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Habiganj District

, Manikganj District, Map protection, Maslama, Matiur Rahman (journalist), Mattar Paneer, Military coups in Bangladesh, Mir Mosharraf Hossain, Mosque city of Bagerhat, Munshiganj District, Mylvaganam Nimalrajan, Nagerkovil central school massacre, Naogaon District, Narail District, Naranbhai J. Rathwa, Narayanganj District, Narendranath Mitra, Narsingdi District, National Film Award for Best First Non-Feature Film, National Film Award for Best Investigative Film, National Film Award for Best Short Fiction Film, Natore District, Navaly Church massacre, Nawabganj District, Netrokona District, Nilgiri (Leander) Class, Nilima Ibrahim, Nilphamari District, Other characters (Suikoden), P. C. Sorcar, Pabna District, Panchagarh District, Pasban e Sahaba, Patuakhali District, Pirojpur District, Punjabi Students Association, Puthi, Raja Ka Tal, Rajbari District, Rajshahi District, Rangamati District, Rangpur District, Rathong Glacier, Ratnajeevan Hoole, Richard William Timm, Richard de Zoysa, Rokeya Sakhawat Hussain, Round Table Conferences (India), Sadequain, Saifullah Khan, Sandwip, Satkhira District, Sayed Ali Ahsan, Seventh parliamentary election in Bangladesh, Shah Mohammad, Shahriyar Kabir, Shankaranarayana, Shardul class- Large Landing Ship Tank, Shariatpur District, Sherpur District, Shi'a view of Umar, Shishumar (Type 209) Class, Sholay, Shuvro Dev, Shwet Ashwas, Siddipet, Siladhara, Six point movement, Sourav Ganguly, Southland Balika, Sri Lankan Air Force, Sri Lankan Tamil diaspora, Sri Maha Bodhi, Sukanta Bhattacharya, Sylhet District, Talk:Angela Gomes, Talk:Ayub Bachchu, Talk:Deepak Perwani, Talk:Dino Shafeek, Talk:Ershad, (Singer), Talk:Fazle Lohani, Talk:Ghiyasuddin Azam Shah, Talk:Gopala (ruler), Talk:Gurunath Sengupta, Talk:Gurunath Vidyanidhi, Talk:Habibur Rahman, Talk:Hanif Sanket, Talk:Humayun Faridi, Talk:M A Hannan, Talk:Mahbub ul Haq, Talk:Mahmud Shah (Sultan of Bengal), Talk:Mainul Hosein, Talk:Matiur Rahman (journalist), Talk:Maulana Bhashani, Talk:Mian Mohammad Mansha, Talk:Miangul Jahan Zeb, Talk:Mir Ghaus Bakhsh Bizenjo, Talk:Mir Nawaz Khan Marwat, Talk:Mirza Ahmad Ispahani, Talk:Mirza Pandit Dhar, Talk:Mohiuddin Jahangir, Talk:Subhashini Ali, Talk:Tanvir Mokammel, Talk:Tareque Masud, Tangail District, Tata Indica, Ten Body Yoga, Tenali, Terrorist attacks carried out by LTTE, Thakurgaon District, Thottakkattu Madhaviamma, Thottekkattukara, Thurgood Marshall, Tirunelveli, Toddy tapper, Transport in India, Tropical cyclones in Bangladesh, Tyāgarāja, Udavum Karangal, University of Jaffna, Us Rah Par, Vaartha Bhaarathi, Varanasi, Vinod Gupta School of Management, Vishnupad Temple, Vivek Nagar, Yoga, Zainul Abedin * Expert attention needed (updated by bot) Choudhury was born on 1 March 1929, in Habiganj District, Bangladesh (then part of Assam) where his father Azhar Choudhury, a land owner, and his mother Nazmun Nesa Choudhury, a house wife resided.

Dresden, Ontario

the issue was recorded in the National Film Board's documentary the Dresden Story in 1954. On July 31, 2010, a plaque was installed in Dresden that honoured Hugh Burnett and the National Unity Association. It reads: HUGH BURNETT AND THE NATIONAL UNITY ASSOCIATION Between 1948 and 1956, the National Unity Association (NUA) of Chatham, Dresden and North Buxton, under the leadership of Hugh R

Cochrane, Alberta

authorlink Statistics Canada accessdate 2007-06-10 Arts and culture Cochrane Ranch provided the corral setting for the 1954 National Film Board of Canada documentary ''Corral (Corral (film))'', by Colin Low (Colin Low (filmmaker)), whose father had worked as a foreman at the ranch. This film played theatrically across Canada and was named Best Documentary at the Venice Film Festival. as Highway 734 to north of the Pembina River, north of the Elk River (Elk River 233, Alberta) Indian reserve, where it becomes the fourth segment of Highway 40. '''Cochrane High School''' is a public secondary school located near Cochrane (Cochrane, Alberta), Alberta, Canada. The school's enrollment is approximately 700 to 800 students, in grades 9 through 12. The school falls under the jurisdiction of the Rocky View Schools Division.


attention to their grievance that they were prohibited by Canadian authorities from duty-free passage of personal purchases across the border, a right they claimed was established by the 1794 Jay Treaty "You Are on Indian Land". Curator's comments. National Film Board of Canada. Retrieved 02 December 2009. A film featuring the events of that confrontation, called ''You Are on Indian Land'', was produced by the National Film Board of Canada. 2001 "anti-globalization" direct action The NYC Ya Basta Collective was a group of anti-globalization activists, based primarily in New York City, active from roughly October 2000 through October 2001. Initiated in October 2000 by L. Fantoni and T.F.G. Casper on the heels of the anti-International Monetary Fund World Bank protests in Prague, a collective soon formed and developed its own variation of the ''Tute Bianche'' tactic of the padded bloc. The collective organized several actions and events highlighting the inadequacy of borders, in support of immigrant rights and against racism and racialist hate groups. In April 2001, this collective, along with the Direct Action Network, was active in organizing a US Canada border crossing over the Three Nations Crossing. This event preceded demonstrations surrounding the 3rd Summit of the Americas, a summit (Summit (meeting)) held in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. An estimated 500 anti-globalists, along with a few Akwesasro:non, challenged the legitimacy of the US Canadian border. Although the Collective successfully and peacefully crossed into Cornwall, Ontario, Canada, they never made it to Quebec City. 2009 border crossing dispute On 1 June 2009, Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) border services officers at the Cornwall Port of Entry walked off the job in response to encampments of Akwesasro:non across the road from the customs facility. The latter were protesting Canada's arming of CBSA border services officers. (Akewesasne straddles the boundary of New York and Canada.) Many of the Mohawk men were ironworkers. The women worked at a variety of jobs and created the community for their families. For 50 years, the Mohawk families called their neighborhood "Little Caughnawaga," after the homeland of ''Kahnawake''. Article about Reaghan Tarbell and her documentary, ''To Brooklyn and Back: A Mohawk Journey'', PBS, 2 November 2009, accessed June 2010 * Agency 30 (Agency 30, Ontario) (06240)—Anishinabe of Wauzhushk Onigum (153), Anishnaabeg of Naongashiing (125), Big Grassy First Nation (124), Buffalo Point First Nation (265), Iskatewizaagegan 39 Independent First Nation (154), Naotkamegwanning First Nation (158), Northwest Angle 33 First Nation (151), Northwest Angle 37 First Nation (152), Obashkaandagaang First Nation (235), Ochiichagwe'babigo'ining First Nation (147), Ojibways of Onigaming First Nation (131), Shoal Lake 40 First Nation (155), Wabaseemoong Independent Nations (150) * Akwesasne 59 (Akwesasne) (06210)—Mohawks of Akwesasne (159) * Alderville First Nation (Alderville First Nation, Ontario) (06211)—Alderville First Nation (160) # Saukkomies (User:Saukkomies), interested in many diverse subjects, but specializing in the earth sciences (including climatology, astronomy, geology, oceanography, and paleontology), and the social sciences (including history, anthropology, sociology, human geography, political science, economics, and archaeology). I have state teaching certificates for secondary schools in both of these subjects, and have published articles in peer reviewed journals. Just ask me for help if you have an article in one of these areas with which you need some assistance. # Parkwells (User:Parkwells), particularly interested in US 19th c. history - migrations, but increasingly interested in colonial history and European-Native American relations of Northeast US and Canada: working on articles on Kahnawake, Akwesasne, Kanesatake # User:CBJVS ~ Victorian era, history of occupations, working class life through history. The Mohawk had left the Akwesasne, Kahnawake, and other reservations to rebuild traditional lives. The land dispute (as Altona residents and government objected to the Mohawk claim of sovereignty) has not been fully settled. Gail Landsman, "Ganienkeh: Symbol and Politics in an Indian White Conflict", ''American Anthropologist'', New Series, Vol. 87, No. 4 (Dec., 1985), pp. 826-839, accessed 27 Feb 2010 The action was related to rising Native American activism, and specific land claims being filed by the nations of the Iroquois, which had been forced to cede their historic lands to the state after the American Revolution, as allies of the British (United Kingdom). Some believe that the 1794 Treaty of Canandaigua give them continuing rights to land in the present-day state. At the same time, the founding of Ganienkeh was related to Mohawk local issues, as some families wanted to leave the reservation environment, which they found had problems with substance abuse, among other issues. Gail Guthrie Valaskakis, ''Indian Country: Essays on Contemporary Native Culture'', Wilfrid Laurier University Press, Waterloo, Ontario: 2005, p.57, accessed 27 Feb 2010 The art form is very much alive today. Examples of contemporary, award-winning quillworkers include Juanita Growing Thunder Fogarty, (Sioux-Assiniboine (Assiniboine people)) artist; Durbin, 279 and 304 Dorothy Brave Eagle (Oglala Lakota) of Denver, Colorado; Melmer, David. "Quillwork: Lakota Style." ''Indian Country Today.'' 22 Sept 2004. Kanatiiosh (Akwesasne Mohawk (Akwesasne)) of St. Regis Mohawk Reservation; Native American Quillwork. ''Native Languages of the Americans.'' 2008 (retrieved 19 Feb 2009) Cathy A. Smith of Galisteo, New Mexico; Roberts, Kathaleen. Native Costume. ''Journal Santa Fe.'' 3 Nov 2008 (retrieved 19 Feb 2009) Leonda Fast Buffalo Horse (Blackfeet) of Browning, Montana; Leonda Fast Buffalo Horse: Quillwork. ''Montana Arts Council.'' (retrieved 19 Feb 2009) and Deborah Magee Sherer (Blackfeet) of Cut Bank, Montana. Horse Capture, 118-119 Students, faculty, and staff join together in two yearly special retreats. In the fall, the entire school takes a two-day retreat to the nearby Arnot Forest. In the spring, students choose from among several possible week-long away or local trips. Some trips go hiking, canoeing, bicycling, or fishing. Local trips often take days during the week to visit nearby museums or film videos about the community. One annual away trip visits the Akwesasne Native American reservation to engage in community service, and another works with the Habitat for Humanity program. Language students have the option of fundraising for a week-long trip to a French- or Spanish-speaking country. group3 '''Adjacent communities''' list3 '''Acton Vale (Acton Vale, Quebec):''' CFID 103.7 (CFID-FM) • '''Akwesasne:''' CKON 97.3 (CKON-FM) • '''Châteauguay''': CHAI 101.9 (CHAI-FM) • '''Joliette''': CJLM 103.5 (CJLM-FM) • '''Kahnawake''': CKKI 89.9 (CKKI-FM) • CKRK 103.7 (CKRK-FM) • '''Lachute''': CJLA 104.9 (CJLA-FM) • '''Laval (Laval, Quebec)''': CJLV 1570 (CJLV) • CFGL 105.7 (CFGL-FM) • '''Longueuil''': CHMP 98.5 (CHMP-FM) • CHAA 103.3 (CHAA-FM) • '''Saint-Constant (Saint-Constant, Quebec)''': CJMS 1040 (CJMS) • '''Saint-Hyacinthe (Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec)''': CFEI 106.5 (CFEI-FM) • '''Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu''': CFZZ 104.1 (CFZZ-FM) • '''Saint-Jérôme (Saint-Jérôme, Quebec)''': CIME 103.9 (CIME-FM) • '''Salaberry-de-Valleyfield''': CKOD 103.1 (CKOD-FM) • '''Vaudreuil-Dorion''': CJVD 100.1 (CJVD-FM) group4 Adjacent markets *Akwesasne - Mohawk (Mohawk nation) Quebec (Indian reserve) Cacouna - Maliseet April, 2001, this collective, along with the Direct Action Network , was active in organizing, after invitation, a US Canada border crossing over the Seaway International Bridge, in cooperation with the Akwesasne Mohawk Warrior (Mohawk nation) society, at the St Regis (St. Regis Mohawk Reservation) Mohawk reservation, leading up to the anti-FTAA protests in Quebec City, Quebec. An estimated 500 anti-globalists, along with a few Mohawk Warriors, challenged the legitimacy of the US Canadian border. The collective never made it to Quebec. He was born in Shodack in Rensselaer County, New York in 1796 and came to Cornwall (Cornwall, Ontario) with his parents in 1800. In 1806, he settled on Mohawk (Mohawk nation) land at St. Regis (Akwesasne); he became fluent in the language and became an interpreter in the Indian Department. He served during the War of 1812, becoming lieutenant of the St Regis Company of Indian Warriors in 1814. In 1832, he became superintendent at St Regis. Chesley created some controversy in 1835 when he arranged for a schoolmaster to teach there without consulting the Roman Catholic Church. In 1841, he represented Cornwall in the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Canada. He opposed the developed of the Beauharnois Canal which led to some land at St Regis being submerged. He retired from the Indian Department in 1859, having served several times as acting superintendent-general, and returned to Cornwall. In 1860, he was elected mayor of the city. He later moved to Ottawa; in 1872, he became a member of an Anglican (Church of England) society which promoted education for native people. He died at Ottawa in 1880. * Canada: ** St. Regis (St. Regis Mohawk Reservation), Quebec: Part of the Akwesasne Mohawk Nation on the south shore of the Saint Lawrence River, it is attached by land to the St. Regis Mohawk Reservation in New York State; road access to the rest of Canada is only available through New York State. ** Campobello Island, New Brunswick can be reached by road only by driving through the United States, across the border bridge. Connection with the rest of Canada is by ferry.


cuisine , Mani Bhavan, Manikganj District, Map protection, Maslama, Matiur Rahman (journalist), Mattar Paneer, Military coups in Bangladesh, Mir Mosharraf Hossain, Mosque city of Bagerhat, Munshiganj District, Mylvaganam Nimalrajan, Nagerkovil central school massacre, Naogaon District, Narail District, Naranbhai J. Rathwa, Narayanganj District, Narendranath Mitra, Narsingdi District, National Film Award for Best First Non

-Feature Film , National Film Award for Best Investigative Film, National Film Award for Best Short Fiction Film, Natore District, Navaly Church massacre, Nawabganj District, Netrokona District, Nilgiri (Leander) Class, Nilima Ibrahim, Nilphamari District, Other characters (Suikoden), P. C. Sorcar, Pabna District, Panchagarh District, Pasban e Sahaba, Patuakhali District, Pirojpur District, Punjabi Students Association, Puthi


. The National Film Board of Canada (National Film Board) was the production house. WikiPedia: Rivière-du-Loup

Brooks, Alberta

accessdate 2011-10-24 The community's multicultural character was also the subject of a 2007 National Film Board of Canada documentary, ''24 Days in Brooks'', directed by Dana Inkster. '''Rosemary''' is a village in southern Alberta. It is located 30 km north-west of the city of Brooks (Brooks, Alberta) and 14 km north of the Trans-Canada Highway. It is home to one school and several businesses. '''Tilley''' is a village in southern Alberta, Canada. It is located within the County of Newell (Newell County, Alberta) approximately 22 km southeast of the City of Brooks (Brooks, Alberta) and 78 km northwest of the City of Medicine Hat (Medicine Hat, Alberta). The '''Brooks Bandits''' are an ice hockey team in the Alberta Junior Hockey League. They play in Brooks, Alberta at the Centennial Regional Arena, capacity 1,704.

Farm Security Administration

644 color images from 1600 negatives. Documentary films The Resettlement Administration also funded two documentary films by Pare Lorentz, The Plow That Broke the Plains about the creation of the Dust Bowl and The River (The River (1938 film)) about the importance of the Mississippi River. The films were deemed "culturally significant" by the United States Library of Congress and selected for preservation in the National Film Registry

on wide ranging subjects. All My Babies, one of his first films, received numerous awards and was inducted into the National Film Registry in 2002. Government While nominally remaining on the employment rolls of the Farm Security Administration, Silvermaster arranged in 1942 to be detailed to the Board of Economic Warfare. The transfer, however, triggered objections from military counter-intelligence who suspected he was a hidden Communist and regarded him as a security risk. On July 16, 1942 the U.S. Civil Service Commission recommended ''"Cancel eligibilities ... and bar him for the duration of the National Emergency (World War II)."'' Lee is responsible for some of the iconic images produced by the FSA, including photographic studies of San Augustine, Texas in 1939, and Pie Town, New Mexico in 1940. *Ryan McDonagh - Defenseman, New York Rangers *John Vachon - Photographer for the FSA (Farm Security Administration), ''Life (Life (magazine))'' magazine, and ''Look (Look (American magazine))'' magazine *Seantrel Henderson - 2009 USA Today Offensive Player of the Year (American Football) Biography Esther Bubley was born February 16, 1921 in Phillips, Wisconsin, the fourth of five children of Russian-Jewish immigrants Louis and Ida Bubley. In 1936, while Esther was a senior at Central High School in Superior, Wisconsin, the photo magazine ''Life (Life (magazine))'' first hit the newsstands. Inspired by the magazine, and particularly by the pictures of the Great Depression produced by the Farm Security Administration, she developed a passion for photojournalism and documentary photography. As editor-in-chief of the yearbook, she sought to emulate the style of ''Life.'' After high school, Esther spent two years at Superior State Teachers College (now the University of Wisconsin–Superior) before enrolling in the one-year photography program at the Minneapolis School of Art (now the Minneapolis College of Art and Design). In 1938, he bought his first camera and experimented with both documentary (w:Documentary photography) and fashion photography (w:fashion photography). At age 30, he won a fellowship and traveled to Washington, D.C. (w:Washington, D.C.), where he worked as a photographer for the Farm Security Administration (w:Farm Security Administration) and later for the Office of War Information (w:Office of War Information).

Bountiful, British Columbia

This group was formed in September 2002, when FLDS Church president Warren Jeffs excommunicated Winston Blackmore, who for two decades was Bishop of the Bountiful, British Columbia group of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FLDS Church), The community split nearly in half—about 700 people continue to follow Blackmore, while about 500 follow Jeffs. Utah Attorney General’s Office and Arizona Attorney General's Office. The Primer, Helping Victims of Domestic Violence and Child Abuse in Polygamous Communities:Fundamentalist Mormon Communities. Updated June 2006. Pages 11-22. * Sponsorship scandal: Prime Minister (Prime Minister of Canada) Paul Martin requests that the national networks provide him with five minutes of airtime to speak directly to Canadians about the sponsorship scandal. CBC Newsworld and CTV News Channel (CTV News Channel (Canada)) will carry the live address at 7:45 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time Thursday evening. CTV say they will immediately carry a response from Conservative (Conservative Party of Canada) leader Stephen Harper, while the CBC has not yet said if it will carry the opposition leader (Leader of the Opposition (Canada))'s response. New Democratic Party leader Jack Layton demands equal airtime on both networks. (CTV) (CBC) * In Bountiful, British Columbia, a group of women defend their lifestyle to the media (Mass media) and say they are not being abused. The town is populated by a fundamentalist (fundamentalism) Mormon sect that practises polygamy. (CTV) * In Oslo, Norway, Canadian Inuit leader Sheila Watt-Cloutier wins the 2005 Sophie Prize for drawing attention to the impact of climate change and pollution on the traditional lifestyles of the Arctic's indigenous people and others. The prize will be presented on June 15 at a ceremony in Oslo. (AP) * Cleanup needed (updated by bot) ** 135 - Affect (psychology), Albury, Surrey, Alephonsion Deng, Anecdotal cognitivism, Anger, Ani-Stohini Unami, Auction theory, Back pain, Beavis and Butt-Head, Benjamin Bloom, Benjamin Libet, Berit Kjos, Best Buy, Bias disorder, Blunted affect, Bountiful, British Columbia, Brainwashing, British Association for Counselling, Broken heart, Capture-bonding, Chemical imbalance, Classical conditioning, Closed in, Cognitive approach in psychology, Color legibility, Computational cognition, Controversy about ADHD, Countercontrol, Cryptomnesia, Cult debate, Dark Therapy, Depth perception, Disowned Selves, Distraction, Double bind, Dream sign, Emotional abuse, Envy, Erikson's stages of psychosocial development, Exploitation film, Eyewitness memory reconstruction, Family therapy, Fear, Feeling, Flicker fusion threshold, Francine Patterson, Frustration, Full House episodes (Season 7), Goal Theory, Grace (prayer), Grief, Harry Potter fandom, Hawthorne effect, Health psychology, Hezbollah, Hypnotherapy, Hysteria, ICD, Imagination, Implementation intention, Innate behaviour, Learning, List of NLP-related articles, Little Albert experiment, Manheim Auctions, Mattel, Mental event, Microwave auditory effect, Mind, Missionary Kids, Morita Shoma, Morita therapy, Motivation, Neo-Reichian massage, Neuro-linguistic programming, Neuroscience, Nothing, Only children, Peaceworkers UK, Pec Indman, Peer supervision groups, Perceptual control theory, Peter Pan syndrome, Phallus, Politeness theory, Pope Benedict XVI Islam controversy, Prediction, Pride, Primal therapy, Propaganda, Prophet Yahweh, Psychology of torture, Quantum immortality, Quantum mind, Racial memory, Relational Stage Model, Relationship counseling, Repentance, Robert Plutchik, Rockers, Rupert Sheldrake, Saburo Aizawa, Salvador Minuchin, Scientist-Practitioner Model of Clinical Psychology, Seduction community, Self-awareness, Self (philosophy), Senex, Sense and sensibilia, Sentience, Sexual intercourse, Sheldon Kopp, Skepticism, Social identity, Solution focused brief therapy, Spiritual plane, Stay at home dad, Stereotype, Stupidity, Suffering, Tactition, The Art of Dreaming, The Art of Reasoning, The Monroe Institute, Threat, Touch, Traumatic incident reduction, Unconditional positive regard, Uri Geller, Victor Vroom, Video game controversy, Visual perception, Wally Walker, Wilfred Bion, William Carey Christian School * Expansion needed (updated by bot) Polygamous marriages (Polygamy), promoted by some religious minority groups, are illegal in Canada. Authorities often do not strictly enforce the applicable laws, as has been the case in Bountiful, British Columbia. On January 12, 2006, the Department of Justice (Canada) released a study, authored by three law professors at Queen's University, recommending that Canada repeal the laws that make polygamy a criminal offence. "Study recommends repealing polygamy ban in Canada", National Post, 12 January 2006, URL accessed 14 May 2006 ''See related article, Polygamy and religion (Polygamy#Polygamy and religion). * Cleanup needed (updated by bot) ** 390 - 38th Amendment to the Indian Constitution, 45 Cavalry, A. Lakshmanaswami Mudaliar, Aarudhra, Abdul Hakim Murad (terrorist), Abhijñānaśākuntalam, Achayan, Afghanistan, Aftab Ahmed Vohra, Aghori, Agra, Ahilya Bai Holkar, Aizawl, Ajmer, Albury, Surrey, Alephonsion Deng, Ali Ahmed Fazeel, Ali Yavar Jung, Almora, Amar Chitra Katha, Andheri station, Ani-Stohini Unami, Anwar Kamal Khan, Archaeology of Ayodhya, Architecture of Bengal, Arif Mohammad Khan, Arjun Munda, Aruvela Niyogi, Aryan Invasion Theory (history and controversies), Ashok Kumar, Asii, Autism Awareness Campaign Sri Lanka, Auto rickshaw, Ayurveda-Agni, Azizul Haque, Babri Mosque, Backward Castes, Baghsar, Baidh, Baila, Balakh Sher Mazari, Balchao, Ball badminton, Balochi language, Baloristan, Bambalapitiya, Bangar, India, Bantva, Basil Fernando, Best Buy, Bhai Parmanand, Bhaiyathan, Bharathiar University, Bhashkara Vamsh, Bhavabhushan Mitra, Bhavai, Bhilkati, Bhiwandi, Birnagar, Bonalu, Bountiful, British Columbia, Buddhism, Bugti, Career Launcher, Caritor, Carnatic region, Central Electro Chemical Research Institute, Centre for Earth Science Studies, Cherthala, Chidambaram Subramaniam, Chilaw, Chip-India, Christianity in Bangladesh, College of Fine Arts Trivandrum, Colonel Muhammad Khan, Communications in India, Copyright protection in Pakistan, Corruption in Mumbai, DESI Develop Empower Synergize India, Dabhoi, Dabhol Power Company, Dakkhina Stupa, Dakshina Gangotri, Dalitstan, Davanagere, Deekshabhoomi, Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia, Dev Anand, Deva Raya II, Dhaliwal or Dhalliwal(Clan), Dhanvantari, Direct Action Day, Donoughmore Constitution, Dravida Nadu, Eastern Book Company, Ecoregions in India, Edhi Foundation, Epic Kamboja, Iranian Kambujiya, Ethnic groups of South Asia, Federal Urdu University, Frooti, Full House episodes (Season 7), G. B. Pattanaik, GAIL, GC University, Lahore, Gahlot, Gandhism, Garba (dance), Genetics and Archaeogenetics of South Asia, Ghaggar-Hakra River, Ghanshyam Das Birla, Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi, Ghulam Mustafa Khan, Girna River, Goud, Governors of Tripura, Govt High School Urban Area Sahiwal, Grace (prayer), Gudur, Gurazada Apparao, Gurbaksh Singh Dhillon, Gyulu, HCL Technologies, Hamid Mir, Hari Singh, Harry Potter fandom, Hemanta Kumar Mukhopadhyay, Hezbollah, Hindi literature, Hindu, Hinduism, Hiriyur, History of Bangladesh, History of the Punjab, Hosur Road, Hrishikesh Mukherjee, India's Most Wanted, Indian Engineering Services, Indian English, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Indian Military Academy, Indian People's Congress, Indian Standards Institute, Indian coinage, Indian cuisine, Indian folk dances, Indian nationality law, Indian political scandals, Indian secularism, Indian space program, Indrabhishek, Institute of Management Technology, Nagpur, Institute of Water Modelling, Invasion of India by Scythian Tribes, Iril River, Ismail Mohammed, Ittefaq, Iyer, Jagaddhatri, Jagjit Singh (singer), Jala neti, Jalakandapuram, Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, Jana Krishnamurthi, Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna, Jazmin, Jessore District, Jhanjharpur, Jlt, Jute trade, K. Natwar Singh, KGBV Scheme, KSE 100 Index, K G Suresh, Kaartika, Kadapa, Kadiri, Kalyani, West Bengal, Kamboja Dynasty of Bengal, Karthikai deepam, Karukutty, Karwa Chauth, Kathputhli slum, Kattabomman, Katwa, Kaveri River, Kavin, Ketan Parekh, Khandelwal, Kharb, Khariar, Kirloskarwadi, Kochi Refinery, Kokkhars, Kol (people), Kotilingeshwara, Kshamavaani, Kudal, Kudankulam, Kugur, Lalon, Leva Patil, Liberalism in India, List of Indian artists, List of Indian film directors, Loharu, M. Karunanidhi, M. S. Sathyu, MAVA, Maa Aarki, Madan Lal Khurana, Madikeri, Mahanubhava, Maharashtra, Mahl language, Malayalam cinema, Malayalam journalism, Mandi, India, Mandovi River, Mangalagiri, Mango, Mangran, Manheim Auctions, Marathi language, Mathura, Mattel, Medohar, Mehrangarh Fort, Middle kingdoms of India, Military history of India, Milkha Singh, Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman, Mohammad Kaykobad, Mountain railways of India, MphasiS, Mudiraju, Mumbai statistics, Mundakayam, Muslim chronicles for Indian history, Naihati, Narla Venkateswara Rao, Narmada Dam Project, National College Of Arts, Lahore, National Democratic Front of Bodoland, National Film Award for Best Promotional Film, Nawab Sir Malik Khizar Hayat Tiwana, Neasden Temple, Nemi Chand Jain, News agencies in Pakistan, Nizamabad, Norteiro people, Omar Ayub Khan, P. V. Narasimha Rao, Padma Shri, Palani, Pandit Jasraj, Paritala Ravindra, Partapur, Pashto literature, Pashtunistan, Pattabhirami Reddy Tikkavarapu, Peaceworkers UK, Pechiparai Reservoir, Pir Binyamin Rizvi, Pitcheswara Rao Atluri, Porbandar, Pothohar Plateau, Poverty in India, Prediction, Prevention of Terrorist Activities Act, Preventive detention, Prophet Yahweh, Public Interest Litigation, Pusa Polytechnic, Qazi Touqeer, R. C. Lahoti, R. L. Bhatia, Rabkavi Banhatti, Radcliffe Line, Rajpipla, Rajputana Agency, Ram Janmabhoomi, Regional Research Laboratory, Thiruvananthapuram, Regional differences and dialects in Indian English, Rend, Republic Day Parade, Republic of India non-profit laws, Reservation for OBC, Reverse breathing

South Ribble

and cotton bobbins. He also took after his father, an amateur inventor, and would send items – such as a bottle that squeezed out different coloured wools – to ''Blue Peter''. He studied Communication Arts at Sheffield Polytechnic (now Sheffield Hallam University) and then went to the National Film and Television School, where he started making the first Wallace and Gromit film, ''A Grand Day Out''. Chorley–Carnforth From

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