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Johnstown, Pennsylvania

. * Stone Bridge (Stone Bridge (Johnstown, Pennsylvania)) is a historic railroad bridge over the Conemaugh River. Notable people * Carroll Baker—actress, whose Hollywood movie career spanned five decades * Donald Barlett—journalist and two-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize * Frank Benford (1887–1948)—physicist * Robert Bernat (1931–1994) - brass band conductor * Mel Bosser (1914-1986) - professional baseball player * Edward R. Bradley (1859–1946)—racehorse breeder


Perschy was born in Eisenstadt, Burgenland, Austria and moved to Vienna at the age of 17 to study acting. After completing her education, she moved to Germany for more training, leading to a movie career. Her

;ref name "Dance Spirit 2001. page 82" After growing up in Kokomo, Indiana, she moved to Hollywood in 1939 in an attempt to start a movie career. She was eventually picked up by Warner Bros. and appeared in bit movie roles in 1941. Background and Recording Following a tour supporting Pearl Jam, and festival appearances in the UK, the band rented a house in the Scottish Highlands to begin writing the follow-up to ''The Remote Part''. In an online diary entry, Roddy Woomble stated that the first four months of 2004 were: spent in song writing frenzy, in various bedrooms, living rooms, and up in the frosty Highlands. Breaking up the chords and words with sporadic midnight rambles, wrapped up warm, drunk on wine, deep in dark woods. And playing table tennis in a cow shed. In a surreal twist the next three months were spent in Hollywood, California, turning these Highland folk songs into fully realised rockers. Idlewilder - Roddy's Diary Archive Bak Mei has been fictionalized in Hong Kong films such as ''Executioners from Shaolin'' (1977), ''Abbot of Shaolin'' (1979), and ''Clan of the White Lotus'' (1980). In ''Executioners from Shaolin'' and ''Abbot of Shaolin'', Bak Mei was played by Lo Lieh, who also directed the 1980 film, which stars Wilson Tong as Bak Mei. Recently, Bak Mei is better known in the West as "Pai Mei" (the Wade-Giles romanization of his name in Mandarin (Standard Mandarin)), played by Gordon Liu in the Hollywood film ''Kill Bill: Volume 2 (Kill_bill#Volume_2)'' (2004). '''''The Disorderly Room''''' was a very early British (United Kingdom) television comedy production, written by Eric Blore and starring Tommy Handley. Blore was also an actor who played roles such as butlers in various Hollywood films, while Handley later found greater fame in the BBC radio comedy show ''It's That Man Again''. John Belushi homage According to the terminology of the movie, Slimer is technically a "focused, non-terminal repeating phantasm", or a "class-five full-roaming vapor". For years it has gone around Hollywood that Slimer was a homage to John Belushi, based on his character "Bluto" from ''Animal House''.


language Croatian accessdate 2011-06-10 DATE OF DEATH January 14, 2009 PLACE OF DEATH Zagreb, Croatia After leaving the Croatian Army, he moved to Zagreb to study at the Academy of Dramatic Arts (University of Zagreb). Movie career Lustig began his film career in 1955 as an assistant director at Jadran Film, a state-owned Zagreb-based film production company. In 1956 he worked as a unit


and Miss Sweden to be crowned Miss Universe, Miss Universe list, Miss Hong Kong, accessed December 2010 bringing the title to Greece for the first time. She has since returned several times to judge the pageant (beauty pageant). After the event she went on to pursue a movie career, appearing in a few Hollywood movies and television series such as ''A Man Called Horse (A Man Called Horse (film))'', ''Daniel Boone (Daniel Boone (TV series))'', ''Lost in Space'', ''Valley of the Dolls (Valley of the Dolls (film))'' and ''A Guide for the Married Man''. Apart from her beauty pageant work and acting career, Corinna also is a chairman for an organisation for children with leukemia. Tsopei was married to Hollywood Super Agent Freddie Fields, brother of band leader Shep Fields. Career On June 20, 1964, Corinna was crowned Miss Star Hellas, ( Commons:Category:Greece Wikipedia:Greece Dmoz:Regional Europe Greece


, in the 1922 (1922 in film) Austrian film (Cinema of Austria) ''Sodom und Gomorrah (Sodom and Gomorrah (1922 film))'', by his friend and the film's director, Michael Curtiz. In his early movie career, before he gained a great deal of weight, Slezak was cast as a thin leading man in silent films. He also acted on the stage for many years, debuting on Broadway (Broadway theatre) in 1931. Biography He

, leading to a movie career. Her first major success came with ''Nasser Asphalt'' where she played together with Horst Buchholz. Her acting career would eventually take her — by way of France, Italy, and Great Britain — to Hollywood. Perschy played in a number of American films, her most notable roles being in the 1962 biopic ''Freud (Freud (film))'' and the 1964 Rock Hudson comedy, ''Man's Favorite Sport?''. Perschy's career in America

North Korea

surveillance as well as antisubmarine protection for the larger American warships against an underwater threat that never materialized. Movie career Along with Song Kang-Ho, he is one of the premiere Korean actors both domestically and on the global scene. Choi started his career as a theatrical actor before adding film roles, first with parts in Park Jong-won's films ''Kuro Arirang'' and ''Our Twisted Hero'' and later in the 1990s by appearing as a police investigator in ''No. 3'' and as a North Korean agent in Korea's most successful film ever at that point, ''Shiri (Shiri (film))''. In early 2000, Song became a star with his first leading role in the box office smash ''The Foul King'', for which he reputedly did most of his own stunts. But it is with his award-winning role as a North Korean sergeant in ''Joint Security Area JSA (Joint Security Area (film))'' that Song came to the forefront as one of Korea's leading actors. Song also starred in Park Chan-wook's acclaimed followup, ''Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance'', which centers around a father's pursuit of his daughter's kidnappers. Korea When North Korea invaded South Korea on 25 June 1950, ''De Haven'' was assigned to patrol off the Korean coast. She screened the Norwegian ship ''Reinholt'' evacuating American dependents from Inchon to Yokosuka; patrolled on the blockade; bombarded shore targets; acted as lifeguard and communications linking ship for air strikes against Pyongyang and Haeju; and provided call fire support for United Nations troops. '''Kim Jong-suk''' (December 24, 1917 – September 22, 1949) was a Korean independence activist and Communist politician. She was North Korean leader Kim Il-sung's first wife and Kim Jong-il's mother. She was also First Lady of North korea between 1948 until her death in 1949. * Clarence House announces that Charles, Prince of Wales is to marry Camilla Parker Bowles in a civil ceremony on 8 April. When Charles becomes a king (List of British Monarchs), it is intended that she be styled as a princess consort, rather than a queen consort. (BBC) * North Korea and weapons of mass destruction: North Korea announces that it has developed nuclear weapons for its self-defense, and suspends participation in multi-nation talks to discuss its arms program. (Reuters) * Saudi Arabia starts its first nationwide municipal elections (Saudi Arabia municipal elections, 2005). Voting is limited to men in Riyadh and voters elect only half of the municipal councils; the other half is appointed by the monarchy. Other regions are scheduled to hold elections next month. (Reuters) (Arab News) (Khaleej Times) (World Peace Herald) The Commons:Category:North Korea WikiPedia:North Korea Dmoz:Regional Asia North Korea

Mexico City

Dmoz:Regional North America Mexico States Federal District Commons:Category:Mexico City Wikipedia:Mexico City


''. Movie career He made his very first movie in 1931, a silent movie horror flick Ang Multo sa Libingan, also known as ''Ghost in the Cemetery''. His second movie, in 1933, was also a successful film in the Philippines, Doctor Kuba, where he played second only to the leading actor Don Dannon. Padilla made approximately three dozen movies before the Japanese occupied Manila. Padilla was paired with some of the Philippine Screen Sirens and he teamed up


in Western with Heston and Berenger Supporting page 6 date 1995-01-22 first Ron last Miller quote JAMES COBURN began his movie career in a saddle 36 years ago, playing the gangly and not-too-bright sidekick to bad guy Pernell Roberts in the 1959 Randolph Scott western "Ride Lonesome." Coburn also appeared in dozens of television roles including, with Roberts, several episodes of ''Bonanza''. He appeared at least twice on John Payne (John Payne (actor))'s NBC western ''The Restless Gun'' in episodes entitled "The Pawn" and "The Way Back", the latter with ''Bonanza'''s Dan Blocker. ''The Restless Gun'', DVD, Timeless Media Group Coburn and Ralph Taeger co-starred with Joi Lansing in ''Klondike (Klondike (TV series))'' on NBC in the 1960–1961 season. When ''Klondike'', set in the Alaskan gold rush town of Skagway (Skagway, Alaska), was cancelled, Taeger and Coburn were regrouped as detectives in Mexico in NBC's equally short-lived ''Acapulco (Acapulco (TV series))''. -style "background-color:#CCFFCC" 18 October 11, 2011 Torreón, Mexico


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