Piru, California

of Sunday School tracts (tract (literature)) and supplies who bought the Rancho Temescal Mexican land grant from the sons of Ygnacio del Valle. Johnson, Brett (December 24, 2011)movie-star "Tiny Piru church has big history and movie-star looks" ''Ventura County Star'' Wanting to establish a "Second Garden of Eden" in this part of the Santa Clara River

Jackson had used nearby Rancho Camulos as one of the settings. Portions of the 1910 (1910 in film) silent movie (silent film), ''Ramona (Ramona (1910 film))'', starring Mary Pickford were shot there. During the production, Pickford, D.W. Griffith (D. W. Griffith) and others of the cast and crew, stayed at the Piru Hotel. The hotel later became known as the Mountain View Hotel. The name was later changed to the Round Rock Hotel, because of a large, round boulder located

. Piru stood in for Clarksburg, California, in the 1974 (1974 in television) TV movie (television movie), ''The California Kid''. It was used for exterior shots in the 1975 (1975 in television) Filmation children's series ''The Ghost Busters''. Scenes in ''The Dukes of Hazzard'' were sometimes filmed on location in Piru, as were scenes in ''Murder, She Wrote'' and ''NCIS (NCIS (TV series))''. In ''Twilight Zone: The Movie'' ( 1983 in film


-neighborhoods hollywood-california-history-and-information Hollywood California Hollywood History and Information . Abouthollywood.com (November 16, 2010). Retrieved on 2011-12-11. Motion picture industry thumb right Nestor Studio, Hollywood's first movie studio, 1912 (File:NestorStudios-Hollywood-1913.jpg) By 1912, major motion-picture companies had set up production near or in Los Angeles. Jacobs, Lewis. ''The Rise

, the weather was ideal and there was quick access to various settings. Los Angeles became the capital of the film industry. Mintz, S., and S. McNeil. "Hollywood as History." Digital History. N.p., 2013. Web. 20 May 2014. right thumb Hollywood movie studios, 1922 (File:Hollywood-Studios-1922.jpg) Director D. W. Griffith was the first to make a motion picture in Hollywood. His 17-minute short film '' In Old California (1910 film

Times date August 1, 1999 page 3 Although Hollywood banned movie theaters—of which it had none—before annexation that year, Los Angeles had no such restriction.

Uptown, Chicago

Andersonville . The area itself is rich in Uptown history. Major landmarks include Essanay Studios, best known today for its series of Charlie Chaplin comedies filmed in 1915, and the Green Mill Cocktail Lounge, a historic jazz lounge that once belonged to member of Al Capone's Chicago Outfit. North of the Green Mill along Broadway, notable buildings include the classic ornate movie palace, the Uptown Theater (Uptown Theatre (Chicago)), and a 1930s US Post Office containing

;ref The Aragon Ballroom is located at the intersection of Lawrence and Winthrop Avenues, just adjacent to the Lawrence Red Line 'L' (Lawrence (CTA)) stop. Riviera Theater The Riviera Theater, also a popular music venue, was once a Jazz Age movie palace which featured live

Chicago , Illinois The Uptown Theatre (Uptown Theatre (Chicago)) is a large, ornate movie palace with almost 4,500 seats. The largest in Chicago, this architectural gem is on several Landmark Registers. The Uptown Theatre was designed by famous movie palace architects, Rapp and Rapp, who also designed the Chicago Theatre in the Chicago Loop. It was managed by the Balaban and Katz Company.

Champaign-Decatur CSA

with the Champaign Urbana Theatre Company, to post box-office showings of popular films, current artistic films, live musical performances (both orchestral and popular), and other types of shows. First commissioned in 1921, it originally served as a venue for both film and live performances, but became primarily a movie house in the 1950s. Occasional live events were held during the 1970s and 1980s, including a live production of "Oh, Calcutta" and performances by George Benson

, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Missing Persons (Missing Persons (band)), and the Indigo Girls. GKC Corporation closed the Virginia as a movie house on February 13, 1992, with the final regular film being Steve Martin's "Father of the Bride". The theatre once again began holding regular live performances when it was leased to local gospel singer David Wyper in 1992. The Champaign-Urbana Theatre Company was formed to perform major musicals and opened their first season with "

: www.thecuart.com thecuart.com in downtown Champaign began as Champaign's first theatre devoted to movies, the Park, in 1912, and is a small venue showing films not normally playing at the box office. The theatre is the only single-screen movie theatre with daily operation as a movie theatre in Champaign-Urbana. The Virginia, which hosts Roger Ebert's Annual Overlooked Film Festival, is also single-screen, but only opens for special showings and events. Rapp and Rapp's 1914 Orpheum

Skid Row, Los Angeles

%20Angeles%2C%20California%2C%20USA &at 0&locations Werdin%20Pl%20&sort year work Internet Movie Database

Movie Database The musical ''Little Shop of Horrors (Little Shop of Horrors (musical))'' is set here and has an eponymous title song "Skid Row (Downtown)", though its movie adaptation is set in New York City. Notable residents !-- If at all possible, please only include blue-linked people in here


of Kolomyia in fact ceased to exist or has been eliminated: Plant "Kolomyiasilmash", "Zahotzerno", plant "Elektroosnastka", factory "September 17 ", shoe factory, wood working factory, plant KRP (complete switchgears), printing house on Valova str., factory of brushes, weaving factory and many others. It was eliminated movie theaters, there were 4: Irchan movie theater, Kirov (Sergey Kirov) movie theater, movie theater "Yunist" (Youth

High River

for ''Smallville (Smallville (comics))'' in ''Superman III'', as well as ''High River, Montana'' in ''Nickelodeon's'' series ''Caitlin's Way''. Recently, ''Heartland (Heartland (Canadian TV series))'', a CBC television series has found High River its main filming spot. Also, the movie ''Carolina Moon'' based on the book by Nora Roberts was filmed in High River and the movie Moondance Alexander was also filmed in High River. Parts of the television series '' Fargo (TV series) Fargo

'' (based on the movie of the same name (Fargo (film))) were filmed in High River. See also *List of communities in Alberta *List of towns in Alberta *High River Airport * RCAF Station High River

Wilsonville, Oregon

work The Oregonian page B1 and video rental retailer Movie Gallery and its subsidiary Hollywood Video were as well until bankruptcy in 2010.

Wilsonville #communications publisher Infrastructure Finance Authority title Wilsonville Community Profile: Communications Resources accessdate June 30, 2013 The ''Spokesman'' is published once a week on Wednesdays and has a circulation of 3,176. There is a single movie theater operated

and Marketing, the same title he held at Compaq Hewlett Packard just months before. Ranson also held executive and other positions at Newberry Data, and Vickers Defense (Vickers). '''Movie Gallery, Inc.''' (former NASDAQ ticker symbol '''MOVI''' Miller, Brian K. "Listed industrial space in area is now plentiful." '' Portland Business Journal

Baraboo, Wisconsin

their circus and several others, leading to the nickname "Circus City". Today Circus World Museum is located in Baraboo. A living history museum, it has a collection of circus wagons and other circus artifacts. It also has the largest library of circus information in the United States. Bill Steigerwald. movie-palace-await-in-baraboo

-268797 "Travels Without Charley: A beautiful lake and a movie palace await in Baraboo" . ''Pittsburgh Post-Gazette'', October 17, 2010. Retrieved September 10, 2013. The museum previously hosted the Great Circus Parade, which carried circus wagons and performers through the streets of Baraboo, across the state by train, and then through downtown Milwaukee. The Al. Ringling Theatre is a grand scale movie palace in downtown Baraboo, made possible through the financial

by the architectural firm Rapp and Rapp, it was built by Albert Ringling, one of the circus Ringling Brothers, for $100,000. Over the years, it has featured performances from vaudeville and silent movies to grand opera starring such notables as Lionel Barrymore and Mary Pickford. * Alfred Theodore "Alf" Ringling (1861–1919) * Charles Edward "Charley" Ringling (Charles Edward Ringling) (1863–1926); also listed birth year 1864

Downtown Orlando

: downtownorlando.com business statistics Overview Downtown Orlando is the largest of urban (Urban area) centers in Central Florida. It is home to residential and commercial towers; local, state, and federal government offices; sports facilities; performing arts theaters; art galleries; a movie theater; retail; nightclubs; and parks. Downtown is removed from the tourist areas located in the southern half of the city; but does draw a significant number of visitors seeking to experience

CityArts Factory - Located in the CBD. Features works by local artists and holds workshops. * SAK Comedy Lab - A 200 seat professional improvisation comedy theater and school, http: www.sak.com staff.php with graduates including Wayne Brady, Jonathan Mangum, Karey Kirkpatrick. http: www.sak.com contentviewer.php?id 14&page Most * Plaza Cinema Cafe - The first movie theater in downtown in nearly half a century. * The Daily City

Drive , Lake Eola, Church Street Station (Church Street Station (Orlando)) and Orange Avenue (Florida State Road 527) in Downtown Orlando, a toll booth on the Bee Line Expressway (Florida State Road 528), the original Orlando Science Center which has since been replaced by a new facility (used as the "Orlando Children's Museum" in the movie), and the Orlando AMTRAK station (Orlando (Amtrak station)). A small number of scenes were filmed in Nashville, Tennessee

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