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Chambly, Quebec

placed her birth in 1848 or 1850, and Albani's memoir puts her birth in 1852. She began her musical studies with her mother, and at age five her father took over her


birth, Hrant as a child sang in the choir of an Armenian Apostolic Church. His family fled to Konya in 1915 to escape the Armenian Genocide; there Hrant first studied the oud, with a teacher named Garabed. In 1918 the family returned west, first to Adapazarı and then to Istanbul, where Hrant continued his musical studies under some of the leading teachers of the time, including Kemani Agopos Ayvazyan, Dikran Katsakhian, and Udi Krikor Berberian. Somewhere along the way


Nalchik attack Battle of Nalchik 13 October The Yarmuk Jamaat take on Nalchik, Kabardino-Balkaria in Russia. They are defeated by Russian security forces. - - NAL URMN Nalchik Airport Nalchik, Kabardino-Balkaria, Russia - Early life Born in 1938 in the Caucasus city of Nalchik, Temirkanov began his musical studies at the age of nine. When he was thirteen, he attended the Leningrad (Saint Petersburg) School for Talented Children where he continued his studies in violin and viola. Upon graduation from the Leningrad School, he attended the Leningrad Conservatory where he completed his studies in viola. He returned to the Conservatory to study conducting with Ilya Musin (Ilya Musin (conductor)) and graduated in 1965. Beslan lies about wikipedia:Nalchik commons:Нальчик

Dawson Creek

'''C''' '''J''' '''D'''awson '''C'''reek British Columbia * Dawson Creek - CJDC (CJDC (AM)), CJDC-TV * Fort Nelson (Fort Nelson, British Columbia) - CKRX (CKRX-FM) Heppner was born in Murrayville (Langley, British Columbia (district municipality)), British Columbia, and lived in Dawson Creek. He began his musical studies at the University of British Columbia and first attracted national attention when he won the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) Talent Festival in 1979. Eco-municipalities, based on the Natural Step's system conditions, originated in Sweden. Over 70 cities and towns (25 percent of all municipalities) have adopted sustainability principles based on the system conditions. There are now 12 eco-municipalities in the United States and the American Planning Association has adopted sustainability objectives based on the same principles. James, S. (2003). Eco-municipalities: Sweden and the United States: A systems approach to creating communities. Communities such as Whistler (Whistler, British Columbia) and Dawson Creek, Pembina Institute (2007). Sustainable Communities: Dawson Creek, British Columbia British Columbia, Canada and corporations such as Interface (Interface Inc.) and IKEA have adopted the Natural Step and become more sustainable as a result. Both these companies have completely re-thought their business and have examined and changed all their processes including purchase of materials, manufacturing, transportation, construction of facilities, maintenance and waste management. Nattrass, B. and M. Altomare (1999). ''The Natural Step for Business: Wealth, Ecology and the Evolutionary Corporation''. Gabriola Island, BC: New Society Publishers. The Natural Step's framework for sustainability provides principles that are grounded in science, and thus measurable. birth_date October 10, 1933 birth_place Dawson Creek, British Columbia residence Whitehorse (Whitehorse, Yukon), Yukon '''Ione Jean Christensen''',


been singing from a very early age, beginning formal musical studies at the age of six at a local conservatory.

Ithaca, New York

Nobel Laureate in Physics (w:Nobel Prize in Physicst) '''Hans Bethe (w:Hans Bethe)''' died in his home in Ithaca, New York (w:Ithaca, New York) on March 6 (w:March 6), 2005 (w:2005), according to Cornell University (w:Cornell University), where he was professor emeritus of physics (w:physics). Scientists say they can confirm that images from the planet taken in May of 2007 at Gusev Crater (w:Gusev Crater), show that a white substance in the soil that was turned up as the rover moved along its path is Silicon dioxide (w:Silicon dioxide) or silica. Scientists at Cornell University (w:Cornell University) in Ithaca (w:Ithaca, New York), New York who made the discovery, have determined it to be nearly 90 percent pure. They also say the only way for the substance to be present there is if there was an abundance of water present on the planet sometime in its past. The water would have been superheated and coming up through hydrothermal vents (w:Hydrothermal vent) or even hot springs which scientists say would have been similar to ones already present at Yellowstone National Park (w:Yellowstone National Park) in Wyoming.


three large open carriages and go out into the country. After the picnic we would join in singing choral works by Bach, Handel and Mendelssohn." He showed a talent for music at an early age, studying piano and violin from the age of six. By eleven he was composing, and continued his academic and musical studies when his mother moved to Berlin, then to Wiesbaden. Gavoty B. ''Carl Schuricht (Great Concert Artists series).'' Geneva, René Kister, 1956.<


to Europe in 1870, where he received the majority of his education. He graduated from St John's College (St John's College, Oxford) of Oxford University in England in 1879. He undertook various musical studies at Stuttgart with Speidel and with Lebert and Pruckner. He studied composition at Frankfurt with Dr. Hauff, and after staying there for six months moved on to Florence, Italy, where he studied singing with Vanuccini. Study in operatic composition followed, first with Richard

than his father's '''Křenek''', and that it should be pronounced as a German word. He studied there and in Berlin with Franz Schreker before working in a number of German opera houses as conductor (conducting). During World War I, Krenek was drafted into the Austrian army, but he was stationed in Vienna, allowing him to go on with his musical studies. In 1922 he met Alma Mahler, wife of the late Gustav Mahler, and her daughter, Anna

Sylvester Levay began his musical studies at the age of eight. Levay developed a taste for American music while growing up in Yugoslavia, eventually becoming a music arranger and lyricist. Vickers, Tom. "Singles: Surprising Takeoff of 'Fly, Robin, Fly.'" ''Rolling Stone'' 203 (January 1, 1976), p. 18. Upon his arrival in Munich in 1972, he met his writing partner, Michael Kunze (Michael Kunze (writer)), with whom he has created many successful theatrical works. From 1980 to 2000 he lived in Hollywood and concentrated on composing film music. He currently divides his time between homes in Munich, Vienna and Los Angeles. She was educated in Paris and then returned to England where she studied for the stage. In Vienna she acted for Max Reinhardt and on returning to England she was given her first motion picture role in The Lady is Willing followed by a Hollywood contract. thumb Stamp (Image:helw.jpg) '''Helene Weigel''' (12 May 1900, Vienna &ndash; 6 May 1971, East Berlin) was a distinguished German actress. She was the second wife of Bertolt Brecht, and together they had a son Stefan Brecht (3 November 1924-13 April 2009) and daughter Barbara Brecht-Schall (born 28 October 1930). The '''2nd European Athletics Championships''' was a continental athletics (athletics (sport)) competition for European athletes which was held in two places in 1938. The men's event took place in Paris, France between 3–5 September while the women's events were in Vienna, Austria (at the time part of German Reich) on 17 and 18 September. A total of 32 events were contested at the two competitions, comprising 23 events for men and 9 for women. This was the first time that events for women were held and the only occasion on which the competition was held in two separate locations. History of the European Athletics Championships. European Athletics (2006-07-25). Retrieved on 2010-08-21. Staudt was born in Vienna. His best-known work is the 1685 chamber opera ''Patientis Christi Memoria ("Memory of the Suffering of Christ")'', which takes place at Jesus' tomb before the Resurrection. http: bc_org rvp pubaf chronicle v11 n27 opera.html The work had lain unperformed for over three centuries when it was revived by Boston College in 2003 after being discovered in the National Library of Austria. Wikipedia:Vienna Commons:Category:Vienna


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