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New Center, Detroit

a 1,000 person outdoor concert venue with a center stage capable of hosting national acts. New Center Park thumb left Homes on Pallister, a pedestrian street in this block. (File:PallisterPedestrianNewCenterDetroit.jpg) thumb Apartment buildings on Seward on the north side of New Center. (File:ApartmentsonSewardDetroitMI.jpg) Grand Boulevard, along its entire extent, became an attractive residential address at the beginning of the 20th

Grants Pass, Oregon

are held in Riverside Park on many summer nights, and there are many other parks to visit. The historic Rogue Theatre downtown has been transformed into a performing arts venue and frequently hosts top name national acts. Rogue Theatre The historic downtown area is lined with antique and specialty shops and is a destination for collectors and shoppers. Formerly, local artists decorated bear statues. The statues were later auctioned off to charity

Burlington, Vermont

rid of all these and link to List of People from Burlington. If we keep even Phish, we're going to keep getting this c**p.--- The city has, over the years, supported a number of local bands as various "scenes" waxed and waned, and has even launched a handful of national acts. The most famous of these is Phish, which originated at The University of Vermont circa 1983. Other acts with ties to the city include Strangefolk, The Essex Green, RAQ, James Kochalka


in violation of his Fourth Amendment (Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution) rights. The Court of Appeals sided with the FBI because there was no physical intrusion into the phone booth itself. The Supreme Court granted certiorari. After playing and touring extensively with both Boston-based and national acts such as The Lemonheads, Come (Come (US band)), Galaxie 500, Dinosaur Jr., The Afghan Whigs, The Flaming Lips and The Jesus Lizard, the group released a CD EP (Extended play) titled Revisionist in 1993, and what would be their final CD, Illuminatus in 1995. After several line-up changes, GMS finally disbanded in 1997. Now regarded as a highly underrated, influential band ahead of its time, Green Magnet School is considered one of the seminal indie rock groups that sprouted from the fertile, post-grunge Boston music community of the late 1980s-early 1990s. The three offensive classes are the Scout, the Soldier, and the Pyro. The Scout (voiced by Nathan Vetterlein) is portrayed as a fast-talking baseball fan from Boston, Massachusetts (Boston), commons:Boston


by Chet Baker who told him to go to New York. Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he studied music with local pianist Will Green, worked as the house pianist for national acts at the former Jazz Gallery, and helped to retool the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music's jazz program, Hazeltine has been living in New York for several decades. Although he returned to Milwaukee briefly because of domestic issues, he considered the town constraining and not a good place to make his career. He has played and recorded with Jon Hendricks, Louis Hayes, and One for All (One for All (band)) and done composing and arranging as well as teaching. Although he is a pianist he feels more influenced by saxophonists, particularly Charlie Parker. He made his professional debut at fifteen and received his diploma in piano from the Conservatorio Luigi Cherubini (Music school#Italy) in Florence. He performs classical music, smooth jazz, avant-garde jazz, Brazilian jazz, and pop rock. In 1998, ''Musica Jazz'' magazine voted him Best Jazz Talent of the Year and later he would be awarded for jazz by a New Swing group in Japan. While he is mostly known for his collaborations with Enrico Rava, he has made several albums as a leader, and has been favourably acknowledged by several long established jazz musicians, such as Martial Solal. The album ''Mi ritorni in mente'', includes an interpretation of the standard "Nature Boy" which has been acclaimed by many. In 1920, Razak was a leader in organizing the first Burmese student boycott to the British colonial education system. In 1921, he became headmaster of Mandalay National High School. Razak's natural charisma was effective in persuading the Mandalayans. Mandalay, where he taught, was a center of Burmese Buddhist faith and culture. Yet Razak, of ethnic Indian-Burmese origin, was fully accepted by the community. When Japan invaded Burma in World War II, he was imprisoned. '''Humanity''' is the debut album from Japanese Hardcore punk group The Mad Capsule Markets. They later re-released the album in 1996, and This was the only full album that guitarist Minoru Kojima played on. This version features a few of the songs which were censored (P.O.P#Info on song censorship) songs from ''P.O.P'' Although The original version of San Byoukan no Jisatsu (found on the Insect Noise version) contains an extra line "Tobioriru no sa!" (translates as jump on down, referencing to jumping off a building) This line was xxxxxx-ed on P.O.P and has been totally silenced on the re-release of Humanity and on the Best of 1990-1996 CD.Also, on the insert for the re-release of Humanity the "Jisatsu" (suicide) on the tracklist has been scribbled out. xxxxxx Revolution; xxxxxx Revolution-Information on Mad Capsule Markets Song Censorship, URL last accessed 2006-12-05. The zh:日本 Commons:Category:Japan Wikipedia:Japan Dmoz:Regional Asia Japan

United States

Prolific Drummers in recording music history. '''Meredith Ann Brooks''' (born June 12, 1958) is an American (United States) singer songwriter and guitarist. She is best known for her 1997 hit song "Bitch (Bitch (Meredith Brooks song))", for which she

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