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-in-azawad.html title The Renewal of Armed Struggle in Azawad date 17 January 2012 publisher Mouvement National de libération de l'Azawad accessdate 2 April 2012 After the first attack took place in the town of Ménaka, further fighting was reported in different parts of the north, including Aguelhok, Tessalit, Léré, and Niafunké. Contradictory reports on military gains and losses from Malian military, were strongly denied by the Malian government. http

-politique-.html title Declaration du Bureau Politique language French date 1 April 2012 publisher Mouvement National de libération de l'Azawad accessdate 2 April 2012 Unilateral declaration of independence The National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad (MNLA) declared Azawad an independent state (Azawadi declaration of independence) on 6 April 2012 and pledged to draft a constitution establishing it as a democracy

: Institut National de la Statistique title Resultats provisoires R.G.P.H. 2009 ref harv postscript . Since the start of the Tuareg rebellion in January 2012, an estimated 250,000 former inhabitants have fled the territory.


'''Sinder''', is the second largest city in Niger, with a population of 170,574 (2001 census); Population figures from, citing (2001) Institut National de la Statistique du Niger. by 2005 its population was estimated to be over 200,000. It is situated north

June 2009. south-east of the capital Niamey at the junction of the main routes to Zinder and Benin. The seventh most populous town in Niger and the largest in Dosso Region, it had an official population during the 2001 census of 43,561. Population figures from, citing (2001) Institut National de la Statistique du Niger. It is the capital of its region—which


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?code_modalite 24451&Code_indicateur 0301007&Submit3 Envoyer Recensement de 2004 (Institut national de la statistique) The city lies . Ancient history thumb left 200px Capsa in Roman times was near the "limes romanus" called Fossatum Africae (File:Fossatum.png) Findings at prehistoric sites in the area suggest a thriving Mesolithic


the secessionist forces of Moise Tshombe. Within months, Lumumba was overthrown by Joseph Mobutu (Mobutu Sese Seko), and in 1962, Kabila was appointed to the provincial assembly for North Katanga and was chief of cabinet for Minister of Information Ferdinand Tumba. He established himself as a supporter of hard-line Lumumbist Prosper Mwamba Ilunga. When the Lumumbists formed the Conseil National de Libération, he was sent to eastern Congo to help organize a revolution, in particular


of the Concurso National de Narraciones Orales en Lenguas Indígenas (National Contest for Oral Narrations in Indigenous Languages). Juana Iriabth Moctezuma Tapia won the contest in 2004. Most of the population is classified as Catholic


Annuaire_ins_2011 population.pdf title Annuaires_Statistiques publisher Institut National de la Statistique du Niger accessdate 2 May 2013 History The city was founded before the fourteenth century and gradually became the most important Tuareg (Tuareg people) city, supplanting Assodé, by growing around trans-Saharan trade. The city still sees the arrival of caravan (Camel train)s, bringing salt from Bilma. In 1449, Agadez

Dakhla, Western Sahara

in the Dakhla region. Larger fish like groupers, seabass (European seabass)es or Sciaenidae croakers


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