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, assembled in 1993 as a hard rock band under the name ''Mary-Ann''. In 1999, they decided to change their musical style to gothic metal, changing their band name as well. The band disbanded on 13 April 2009, but has reformed as of 4 July 2009, and has begun work on a new album. http: index.cfm?fuseaction blog.view&friendId 451157052&blogId 501630451 region1 Southern Savonia location Kouvola

Ocotlán de Morelos

trans_title Ulises Ruiz inaugurates Nova Universitas campus of Ocotlan de Morelos accessdate April 8, 2010 archiveurl The city has a tuna ensemble (tuna (music)) called the "Tuna Universitaria Santo Domingo de Guzman." This group organizes recitals such as the one in December 2009 for Christmas, inviting other tuna ensembles. The ensemble was founded in 1978 with the objective of preserving the music and traditions associated with the musical style and receives


, walking sticks of different designs, sculptures, flutes, wooden mortars and pestles, gongs, and the famous talking drums. Metal works and various types of productions are locally fashioned. Music The Nnewi people, just like every other Igbo group, have a musical style into which they incorporate various percussion instruments: the udu, which is essentially designed from a clay jug; an ekwe, which is formed from a hollowed log; and the ogene, a hand bell

Trenton, Ontario

, he records as '''Gentleman Reg'''. His musical style has been compared to Elliott Smith, Aimee Mann, The Smiths and Cat Power. He had a cameo role in the 2006 film ''Shortbus''. birth_date birth_place Trenton (Trenton, Ontario), Ontario height Early life and training Born in 1965 in Trenton (Trenton, Ontario), Ontario, the fourth child and only daughter in her family, Manley began skating at an early age. Her

Coffeyville, Kansas

worship leader, singer (singing), and songwriter whose expressed mission is "to create an environment for the manifest presence of God". His musical style is one of jubilant praise and individual excellence on musical instruments. Although Kenoly himself only plays on one of his recordings, he leads comfortably with his voice and is always backed up by musicians and a large choir. DATE OF BIRTH December 6, 1944 PLACE OF BIRTH Coffeyville (Coffeyville, Kansas) Kansas


eleven albums of danzonetes. All later forms have included vocals. Rumba is a music of Cuban origin, but entirely African in style, using only voice, percussion and dance. Ortiz, Fernando 1965 1950 . ''La Afrocania de la musica folklorica cubana de Cuba''. La Habana. It is a secular musical style from the docks and the less prosperous areas of Havana and Matanzas. Rumba musicians use a trio of drums, similar in appearance to conga drums (they are called ''tumba'', ''llamador'' and ''quinto'') or, alternatively, wooden boxes (cajones (Cajón)) may be used. Also used are claves and, sometimes, spoons. There is always a vocal element, African in style, but sung in Spanish: call and response (call and response (music)) vocals. There were three basic rumba forms in the last century: columbia (columbia (dance)), guaguancó and yambú. The Columbia, played in 6 8 time, was danced only by men, often as a solo dance, and was swift, with aggressive and acrobatic moves. The guagancó was danced with one man and one woman. The dance simulates the man's pursuit of the woman. The yambú, now a relic, featured a burlesque of an old man walking with a stick. All forms of rumba are accompanied by song or chants. Orovio, Helio 2004. ''Cuban music from A to Z.'' p191 Daniel, Yvonne 1995. ''Rumba: dance and social change in contemporary Cuba''. Indiana University Press, Bloomington, Indiana. A widely used African bell pattern ''Clave'' is a Spanish word and its musical usage as a pattern played on claves was developed in the western part of Cuba, particularly the cities of Matanzas and Havana. Ortiz, Fernando (1950). ''La Africania De La Musica Folklorica De Cuba''. Ediciones Universales, en español. Hardcover illustrated edition. ISBN 84-89750-18-1. Some writings have claimed that the clave patterns originated in Cuba. One frequently repeated theory is that the triple-pulse African bell patterns morphed into duple-pulse forms as a result of the influence of European musical sensibilities. "The duple meter feel of 4 4 rumba clave may have been the result of the influence of marching bands and other Spanish styles . . ."— Washburne (1995). Washburne, Christopher (1995). "Clave: The African Roots of Salsa" ''Kainda'', Fall.http: articles.html * Matamoros (Matamoros, Tamaulipas), Tamaulipas, Mexico * Matanzas, Matanzas (Matanzas Province), Cuba * Port of Mobile, Alabama, United States birth_date Wikipedia:Matanzas Commons:Category:Matanzas City

Beira, Mozambique

by Humberto Delgado's presidential campaign; Delgado lost due to massive fraud perpetrated by the authoritarian Estado Novo (Estado Novo (Portugal)) regime. In 1959 he started singing in his trademark musical style, colored with political and social connotations, in many popular groups around the country. This granted him a growing popularity among the working class and the rural population. In 1960 his fourth record, ''Balada do Outono'' (Autumn Ballad), was released. From 1961 to 1962 he paid close attention to the student strikes and demonstrations demanding democracy and the end of the authoritarian Estado Novo regime, which were brutally repressed by the police. He continued releasing many of his songs and introduced important new guitar arrangements. He played in Switzerland, Germany, and Sweden, in a fado guitar group with Adriano Correia de Oliveira, José Niza, Jorge Godinho, Durval Moreirinhas and the singer Esmeralda Amoedo. In May 1964, José Afonso played in the Musical Society ''Workers' Brotherhood'' in Grândola, where he found the inspiration to compose the song ''Grândola, Vila Morena'', which would be the signal (broadcast by the national radio channel) for the start of the Carnation Revolution in 1974. Also in 1964 the album ''Baladas e Canções'' was released. From 1964 to 1967, José Afonso was in Lourenço Marques (now Maputo) and Beira (Beira, Mozambique), Mozambique, with Zélia (his second wife); there he reunited with his children. In his last two years in the overseas province he taught in Beira, and composed music for the Bertolt Brecht play ''The Exception and The Rule''. In 1965 his daughter Joana was born. In 1967 he returned to Lisbon, marked by the colonial reality and by the Portuguese Colonial War against the independence-seeking guerrilla movement of Mozambique, Frelimo. However, he left his older son, José Manuel, with the latter's grandparents in Mozambique. José Afonso became a teacher in Setúbal; after that he developed a severe health crisis which left him hospitalized for 20 days. When he left the hospital, he found that he had been expelled from public school teaching because of his leftist politics and because the regime's censors considered his songs strongly subversive. His book ''Cantares de José Afonso'' (José Afonso's songs) was published. The Portuguese Communist Party invited him personally to become a party member but Zeca refused because of his bourgeois origins. In that year he signed a contract with the Orfeu label, which would record 70% of his works. Expelled from the teaching job, he became a private tutor for some students and he started singing much more regularly in the popular groups on the south bank of the Tagus river, ''Margem Sul do Tejo'', a fiercely Communist-supporting region that even before the revolution had strong local movements and associations. For Christmas, Zeca released the album ''Cantares do Andarilho'', with Rui Pato, the first album recorded for Orfeu. His contract was very special: he received 15,000 escudos (Portuguese escudo) per month on condition that he recorded an album per year. It was originally formed as a subsidiary of Central African Airways in June 1964, but became an independent corporation on September 1, 1967. Air Rhodesia flew internal routes to Buffalo Range, Bulawayo, Fort Victoria (Masvingo), Kariba (Kariba, Zimbabwe), and Victoria Falls. During the 1970s the airline had international flights to Johannesburg and Durban in South Africa, Beira (Beira, Mozambique), Vilanculos and Lourenço Marques (Maputo) in Mozambique, and Blantyre (Blantyre, Malawi) in Malawi. In 1997 he was appointed Patriarchal Vicar of Alexandria by Patriarch Petros VII (Patriarch Peter VII of Alexandria) to assist him at the outset of his Patriarchate and after ten months he was elected as Metropolitan of Cameroon. He greatly developed missionary activity there. He built churches, schools and hospitals, helping many Africans and local Greeks. In 2002 he was transferred to the Holy Metropolis of Zimbabwe, where he established four missionary centres in Harare, a Hellenic Cultural Centre for 400 delegates, two large missionary centres in Malawi, with a hospital, technical schools and nursery schools. Aided by the Greek Parliament he renovated the Hellenic Square (School-Church-Vicarage) in Beira (Beira, Mozambique), Mozambique. He founded churches and contributed to the establishment of the Hellenic Communities of Botswana and Angola. BC Beira, Mozambique to Durban (OR) Mumbai to Colombo July 1942 from Beira - September 1943 from Mumbai Some 250 of Union-Castle's staff were invited for the shakedown cruise made from London in March, 1950. She left London on her maiden voyage on 6 April 1950 - sailing the London - Rotterdam - Las Palmas (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria) - Ascension (Ascension Island) - St. Helena - Walvis Bay - Cape Town - Port Elizabeth - East London (East London, South Africa) - Durban - Lourenço Marques (Maputo) - Beira (Beira, Mozambique) route that she alone served. She sometimes called at Southampton homewards during the busy fruit season. * Accra, Ghana * Beira (Beira, Mozambique), Mozambique * Budapest, Hungary birth_date southwest of the coastal city of Beira (Beira, Mozambique), centered near Espungabera, a small farming town in a remote and sparsely populated area near the border with Zimbabwe. (USGS), (AP) *An ancient Egyptian sun temple has been discovered beneath a flea market in the Ein Shams (Ain Shams) suburb of Cairo, which is built on top of the ancient city of Heliopolis (Heliopolis (ancient)). (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) (MSNBC) * Uganda holds first multiparty election (Multi-party system) in 25 years. (Times Online) * A magnitude (Richter scale) 7.5 earthquake occurred at 12:19am local time (Feb.22, 2219 UTC) in southern Mozambique, 140 miles southwest of the coastal city of Beira (Beira, Mozambique), centered near Espungabera, a small farming town in a remote and sparsely populated area near the border with Zimbabwe. (USGS), (AP) Geographic range East Africa. The southern part of its range begins near Beira (Beira, Mozambique), in central Mozambique, extends up north over the Mozambique Plain to Quissanga, and through Malawi and as far north as the floodplains of southern Tanzania at the northern end of Lake Malawi. The type locality (Type locality (biology)) given is "Terra Querimba" (Quissanga mainland opposite Ilha Quirimba, Mozanbique).

Deadwood, South Dakota

Williamson publisher AllMusic date 2005-12-15 accessdate 2011-08-26 although her family moved to Colorado and Wyoming when she was still young. Her musical idol at the time was Judy Collins, and Williamson developed a musical style and sound that was similar to that of Collins. She released her first album, ''The Artistry of Cris Williamson'' in 1964, when she was sixteen. She became a local musical sensation in Sheridan, Wyoming

Huntington Beach, California

;p_action search&p_maxdocs 200&p_topdoc 1&p_text_direct-0 11A65BEF0F062160&p_field_direct-0 document_id&p_perpage 10&p_sort YMD_date:D&s_trackval GooglePM work Idaho Statesman date July 13, 2007 accessdate 31 December 2008 they refer to their musical style as "G-punk".

started as a jug band and adopted the burgeoning southern California folk rock musical style, playing in local clubs while wearing pinstripe suits and cowboy boots. Their first paying performance was at the Golden Bear (Golden Bear (nightclub)) in Huntington Beach, California. in length, it is one of the longest public piers on the West Coast (West Coast of the United States). (The longest is Oceanside Pier at 1,942 feet). It has been damaged or destroyed four times; in 1912, 1939, 1983 and most recently on January 17, 1988 destroying the End Cafe for the second time in the decade. '''Clayton ("Clay") Evans''' (born October 28, 1953 in El Bagic, Colombia) is a former medley (Medley swimming) swimmer from Canada, who was born in South America to Canadian parents. He moved to Huntington Beach, California at age fifteen and was recruited by UCLA on a swimming and water polo scholarship. Before entering UCLA, Evans represented Canada in the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich.


; ref Chinese news sources report that they are Muslim. Muqam is the classical musical style. The '''12 Muqams''' are the national oral epic of the Uyghurs. The muqam system developed among the Uyghur in northwest China and Central Asia over approximately the last 1500 years from the Arabic maqamat modal system that has led

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