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,' +972 Magazine 13 November 2014. *Writing for ''The Jewish Press'', Meir Halevi Siegel said the authenticity of the videos had been debunked and that the incident was "a fake movie production contrived by Palestinians (Pallywood)". Meir Halevi Siegel, "PA, Left, Int'l Media Continue to cite Pallywood Video", ''The Jewish Press'', 29 May 2014. *Nuwara's father said he could forgive the sniper, perhaps a young man like his son, blaming the officer who would have given him the order to shoot. Speculating that perhaps the Israeli boy was sleepless afterwards, he said: "I want to believe that he wanted to pay his respects and offer his condolences and ask forgiveness for what he'd done." * Sarah Leah Whitson, Human Rights Watch's Middle East and North Africa director, stated on 9 June, “The willful killing of civilians by Israeli security forces as part of the occupation is a war crime. Israel has a responsibility to prosecute the forces who targeted these teens, and also those responsible for assigning the use of live ammunition to police a demonstration.” Category:Israeli–Palestinian conflict Category:Ramallah and al-Bireh Governorate Category:Deaths by firearm in the West Bank

San Rafael, California

''THX 1138'', the city became a center for the entertainment industry, particularly the high-tech elements of the business. Lucasfilm was founded by George Lucas in 1971, and is best known for the global hit movie series ''Star Wars'' and also for ''Indiana Jones''. Some of the company's operations were moved to San Francisco (San Francisco, California) in 2005. Portions of the Universal movie production ''American Graffiti'' were filmed in downtown San Rafael under George


their motion pictures distributed in America. Kevin Brownlow. ''Behind the Mask of Innocence.'' London: Cape, 1990. p. 136-39, 226, 266, 304, 340, 379, 487-89. These French studios, led by Pathé as well as Gaumont Pictures (Gaumont Film Company) and Georges Méliès, were the dominant force worldwide until 1914 when movie production in France virtually ended with the onset of World War I. '''Mary

. Michael wanted to be on TV, that's all. Who wouldn't.... He was trying to be a movie star or an actor, he was having fun. Manetti commented to reporters about Michael's acting ability stating, "He was OK as an actor, he wasn't so stiff."'' It is unknown if Michael approached any movie production studios for acting jobs, but his performances on television were said to be given "two-thumbs down" by critics. Robert Conrad had the integrity to attend funerals of the Spilotros family, and made to effort to hide his appearances from the press there. But there was no attempt on the part of either Robert Conrad or Larry Manetti to attend the funerals of Anthony or Michael. Manetti had the sense to stay out of the public spotlight. He didn't appear publicly with either brother even when they were alive. Conrad attempted to keep his association sub rosa also and when he struck the jackpot at Anthony Spilotro's Monte Carlo restaurant he quickly left before attention could be drawn. By 1944 she had met and became involved with artist and designer Eveline (Evelyn) Phimister. The two moved in together, and remained together for the next ten years. They first moved to Carmel, California, where Bernhard worked with Group f 64. Soon, finding Carmel a difficult place in which to earn a living, they moved to Hollywood where she fashioned a career as a commercial photographer. In 1953, they moved to San Francisco. Early life and attempts at acting He was born in San Francisco, California, the son of William and Alice (née O'Brien) Bailey. When he was a teenager he went to Hollywood to become a movie star. He found it was harder than he had thought, however, and took a variety of short-term jobs. He worked for a time as a day laborer at a movie studio in the days of silent pictures, but was fired for sneaking into a mob scene while it was being filmed. He also worked for a while as a stockbroker and a banker. In 2005, Salles released his first English-language (English language) feature film, which is also his first Hollywood film, ''Dark Water (Dark Water (2005 film))'', an adaptation of the 2002 Japanese film of the same name (Dark Water (2002 movie)). He also helped to produce the Argentine picture ''Hermanas'' which was a major success. Upon his return to Hollywood, Howard was given the lead in lesser projects, but limited to supporting roles in feature pictures. Even his solid performance as Laraine Day's husband in ''The High and the Mighty (The High and the Mighty (film))'' (1954) did not generate any opportunities to break the pattern. Roquemore began his career in entertainment by staging local talent shows, for clubs in his hometown of Marshall, Texas. His first role in Hollywood was ''the Beast'' in the 1927 silent film ''Is Your Daughter Safe?'' and his last was in 1943's Girl Crazy. After the making of first sound film in 1927, he specialized in his ''fat man'' roles and was widely sought out by directors, such as Frank Capra and Orson Welles for bit parts; exemplified by ''the Match King'' one of Mae West's suitors in 1935's ''Goin' to Town''. His more famous roles include; ''Jouett Goforth'' in 1931's ''Cimarron (Cimarron (1931 movie))'' and in 1941's ''Woman of the Year'' as the Justice of the Peace who married Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy. He was married to fellow character actress Fern Emmett, and they may have met while making ''Texas Terror (Texas Terror (film))'' in 1935. Offered a contract to direct Hollywood films, Boleslavsky made several significant films with some of the major stars of the day, until his death a few weeks short of his 48th birthday, on January 17, 1937. He is interred in the Calvary Cemetery, East Los Angeles. Early life and career Wynn was born in New York City as '''Francis Xavier Aloysius James Jeremiah Keenan Wynn''', the son of vaudeville comedian Ed Wynn and wife, the former Hilda Keenan. He took his stage name from his maternal grandfather, Frank Keenan, one of the first Broadway (Broadway theatre) actors to star in Hollywood. His father was Jewish and his mother was of Irish Catholic background. Themes The two most widely covered themes in concept art are science fiction and fantasy (fantasy art). Concept art has always had to cover many subjects, being the primary medium in film poster design since the early days of Hollywood, however, since the recent rise of concept art used in video game production concept art has expanded to cover genres from football (soccer) to the Mafia and beyond.

Kansas City, Missouri

16 (TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network)), Lawrence, Kansas-based KMCI-TV 38 (independent (Independent station (North America))), Spanish-language station KUKC-LP 48 (Univision), and KPXE-TV 50 (Ion Television). Film community Kansas City has also been a locale for Hollywood film and television (television programming) productions. In addition, between 1931 and 1982, Kansas City was home to the Calvin Company, a large movie

production company that specialized in the making of promotional and sales training short films and commercials for large corporations, as well as educational movies for schools and training films for the government. Calvin was also an important venue for the Kansas City arts, serving as training ground for many local filmmakers who went on to successful Hollywood careers, and also employing many local actors, most of whom earned their main income in other fields, such as radio and television announcing. Kansas City native Robert Altman got his start directing movies at the Calvin Company, and this experience led him to making his first feature film, ''The Delinquents (The Delinquents (1957 film))'', in Kansas City using many local thespians. The 1983 television movie ''The Day After'' was filmed in Kansas City and Lawrence, Kansas. The 1990s film ''Truman (Truman (film))'', starring Gary Sinise, was also filmed in various parts of the city. Other films shot in or around Kansas City include ''Article 99'', ''Mr. & Mrs. Bridge (Mr. and Mrs. Bridge)'', ''Kansas City (Kansas City (film))'', ''Paper Moon (Paper Moon (film))'', ''In Cold Blood (In Cold Blood (film))'', ''Ninth Street'', and ''Sometimes They Come Back'' (in and around nearby Liberty, Missouri). More recently, a scene in the controversial film ''Brüno'' was filmed in downtown Kansas City's historic Hotel Phillips. Kansas City is also home to a vibrant and active independent film community. The Independent Filmmaker's Coalition of Kansas City is an organization dedicated to expanding and improving independent filmmaking in Kansas City. Infrastructure *St. Paul (w:Saint Paul, Minnesota), Minnesota (w:Minnesota) *Kansas City Assembly (w:Kansas City Assembly) of Kansas City (w:Kansas City, Missouri), Missouri (w:Missouri) *Norfolk Assembly of Norfolk (w:Norfolk, Virginia), Virginia (w:Virginia) Still, Harlan was in attendance at Yankee Stadium (w:Yankee Stadium) during the team's Opening Day series this year. He also drove down to Kansas City (w:Kansas City, Missouri), only three hours away from Lincoln, when the Yankees visited the Kansas City Royals (w:Kansas City Royals). He made the same trips last year when Joba made his much-anticipated Major League debut.


on the music of Italy and of Greece and co-founded a musical journal. Biography Born in Florence, she was daughter of a comic theatre actress. Bertini began performing on stages as a child, particularly in Naples, where her family was settled. In 1904, at the age of 16, she moved to Rome, where she improved her acting skills, especially on theatre stages, and attempted to perform in the just-born Italian movie production. *'''Città della Pieve''': The action at Città della


. birth_date birth_place Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States death_date '''Sam Jenkins''' (born October 18, 1966 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) is an American actress best known for playing the role of Serena on the television series ''Hercules: The Legendary Journeys''. After a brief modeling career with Ford Models, she started her actress career in 1991 at 25, in "Hidden Lens", an Italian movie production (original


engagement to Fröhlich, they moved to Schwanenwerder on the outskirts of Berlin, where their house on the (later named) Karl-Marx-Strasse 8 was close to the residence of Joseph Goebbels on Inselstrasse 8. Goebbels was the propaganda minister in Adolf Hitler's regime, with a decisive voice in German movie production. Baarová met Goebbels in 1936, while working for Ufa (Universum Film AG) films. Gradually, they became closer and started a relationship that lasted over two years


for lifeguard station off Singapore in support of Army B-24Liberator bomber strikes. The submarine arrived Subic Bay, Philippines, 6 August and was there when Japan capitulated 9 days later. He then signed up for an international movie production, ''Dance of the Dragon'' featuring Singaporean actress Fann Wong. I am a dandy boy ''The New Paper''. September 28, 2007. He won the Best Actor award at the inaugural West Hollywood International Film Festival for his role as Tae, who moves to Singapore to pursue his passion for dance. 2008 Winners ''West Hollywood International Film Festival''. Korean hunk gives interview in English ''The New Paper''. January 21, 2011. '''HMV''' is a British global entertainment retail chain and is the largest of its kind in the United Kingdom and Ireland (Republic of Ireland). The company also operates in Hong Kong and Singapore. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE Fledgling Index. Acquisitions by the HMV Group include Waterstone's in 1998 from W H Smith (sold in 2011), the music retailer Fopp (Fopp (retailer)) in August 2007, and selected Zavvi retail outlets in February 2009. Commons:Category:Singapore Wikipedia:Singapore Dmoz:Regional Asia Singapore


in the National Hockey League, scoring three assists and collecting 2 penalty minutes. He returned to Finland the next season with HIFK (HIFK (ice hockey)) where he spent three seasons. In 2005, he moved to EV Zug in Switzerland's Nationalliga A (National League A) before moving to Sweden to play for Timrå. '''''Ready, Steady, Charlie!''''' (Ge. '''''Achtung, fertig, Charlie!''''') is a 2003 (2003 in film) Swiss (Switzerland) movie production directed by Mike Eschmann, starring newcomer Michael Koch (Michael Koch (actor)), beauty queen Melanie Winiger and comedian Marco Rima. The plot is a parody about the military service in Switzerland and has been the most successful Swiss movie since 1978's The Swissmakers, and had some success as well in France, the United States (USA), the UK (United Kingdom) and even in Russia. Early life Rosie Swale-Pope was born as Rosie Griffin in Davos, Switzerland. Her Swiss mother was suffering from tuberculosis, and her Irish father Ronnie Griffin was serving in the British Army, so she was brought up by the wife of the local postman. She was two when her mother died, and she went to live with her paternal grandmother, called Carlie, who was bedridden with osteoarthritis, in Askeaton in County Limerick, Ireland. Dschinghis Khan version The song was performed ninth on the night (following Switzerland's Peter, Sue & Marc & Pfuri, Gorps & Kniri (Pfuri Gorps & Kniri) with "Trödler und Co" and preceding Israel's Gali Atari & Milk & Honey (Milk and Honey (group)) with "Hallelujah (Hallelujah (Eurovision song))"). At the close of voting it had received 86 points, coming fourth in a field of nineteen. Ian Fairweather received early schooling at Victoria College, Jersey, London and Chamery, Switzerland before attending officer training school at Belfast where his rank was second lieutenant. '''John Carl Doemling''' (1894-1955), artist, the son of Würzburg college professor Leonard Doemling and Johanna Herrmann, was born in Sulzfeld, Rhön-Grabfeld, Bavaria, Germany. Known throughout his life as “Carl”, he spent his early years in a seminary preparing to become a priest; however, by age twelve he had opted to pursue an art career instead. He studied art in Würzburg, left home in his teens and supported himself by restoring paintings in churches and monasteries in Italy, Switzerland and France. thumb left "Dona Filipa de Vilhena knighting her sons", 1801, oil on cloth, from a private collection in Lisbon, destroyed by fire in 2007. (Image:Dona Filipa de Vilhena.jpg) He first studyed in Lisbon, later moving to Rome. He traveled through Italy, Germany, Austria and England, before returning to Portugal, in 1800. He met Swiss (Switzerland) painter Angelika Kauffmann, from who he seems to have received influences. He seems to anticipate some motives of the romantic painting, in several of his historical paintings, like "Dona Filipa de Vilhena knighting her sons" (1801). The zero issue of ''graswurzelrevolution'' (GWR) Grass Roots Revolution was published in the summer of 1972 in Augsburg, Bavaria. The "monthly magazine for a non-violent, anarchist society" was inspired by "Peace News" (published since 1936 by War Resisters International (WRI) in London), the German-speaking "Direkte Aktion" ("newspaper for anarchism and non-violence"; published from 1965 to 1966 by Wolfgang Zucht and other non-violent activists in Hanover) and the French-speaking "Anarchisme et Nonviolence" (published in Switzerland and France from 1964 to 1973). On the history of GWR and other libertarian periodicals in Germany cf. Bernd Drücke: ''Zwischen Schreibtisch und Straßenschlacht? Anarchismus und libertäre Presse in Ost- und Westdeutschland'', doctoral thesis, Verlag Klemm & Oelschläger, Ulm 1998, p. 165 ff. ISBN 3-932577-05-1 '''Leonhard Euler''' (April 15, 1707 Basel (Basel, Switzerland), Switzerland - September 18, 1783 St Petersburg, Russia) was a Swiss (Ancien Régime of Switzerland) mathematician and physicist. He is considered to be the dominant mathematician of the 18th century and one of the greatest mathematicians of all time; he is certainly among the most prolific, with collected works filling over 70 volumes. Euler developed many important concepts and proved (mathematical proof) numerous lasting theorems in diverse areas of mathematics, from calculus to number theory to topology. In the course of this work, he introduced much of modern mathematical terminology, defining the concept of a ''function (function (mathematics))'', and its notation, such as ''sin'', ''cos'', and ''tan'' for the trigonometric functions. History Brothers Hans (Hans Schlumpf) and Fritz Schlumpf were Swiss (Switzerland) citizens born in Italy, but after their mother Jeanne was widowed, she moved the family to her home town of Mulhouse in Alsace, France. The two brothers, who were later described as having a "Schlumpf obsession", were devoted to their mother. commons:Confoederatio Helvetica


.'' London: Cape, 1990. p. 136-39, 226, 266, 304, 340, 379, 487-89. These French studios, led by Pathé as well as Gaumont Pictures (Gaumont Film Company) and Georges Méliès, were the dominant force worldwide until 1914 when movie production in France virtually ended with the onset of World War I. The '''Eurovision Song Contest 1963''' was the 8th Eurovision Song Contest. France had won the contest in 1962 but were incapable

above the common sentinels, between the 16th and 17th centuries. '''''Ready, Steady, Charlie!''''' (Ge. '''''Achtung, fertig, Charlie!''''') is a 2003 (2003 in film) Swiss (Switzerland) movie production directed by Mike Eschmann, starring newcomer Michael Koch (Michael Koch (actor)), beauty queen Melanie Winiger and comedian Marco Rima. The plot is a parody about the military service in Switzerland and has been the most successful Swiss movie since 1978's The Swissmakers, and had some success as well in France, the United States (USA), the UK (United Kingdom) and even in Russia. Life and career Whitfield was born in Kingston upon Hull, in the East Riding of Yorkshire and as a child, became a choirboy in St. Peter's Church and began a lifelong love of singing. He joined the Royal Navy at the age of 17 and served in the Far East as well as being part of the D-Day landings in France in 1944. During his days in the Navy, he would entertain shipmates and also at base hospitals. Returning to civilian life after the war (World War II), he began working in the concrete business until a break came as he appeared on the talent show, ''Opportunity Knocks (Opportunity Knocks (UK TV series))'' on Radio Luxembourg (Radio Luxembourg (English)). His first couple of releases were not successful, but the third song, a recording (sound recording and reproduction) of "Bridge Of Sighs" finally broke him into the Top 10 (Top 40) (the UK Singles Chart was only a Top 12 at that time) and the next release, "Answer Me, Oh Lord" went all the way to Number One (chart-topper) despite a partial ban by the BBC (BBC Radio) for the song's religious (religion) connotations. Because of this ban, Whitfield re-recorded the number with different lyrics as "Answer Me, My Love". Both versions have appeared on CD (Compact disc). 220px thumb right Portrait of Mourousis, by Nikiforos Lytras (File:Alexandros Mourouzis.jpg). '''Alexander Mourousis''' ( Commons:Category:France WikiPedia:France Dmoz:Regional Europe France

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