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the Praça at night, when it is (usually) attractively lit. A 5 minute walk south from the Praça de Agostinho Neto is the '''Jardim da Cultura'''. This is Huambo's central park, gorgeously redone in 2008 9. With some luck, you'll find the water fountains spraying, the music playing, and at night, the lights dancing. On the weekend you'll find the park full of locals enjoying the evening. You'll probably also encounter newlyweds taking their wedding photos here. Congratulate them by saying ''parabens!'' (pronounced: pah-rah-baynsh). If you're ready for a drink or a bite to eat, the immediate environs of the Jardim da Cultura provide several options. Otherwise, head eastward. First, you'll encounter several metals statues from the Portuguese era. Daytrips from the city Do Buy Eat Drink Sleep Connect Go next Wikipedia:Huambo


of these places have Live music playing *'''Haft khan''', buffet and classic restaurant, Iranian and international cuisine *'''Bel passi''', Italian Rstaurant *'''Brentin''', *'''Lotus Restaurant''', on the 13th floor of Pars International Hotel *'''Lotus Restaurant''', on the top floor of Setareh-e-Fars Shopping Centre *'''Kaktoos Restaurant''' *'''Shater Abbas''' *'''Sharzeh Restaurant''', a classic old restaurant located just outside the Vakil bazaar *'''Soofi Restaurant

''', Chencheneh Intersection Food Gardens There are a lot of gardens out of Shiraz, most have been remodeled as restaurants. Most have live music playing in the evenings and offer great view. *'''Nakhlestan Garden''' *'''Padra Garden''', relatively new *'''Darband Garden''' *'''Silvia Garden''' Drink For more information on typical drinks in Iran, see Iran#Drink *'''Distill''''s - Shiraz has many kind of aromatic distill's. Sleep Budget There are a few budget hotels located about 200m south of the roundabout at Arg-é Karim Khan. Darya Hotel is clean and 50,000 rials per night (5,000 toman) * WikiPedia:Shiraz, Iran Commons:Category:Shiraz Dmoz:Regional Middle East Iran Localities Shiraz fa:شیراز


food and very affordable. The restaurant is on two floors (there is a pleasant internet cafe on the 3rd floor), upstairs is more lively with Ethiopian pop on the plasma screen. About 25SP each for a big meal and coffee. A good choice if you are looking for somewhere with music playing and a bit of atmosphere. 15°33'41.47"N, 32°33'45.27"E *'''Salt n Peeper'''. Buri area, north end of Obeid Khatim Street - Next to Buri family park. +249 918678748. Only Pakistani restaurant in Sudan. Speciality in Pakistani spicy tasty dishes. Bahri *'''Asian Biryani Restaurant'''. Khartoum North - As the name suggests this place specialises in Biryanis - and very tasty they are too. More of a cafe than a restaurant this is a good choice for lunch rather than a slap-up dinner. Lamb Biryani and a some salad for 8SP. The restaurant, and the supermarket next door, sells excellent mango juice for 1SP a bottle (Maaza). Easy to get to, head over the Burri Bridge, take the first right, and its on your left. GPS 15°37'25.35"N, 32°33'25.69"E Downtown *'''Papa Costa'''. Located in the center of Khartoum, and reasonably priced. Service charges are minimal, food is reasonably good, but service level is so-so. You can choose food from steak to pasta. They charge 3% service charge and 10% government tax. Omdurman *'''Kandahar, souq Libya''' Eating at Kandahar in souq Libya is probably the most unique and authentic culinary experience in khartoum. The format there is rather different firstly you choose the meat that you want cooked usually a choice between camel meat and lamb, you then hand over the meat you have chosen to be cooked and prepared as part of a meal. Kandahar is one of the few places in khartoum where you can find camel meat. It is located in Souq Libya in the peripheries of Omdurman. Drink thumb 300px Sunset in Khartoum. (File:Khartoum and the Nile.jpg) It's best to prepare yourself to be alcohol-free for your stay: there are places serving 'special tea' dotted around and non-alcoholic beers are available, but in general it's more hassle than it's worth to track down alcohol during a short visit. For long-termers, however, the market does exist - via diplomatic bags and other routes... apparently. Sleep Note that a 5% tourism tax and 15% VAT may well be added to your bill - Khartoum's hotels are inconsistent in telling you about these taxes in advance, and (especially for cheaper hotels) inconsistent in paying this money to the tax authorities. Remember to ask if there are any hidden extras before booking. Budget *'''Blue Nile Sailing Club'''. An alternative to Khartoum's hotels, on the river's southern bank just east of the confluence, the club often accommodates overlanders and accommodates tent camping on its grounds. The club is fenced, monitored, inexpensive and offers expansive river views. It is also home to a river gunboat that once belonged to Horatio Kitchener and now houses the club's offices. *'''Hotel Africa'''. A cheap and not-so-cheerful hotel for those on a budget. No hot water, dubious cleanliness but only $40 per night. Africa Road - the Korean Restaurant is attached. (GPS Google Earth co-ordinates 15°34'32.92"N, 32°33'1.01"E) *'''Khartoum Youth Hostel'''. House no 66 Street 47, Khartoum 2, +249 183480385 or 0912500322 (mobile) Opened in 2007 and part of Hostelling International this is the best option for non-camping travellers on a budget. Beds from 35SDG (March 2012). Mid range * WikiPedia:Khartoum Commons:Category:Khartoum Dmoz:Regional Africa Sudan Localities Khartoum


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informal ones tend to occupy streets or roads that are normal thoroughfares by day. Although some of these markets are specialized (e.g., in certain types of food), most have a mixture of individual stalls hawking clothing, consumer goods, ''xiaochi'' (snacks or fast food), and specialty drinks. The atmosphere is usually crowded and noisy with hawker (Hawker (trade))s shouting and fast-paced music playing over loudspeakers. Some individual vendors may take advantage of the informality

shouting and fast-paced music playing over loudspeakers. thumb 240px Shilin Night Market (Image:Shilin night market alley 2.jpg), Shilin, Taipei, Taiwan In addition to food, night markets feature various forms of entertainment and a lot of shopping. Numerous products for sale include clothes, bags, shoes, trinkets, kitchen items, etc. Carnival-style games (carnival game) are typically available to play for the price of a few coins. The night market in Tamsui is especially well


the Ploce gate, and you'll hit a tiny square with outdoor seating by 4 or 5 different pubs, with live music playing, and large cocktail pitchers with very low alcohol content. *

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. The first EQUINOX Experience was held on 02-03 October 2010 and the next on 01-02 October 2011. Indoor events, known as "Solstice", all form part of the EQUINOX name. Events typically starts on a Saturday afternoon with music playing through the night untill the Sunday afternoon. Party goers are offered enough open space to erect a camp site for the weekend and to take a rest at times or hang out with friends. Stalls are set up in a designated area by privateers where other party-goers can buy refreshments, clothing or curio's. A bar area is also provided, although anyone is welcome to bring and enjoy their own refreshments. No glass is allowed though, since many people walk around bare foot and broken glass on the ground is not an option. Various DJ's present sets of between one and two hours from a stage in front of the crowd, and the natural ground cover provides the floor to these events - hence the close bond with nature. Venues are specifically selected to be beautifully natural with rivers or streams and mountains surrounding the dance floor. The organizers of these type of events always aim to select venues where there are no neighbours in the surrounding areas, since the quality and the volume of the sound needs to be of excellent quality. *20px (Image:Symbol declined.svg) '''Declined'''. This request is not a category. Please see the instructions at WP:AFC on how to submit an article. Logan (User:Logan) Talk (User_talk:Logan) Contributions (Special:Contributions Logan) 19:43, 10 July 2011 (UTC)


Bhittai Road, F7 1 lat long directions Opposite to Telenor Head Office phone tollfree fax hours price content Only for dinner. Set in a pleasant garden behind a large guest house. Pakistani food, traditional music playing, aimed firmly at expats. Service is slow but the food good. Drinks available at a price (Rs2,500 for a bottle of wine). There is a better restaurant with the same name in Rawalpindi *


with soft music playing all along. * *

Tulsa, Oklahoma

career, as a solo artist he has crossed genres to include rock and roll, blues, and gospel (gospel music) music, playing with artists as varied as Gary Lewis, George Harrison, Delaney Bramlett, Ringo Starr, Doris Day, Elton John, Ray Charles, Eric Clapton, The Byrds, The Beach Boys, Willie Nelson, Badfinger, Tijuana Brass, Frank Sinatra, The Band, Bob Dylan, Glen Campbell, and The Rolling Stones. ref name "

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