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Swift Current

Casino on October 31, 2012. They made over $4,000 for the Swift Current SPCA. They are in the process of making a new movie called "Swift Nightmares." Sports and recreation Swift Current is home to the Swift Current Broncos, a hockey (ice hockey) team that plays in the Western Hockey League. They play in the 3,239 seat Credit Union iPlex in the east end of town. The team has developed some of the world's greatest hockey players to the professional level, such as Tiger


refinements beyond Schunda's design. These instruments can now have a pitch range that extends five fully chromatic octaves from AA to a′′′. Miscellaneous * There is a full-feature movie called "Lăutari (Lăutari (1972 film))" (1972, Moldova-film) by Moldavian Soviet (Moldavian SSR) director Emil Loteanu. The movie features the leader of the Moldovan State taraf "Flueraș (Flueraș (orchestra))" Sergiu Lunchevici (Sergei Lunkevich). Later

Salt Lake City

of sheep (these were canisters on their way to some burial ground; they fell off the truck and ruptured). I remembered a news reporter saying, 'If the winds had been blowing the other way, there was Salt Lake City.' This incident later served as the basis of a movie called ''Rage (Rage (1972 film))'', starring George C. Scott, but before it was released, I was deep into ''The Stand'', finally writing my American fantasy epic, set in a plague-decimated USA. Only instead of a hobbit, my

East Germany

the Soviet occupations of East Germany and North Korea, these plans were frustrated by the opposition of U.S. President Harry S. Truman. An East German (East Germany) biographical movie

called ''El Cantor'' (the Singer) was made in 1978. It was directed by Jara's friend Dean Reed, who also played the part of Jara. Following her first divorce, Lessing's interest was drawn to the popular community of the Left Book Club, a communist book club (Book sales club) which she had joined the year before.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

the other ones). Afterwards, she starred in a movie called Nocne Graffiti and recorded a song for soundtrack of the movie. She also recorded a song to the soundtrack of a Disney movie, The Hunchback Of Notre Dame - the prayer of Esmeralda. A team of WilmerHale attorneys currently represents the “Algerian Six”, a group of men who fell under suspicion of planning to attack the US embassy in Bosnia (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and who are now held

Portland, Oregon

. '''Ramona Quimby''' is the central character in a series of children's novels by Beverly Cleary. The series describes events in the lives of Ramona and her family, who live in Portland, Oregon. It has been adapted for television as ''Ramona (Ramona (1988 TV series))'' and has also been made into a movie (film adaptation) called ''Ramona and Beezus'', which was released on July 23, 2010. The movie starred Joey King as Ramona


Gheorghiu for EMI and for 2005's stage production she took Gheorghiu's place in the leading role of Magda during performances in Toulouse and Paris. In 1997 she performed in a movie called The Fifth Element, where she played as Diva Plavalaguna (singing voice). Later on, she performed Bizet's ''Ivan IV (Ivan IV (opera))'' concert version, which had its recital debut at Salle Pleyel in Paris, and a live recording was released as CD. In 2001, she was busy in Italy, performing Verdi's


Filipino domestic workers and laborers faced abroad. A movie called ''The Flor Contemplacion Story'' was made in the Philippines to highlight this as well as the harsh punishment Filipino overseas workers face when they totally break down from their jobs. The film won Best Picture in the Cairo Film Festival. This anger continued when a rather similar case arose only a few months later with Sarah Balabagan in the United Arab Emirates (Balabagan was not ultimately executed


of a Pittsburgh organ transplant center, before it was canceled due to low ratings. He also starred in a Lifetime movie called the ''Staircase Murders'', which aired April 15, 2007. Early life He was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the son of Anne and Stanley Thomas Druckenmiller, a chemical engineer.

West Germany

arrested, deported or even executed by Ceauşescu (Nicolae Ceauşescu)'s Securitate. They have been estimated to have sold over 9 million albums in Romania. In 1961 a movie called ''Qui êtes-vous, Monsieur Sorge?'' (''Who Are You, Mr. Sorge?'') was produced in France in collaboration with West Germany, Italy and Japan. This movie was very popular in the Soviet Union as well. The part of Sorge was played by Thomas Holtzmann. In 1964, Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev

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