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(Uganda) Limited Stanbic Bank * A mobile branch of PostBank Uganda * A branch of the National Social Security Fund (National Social Security Fund (Uganda)) * Tororo Inland Port - Under Construction * Tororo Girls School - An all-girls, boarding middle and high school (S1 - S6) * St. Peter's College Tororo - An all-boys, boarding middle and high school (S1 - S6) * Tororo Rock High School - The largest public middle and high school found at the foot of Tororo Rock


Uganda Limited - Tier II (Banking in Uganda) * A branch of Pride Microfinance Limited - Tier III (Banking in Uganda) * A branch of Uganda Finance Trust Limited - Tier III (Banking in Uganda) * A branch of the National Social Security Fund (National Social Security Fund (Uganda)) ; Radio stations * 91.2 Crooze Fm * Grace Radio 94.2FM * Radio West * Vision Radio * Endigito * Radio Maria * Greater African Radio Photos *

Jinja, Uganda

opencms bou currency jinja_currency_center.html Bank of Uganda Maintains Jinja Currency Center * National Social Security Fund (National Social Security Fund (Uganda)) Education The city also has several educational establishments including: valign "top" * The eastern campus of Makerere University * Fairland University * Jinja College * Jinja Philosophy Center * Busoga College Mwiiri (Busoga College) * Kiira College Butiiki * Madhvani College


;Bank of Uganda Maintains Currency Center in Gulu * A branch of the National Social Security Fund (National Social Security Fund (Uganda)) * Bomah Hotel Gulu - A modern multi-star hotel, the first in Northern Uganda (Northern Region, Uganda) to contain elevators. Bomah Hotel Gulu Under Construction See also * Railway stations in Uganda * Gulu Walk

Mari El

encountered hostility as well. Vitaly Tanakov was charged with inciting religious, national, social and linguistic hatred after publishing the book ''The Priest Speaks''. Russia Moves to Ban Religious Rites of Indigenous Finno-Ugric People Mari International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights (IHF) and Moscow Helsinki Group (MHG) in an exhaustive 2006


; Today Sundsvall is not only dominated by the pulp and paper industry, and the aluminium production but there are also banks, insurance companies, telecommunications administration and a number of large public data-processing centres such as the national social insurance board. The main campus of the newly established Mid Sweden University is also located in the city. Image:Sundsvall in Sweden Storgatan.jpg thumb right 200px ''Storgatan'', the famous main street in Sundsvall in the heart


* Political uniform *Stormtrooper *Glossary of Nazi Germany *List of Nazi Party leaders and officials Similar para-military organisations *Blackshirts * Blackshirts (Albanian Fascist Party) – Albania * Blueshirts (Parti national social chrétien) – Canada * Blueshirts – Ireland * Greenshirts (Greenshirts (National Corporate Party)) – Ireland * Gestapo – Nazi Germany * Goldshirts (Gold shirts) – Mexico * Greyshirts – ethnically Dutch South

, the most influential party within Franco's dictatorship (francoism) in Spain. The paramilitary fascist Iron Guard members in Romania wore green shirts. * Blueshirts (Parti national social chrétien) - Canada * Brownshirts (Sturmabteilung) - Nazi Germany * Blackshirts (Blackshirts (India)) - India thumb right 150px The flag of the ''Black Shorts'' as devised for the '' Jeeves and Wooster (Image:Blackshorts.svg)'' television series, modelled on the Flash and Circle

Tuscaloosa, Alabama

, Abner Edwin Patton, and Thomas Chappell Cook. Their leader was DeVotie, who wrote the ritual, created the grip, and chose the name. Rudulph designed the badge. Of all existing national social fraternities today, Sigma Alpha Epsilon is the first national fraternity founded in the antebellum South. Currently open between Jack Warner Parkway and Rice Mine Road (Tuscaloosa County (Tuscaloosa County, Alabama) CR 30) in Tuscaloosa (Tuscaloosa, Alabama); will eventually will connect


groups within it. One stronger group was the ''Parti national social chrétien'' of Adrien Arcand which had significant support. Arcand believed in the anti-Semitic policies of Hitler and called himself the "Canadian Führer". In 1934, his Quebec-based party merged with the western-based fascist Nationalist Party of Canada. In 1938, the English Canadian and French Canadian fascist movements united into the National Unity Party. The only fascist politician ever to be elected in Canada was a man by the name of P. M. Campbell who ran and won under the fascist Unity Party of Alberta for Lethbridge in the 1937 Alberta Provincial Election. In 1940, all fascist parties were banned under Canada's War Measures Act. headquarters 619 4 Avenue North locale Lethbridge, Alberta service_area '''Lethbridge Transit''' (commonly known as '''L.A. Transit''') manages and operates the municipally-owned public transportation system in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. Wikipedia:Lethbridge

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