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East Kalimantan

music of the Middle East is generally homophonic, although polyphony is also an important texture, while Chinese music is generally thought to be homophonic, since instruments typically provide accompaniment in parallel fourths and fifths and often double the voice in vocal music, heterophony also being common in China. Picken, Laurence. "Instrumental Polyphonic Folk Music in Asia Minor," ''Proceedings of the Royal Musical Association'', 80th

Shaunavon, Saskatchewan

it was first started, the Saskatchewan Music Festival Association was then known as the Southwestern Branch of the Saskatchewan Musical Association. There was years where the festival did not take place due to World War II. The festival is organized by the Saskatchewan Arts Council and Saskatchewan Music Festival Association. The festival also provides scholarships for music education students. There were nearly $3500 in scholarships handed out at the 2014


characters. This two-part satirical opera was premiered at the National Theatre (National Theatre (Prague)) in Prague on April 23, 1920, the only Janáček opera not premiered


1991; Portnoy, Marshall A., "The Answer to Elgar's 'Enigma'", ''The Musical Quarterly'', Vol. 71, No. 2 (1985), pp. 205–10 Accessed 24 October 2010 Later commentators have observed


was in 1851 presented for the Buffalo Musical Association. From 1851–53 she toured as managed by Colonel J.H. Wood. Returning to the United States, she toured and conducted a Philadelphia music studio. In the 1860s she created an opera troupe which she directed. She died in Philadelphia on March 31, 1876. East India Squadron, 1850–1855 After completing her trials, which she began in January 1851, the side-wheel frigate sailed on 8 June for the Far East


to teach music in Boston, Massachusetts as an associate of Lowell Mason, and later Bangor, Maine, where he was director of the Penobscot Musical Association and presided over their convention at Norumbega Hall in 1856. George Thornton Edwards, ''Music and Musicians of Maine'', p. 95 Root would spend most of his career (when not writing, or helping to manage his publishing company) traveling and teaching at Musical Institutes that move from town to town. He


superleggera construction methods. Image:Lodi-Ass-Musicale-Gaffurio-Targa.JPG thumb right 220px The entrance of ''Musical Association Franchino Gaffurio'' in Lodi, Lombardy

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