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Santiago de Cuba

the notion that some music had been completely neglected in Cuba is "a romantic exaggeration that was propagated by U.S. media coverage", and the reality is that son trios have existed "everywhere in cities such as Santiago de Cuba in the east of the island." British world music record label Tumi Music, who had worked with de Marcos and many of the ensemble musicians prior to Cooder, asserted that Cuba has over 50,000 musicians, all


stadium of Persib (Persib Bandung) and Bandung F.C.. In 1997 Colin founded the Kartini Music record label whose first release was another Sabah Habas Mustapha record, ''Jalan Kopo'', recorded in Bandung and this time influenced by the sounds of the west Javanese province of Sunda. The title cut from that record is played as pre-show music for the nighttime fireworks water spectacular IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth at Epcot, located

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

-time evangelistic work in 1955. It was then that Swaggart began developing a revival-meeting following throughout the American South. Swaggart began attending Bible college in 1957. In 1960, he began recording gospel music record albums while building up another audience via Christian radio stations. In 1961, after graduating from Bible college, Swaggart was ordained by the Assemblies of God; one year later, Swaggart began his radio ministry. By 1969, Swaggart's radio program, “The Camp Meeting

Portland, Maine

&pg PA773 accessdate 13 August 2011 date 2000-11-01 publisher Hal Leonard Corporation isbn 9780879306076 pages 773– is an American (United States) music producer (Record producer)

The Bronx

in the early 1970s. Larkin, Colin (1998) ''The Virgin Encyclopedia of Reggae'', Virgin Books, ISBN 0-7535-0242-9, p.21 Here he founded the ''Wackie's House Of Music'' record store and behind this shop-front was the first significant reggae studio and label in the United States. The Bullwackie's and Wackies labels followed, along with other imprints such as Senrab, Hamma, and Senta, and during the late 1970s and early 1980s he produced artists such as Horace Andy, Sugar Minott, Junior Byles, Roland Alphonso, Tyrone Evans, and Lee "Scratch" Perry. Later productions included work by Jackie Mittoo. Barnes also operated a sound system (Sound system (Jamaican)) which he used as an outlet for the Wackies recordings. birth_place Havana, Cuba origin The Bronx, New York, United States genre Hip hop, Reggaeton birth_date United States law enforcement officials announced the arrest Thursday of four men in connection with a plot to blow up two synagogues in The Bronx (w:The Bronx), a borough of New York City (New York, New York), and shoot down military airplanes flying out of the Stewart Air National Guard Base (w:Stewart Air National Guard Base). thumb left Satellite photo of Stewart Air National Guard Base (File:Stewartafb-ny-20apr1994.jpg)


a trance music producer (record producer) since 1994 and is also a member of Lost Tribe. He is perhaps best known for his work in the ''Euphoria (Euphoria (compilations))'' trance series and for 'Gamemaster' (as Lost Tribe) and his remixes of Agnelli & Nelson's "El Niño". In 2005, his first major U.S. albums, an EP, ''Point Zero'' (featuring the Li Kwan song of the same name), and a double album, ''Upfront Trance'', were released.


went to college at Peter Symonds College. He went to church at Highfield church, Highfield, Southampton. DATE OF BIRTH 1978-7-31 PLACE OF BIRTH Southampton, England DATE OF DEATH '''Gareth Emery''' (born 18 July 1980 in Southampton, England) is an English Welsh Electronic dance music producer (Record producer) and DJ (Disc jockey). Since 2009 he has been the highest ranked British DJ in DJ Magazine's annual Top 100 poll, peaking at #7 in 2010. ref name


as a ''lingua franca'' in that region ever since the era of the Songhay Empire. In Mali, the government has officially adopted the dialect of Gao (east of Timbuktu) as the dialect to be used as a medium of primary education. Heath 2005 In 1996, American guitarist Ry Cooder had been invited to Havana by British world music producer (Record producer) Nick Gold of World Circuit Records (World Circuit (record label)) to record a session where two


their appearance for the Pan Asian music Festival which included the recordings by Small island (小島), Tat Ming Pair and Beyond. Beyond was well liked and they joined another festival that same year. They would then sign with Kinn's Music record company. Image:Presidential Building, Taiwan (0747).JPG thumb right The Presidential

Phoenix, Arizona

in 1985. Singer songwriter Phil Rind's interest was in socially conscious and political speed metal. After several record (record (music))s on Metal Blade Records, they signed to Hollywood Records for a short stint, but later returned to Metal Blade to continue their musical career. The band split in 2000. Franklin, Philadelphia's Michael Nutter and Phil Gordon (Phil Gordon (politician)) of Phoenix (Phoenix, Arizona) lobbied Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson in a joint letter asking for a share of the proposed $700 billion bailout. 27 10 1992 align left "This is America; this isn’t supposed to happen here. This is the legacy we have been left with — unfortunately it is oftentimes not true," said Anti-Defamation League representative Bill Strauss. According to the Arizona Department of Public Safety (w:Arizona Department of Public Safety), 254 incidents were reported in 2003 involving hate crimes, though Strauss said that the actual number of incidents could be higher due to underreporting.

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