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Port Said

by a garden and a cafeteria to serve the visitors. The library is divided into halls for children, adults, training center, a distinct hall for seminars and a hall for audio-visual materials. The library at the time of its inauguration reached about 14,000 books and was supplied by encyclopedias and modern references. http: arabic history-intro.htm Theaters *Port Said Opera House, is underconstruction where Classical Music, Arabic Music, Opera

Kingdom of Hungary

rite . * Ernest Reyer (1823–1909) composed a ballet ''Sacountala'' on an argument by Théophile Gautier in 1838. *Károly Goldmark (Karl Goldmark), the Hungarian (Kingdom of Hungary) composer (1830–1915) wrote the ''Sakuntala Overture Op.13'' in (1865 (1865 in music)) *Italian Franco Alfano composed an opera named ''La leggenda di Sakùntala'' (''The legend of Shakuntala'') in its first version (1921 (1921 in music#Opera)) and simply ''Sakùntala'' in its second version (1952 (1952 in music#Opera)). '''Saint Gerard Sagredo''' ( the Kingdom of Serbia and its dynasty became the backbone of the new multinational state, the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes (later renamed Yugoslavia). Czechoslovakia, combining the Kingdom of Bohemia with parts of the Kingdom of Hungary, became a new nation. Russia became the Soviet Union and lost Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia, which became independent countries. The Ottoman Empire was soon replaced by Turkey and several other countries in the Middle East. thumb right Map of territorial changes in Europe after World War I (File:Map Europe 1923-en.svg) From then onwards, it was a centre of mining and metallurgy until the end of the 20th century, particularly focussed on the iron and copper industries. At the start of the 20th century, the Krompachy Ironworks (Krompašská železiareň) had around 3,500 employees and was the biggest ironworks of its time in the Kingdom of Hungary. The Ironworks closed after World War I. '''János Bottyán''' (1643, Esztergom, Hungary – September 27, 1709), also known as '''Blind Bottyán''', '''Vak Bottyán János''' was a Hungarian (Kingdom of Hungary) kuruc general. Such super-sized bombards had been employed in Western Europe siege warfare since the beginning of the 15th century, Schmidtchen (1977a), pp. 153–157 and were introduced to the Ottoman army in 1453 by the gunfounder Orban (from Brasov, Kingdom of Hungary) on the occasion of the Siege of Constantinople (Fall of Constantinople). Schmidtchen (1977b), p. 226 Ali's piece is assumed to have followed closely the outline of these guns. Bruck was born in Temesvár, Kingdom of Hungary, Austro-Hungarian Empire, since 1920 Timişoara, since 1920 in Romania.


closed, and the cinema mainly moved to Kolosej, a multiplex (multiplex (movie theater)) in the BTC City. It features twelve screens, including an IMAX 3D screen. The remaining theaters are Kino Komuna, Kinodvor, where art movies are accompanied by events, and the Slovenian Cinematheque. ;Classical music, opera and ballet The Slovenian Philharmonics is the central music institution in Ljubljana and Slovenia. It holds classical music concerts of domestic and foreign


Music, Opera and Ballet are performed. Museums *Alexandria Aquarium thumb 260px Alexandria National Museum The Alexandria National Museum (File:GD-EG-Alex-MuséeNat040.JPG) thumb 260px Graeco-Roman Museum (File:Flickr - archer10 (Dennis) - Egypt-14A-048.jpg) *The Graeco-Roman Museum (Graeco-Roman Museum) *Royal Jewelry Museum *The Museum of Fine Arts *The Cavafy (Constantine P. Cavafy) Museum *The Alexandria National Museum was inaugurated 31 December 2003. It is located

Austin, Texas

in 1951 and resides there with his wife. He is 6'2", and he is a Sagittarius. He often dances and does t'ai chi (T'ai chi ch'uan). He prefers to read poetry, science fiction, and suspense thrillers. Bill also likes to listen to classical music, opera, guitar, soft folk (folk music), and soft rock blues. Willeford grew up in Breckenridge, Texas and attended The Hockaday School in Dallas. She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin


of the Middle Ages Part Two'', p. 450. Kessinger Publishing, LLC. ISBN 0-7661-8894-9 Wikipedia:Vienna Commons:Category:Vienna


In the Bukla Magazine, issued free of charge, both fiction and non-fiction Slovene books published in the previous month are reviewed since 2005. Music Classical music, opera, and film music The Slovenian Philharmonics, established in 1701 as part of Academia operosorum Labacensis, is among the oldest such institutions in Europe. Music of Slovenia historically includes numerous musicians and composers, such as the Renaissance


-0-89158-530-5 quote John Kukuzel, the eminent Bulgarian born reformer of Byzantine music. Classical music, opera and ballet are represented by composers Emanuil Manolov, Pancho Vladigerov and Georgi Atanasov (Georgi Atanasov (composer)) and singers Ghena Dimitrova, Boris Hristov (Boris Christoff) and Nikolay Gyaurov (Nicolai Ghiaurov).


production-page.php?&itemid 1087 accessdate 23 October 2010 . The production received positive reviews in the British press WikiPedia:Tokyo Dmoz:Regional Asia Japan Prefectures Tokyo Commons:Category:Tokyo


, Pennsylvania, is home to a vibrant and well-documented musical heritage, stretching back to colonial times. Innovations in classical music (European classical music), opera, R&B (Rhythm and blues), jazz and soul (soul music) have earned the '''music of Philadelphia''' national and international renown. Philadelphia's musical institutions have long played an important role in the music of Pennsylvania, as well as a nationwide impact, especially in the early development of hip hop music.

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