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Chihuahua City

; since 2010, with the result that Chihuahua is safer now than in years past. Sports The city is home of the Dorados de Chihuahua (Dorados de Chihuahua (LNBP)) of the Liga Nacional de Baloncesto Profesional, or National Professional Basketball League of Mexico. The city formerly had a baseball franchise in the Mexican League (AAA), also known as the Dorados (Dorados de Chihuahua). On May 15 & 16, 2010 the city also hosted the

La Ceiba

of the city center though some buses also run from their own terminals. Sport La Ceiba is the home of two clubs of the Honduran National Professional Football League (Liga Nacional de Fútbol Profesional de Honduras), Victoria (C.D. Victoria) and Vida (C.D.S. Vida), both playing in Nilmo Edwards Stadium (Estadio Nilmo Edwards). The matches between the two rival clubs are known as ''Clásico Ceibeño''.

Independence, Missouri

the county. In one scuffle with a vigilante group, Wight outran them on bare horseback by jumping over a ditch that they could not jump. The Comets were followed the next season by the Kansas City Attack of the National Professional Soccer League (National Professional Soccer League (1984–2001)); this team was known as the "Kansas City Comets" from 2001–2005. In 2010 the Missouri Comets, based in nearby Independence (Independence, Missouri), joined the new Major Indoor Soccer

San Diego–Tijuana

football , baseball, and to a lesser extent, bloodless bullfighting. The region has professional teams involved in the National Football League, Major League Baseball, and National Professional Basketball League (Liga Nacional de Baloncesto Profesional). In a sign of binational friendship, San Diegans – Team USA – and Tijuanenses – Team Mexico – engaged in a friendly game of border volleyball at Border Field State Park in which volleyballs were passed over the international


. Two Krasnoyarsk clubs, Krasny Yar (Krasny Yar Krasnoyarsk) and Yenisey-STM (Yenisey-STM Krasnoyarsk), participate in the national Professional Rugby League. Matches take precedence in the local media, and the city derby match can attract large crowds. Many players of the Russian national rugby team (Russia national rugby union team) hail from the area. Some of Russia's international rugby matches are played at the Central Stadium (Central Stadium (Krasnoyarsk)). class "

Huntington Beach, California

and upcoast, forcing swells to break extremely fast and hollow. Best seasons for surfing at this beach is the summer and fall. The best option for surfing in this area is a shortboard. Huntington Beach is also a popular destination for kite surfing, and this sport can be viewed on the beach northwest of the pier. Huntington Beach is the host city of the National Professional Paintball League Super 7 Paintball Championships. The NPPL holds its first event of the year traditionally between

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

, Pennsylvania , U.S. (United States) DATE OF DEATH February 7, 1999 The '''Harrisburg Heat''' was a professional indoor soccer team (indoor soccer) based in Harrisburg (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania), Pennsylvania. The team was part of the National Professional Soccer League (National Professional Soccer League II), which later became the Major Indoor Soccer League (Major Indoor Soccer League (2001 – 2008)), and has been defunct since 2003 (2003 in sports). The Harrisburg

Kansas City, Missouri

of its existence in Kansas City, Missouri. In its various incarnations the franchise played in the National Professional Soccer League (National Professional Soccer League (1984–2001)) from 1989–2001 and the second Major Indoor Soccer League (Major Indoor Soccer League (2001–2008)) from 2001–2005. They played their home games at the Municipal Auditorium (Municipal Auditorium (Kansas City)) and later Kemper Arena. History The franchise originated as the Atlanta Attack, which

joined the American Indoor Soccer Association as an expansion team based in Atlanta, Georgia in 1989. In 1990 the league changed its name to the National Professional Soccer League (National Professional Soccer League (1984–2001)). In 1991 the team relocated to Kansas City, Missouri, which had just lost its prolific Major Indoor Soccer League (Major Indoor Soccer League (1978–1992)) team, becoming the Kansas City Attack. The Attack played their first season at the Municipal

the title, Butch Reed retired from wrestling. The '''Kansas City Spurs''' were a soccer team who played in the North American Soccer League (North American Soccer League (1968-1984)), based in Kansas City, Missouri. They played their home games at Kansas City Municipal Stadium, former home of the Kansas City Chiefs and Kansas City Royals. The club was previously known as the Chicago Spurs of the National Professional Soccer League (1967) National Professional Soccer


gave way as the team calling Yankee Stadium home to the less foreign-influenced New York Generals of the National Professional Soccer League (National Professional Soccer League (1967)), which soon became the North American Soccer League (North American Soccer League (1968–1984)), or NASL. In 1968, in addition to league competition, the Generals took on Santos, winning 5-3, and Real Madrid (Real Madrid C.F.), losing 4-1. That year, Santos also played and beat S.S.C. Napoli of Italy


(1984 as WRRC) headquarters Ljubljana, Slovenia membership 34 National Member Federations '''World Rock'n'Roll Confederation''' ('''WRRC''') was registered in 1984, although its history traces to 1974. It is an umbrella organization for national professional and amateur Rock and Roll (rock and roll (dance)) dancesport federations. Its statute that it "aims at promoting the physical training of its members by means of sporting activities in the form

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