin Stagecoach is a bus that runs from Stinson Beach back to Mill Valley, stopping approximately one mile from downtown. http: local.html The Dipsea Trail is not well marked

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