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Austrian Empire

written by Ferenc Kölcsey, a nationally renowned poet in 1823, and its currently official musical setting was composed by the romantic composer Ferenc Erkel, although other less-known musical versions exist. The poem bore the subtitle ''"A magyar nép zivataros századaiból"'' ("From the stormy centuries of the Hungarian people"); it is often argued that this subtitle – by emphasizing past rather than contemporary national troubles – was added expressly to enable the poem


in Croatia and the Czech Republic, which is best known through Janáček (Leoš Janáček)'s musical setting of it (the ''Glagolitic Mass''). The headquarters of Al Jazeera Balkans are also located in Sarajevo, with a broadcasting studio at the top of the BBI Center (BBI Centar). The news channel covers Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro and the surrounding Balkan states.

New Zealand

by the resignation from parliament of sitting MP Jim Bolger. Bolger was retiring from politics, having recently been replaced as Prime Minister (Prime Minister of New Zealand) by Jenny Shipley. * An earlier musical setting of the poem by Caroline Kohlsaat appears in the Unitarian Universalist hymnal, ''Singing the Living Tradition''. * New Zealand Labour Party Member of Parliament, Union (Trade union) leader, and women's rights campaigner Sonja Davies called her autobiography ''Bread and Roses'', after the poem. This autobiography was the basis of a successful New Zealand mini-series (Miniseries) directed by Gaylene Preston, which concentrates upon Davies's early life as a single mother organiser of protest action to keep her local railway line open. * In 2000 British director Ken Loach titled a movie ''Bread and Roses (Bread and Roses (film))''. The film is about the struggle of two Mexican labourers in Los Angeles, performed by Pilar Padilla and Elpidia Carrillo, for the right to form a union. It depicts an episode in the ongoing Justice for Janitors campaign, which is run by the Service Employees International Union. Nationally-owned banks New Zealand currently has one state-owned (State-owned enterprise) bank, Kiwibank. Film, TV or theatrical adaptations ''The Portrait of a Lady'' was turned into a film (The Portrait of a Lady (film)) in 1996 by New Zealand director Jane Campion, starring Nicole Kidman as Isabel, John Malkovich as Osmond, and Barbara Hershey as Madame Merle. The movie got lukewarm reviews. James might have agreed that the novel does not make for a good visual presentation. As he pointed out in his ''New York Edition'' preface, the best "scene" in the book consists of Isabel sitting motionless in a chair. When actor Lawrence Barrett wanted James to turn the novel into a play, he replied that he didn't think it could be done. In the opening match of the FIFA Club World Cup 2007, Sepahan defeated Waitakere United of New Zealand to reach the quarter-final where they met Urawa Red Diamonds for a spot in the semifinal match against AC Milan. Urawa Reds managed to defeat Sepahan for the second time in just one month, reaching the semifinals of the FIFA Club World Cup. India has also held naval exercise with Vietnam, Two Indian naval ships dock in Sai Gon Port for 5-day visit Philippines and New Zealand. Indian Navy engages US and Russia away from home. Ministry of Defence. 29 March 2007. Retrieved on 2012-01-06. In 2007, India and South Korea decided to conduct annual naval exercise India, S Korea to hold joint naval exercise. 31 May 2007. Retrieved on 2012-01-06. and India participated in the South Korean international fleet review. Wikipedia:New Zealand Commons:Category:New Zealand Dmoz:Regional Oceania New Zealand


that the TIPH would consist of up to 180 persons from Norway, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey, with Norway being responsible for the coordination of the TIPH's activity. '''''Themes from William Blake's The Marriage of Heaven and Hell''''' is the fourth album by Norwegian (Norway) experimental (experimental music) band Ulver. It is a musical setting of William Blake's book ''The Marriage of Heaven and Hell'', featuring guest vocals. The actual CD


their third book about superorganisms. He holds positions at the University of Würzburg and Arizona State University where he is a Foundation Professor in the School of Life Sciences. Chorales have been the subject of many different musical treatments, most but not all from the German (Germany) Baroque (Baroque music). See chorale setting for a description and a list of all the different types of musical setting and transformation that this important liturgical form has

United States

;!-- Number of physical locations -- * February 2 – ''Who Goes with Fergus?'' by W. B. Yeats (first published in 1892 (1892 in poetry)) is the song that haunts James Joyce's autobiographical character Stephen Dedalus in the novel ''Ulysses (Ulysses (novel))'', first published complete in book form this year. Stephen sings it to his mother as she lies dying, and her ghost returns to taunt him with it. The poem was Joyce's favorite lyric, and he composed his own musical

setting. * October – T. S. Eliot establishes ''The Criterion (The Criterion (magazine))'' magazine, containing the first publication of his poem ''The Waste Land''. This first appears in the United States later this month in ''The Dial'' (dated November) and is first published complete

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