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team which entered Iranian Basketball Super League in 2013. Notable Qazvinis thumb right Qazvin is an ancient city containing fine examples of Iranian architecture from various ages. This is the Shazdeh Hosein Shrine. (File:Shazdeh hosein qazvin.jpg) There have been an abundance of known people who lived in Qazvin, or came from Qazvin, whose tombs are scattered throughout the cities and villages of the province. These include: Pre-Modern time * Ibn Majah, author of the last

of the six canonical ''hadith'' collections recognized by Sunni Muslims. * Hamdollah Mostowfi: the great Il-Khanid historian and writer. * Ubayd Zakani: famous 14th-century poet noted for his satire and obscene verses. * Mir Emad Hassani: famous Nasta'liq calligrapher * Darvish Ablulmajid: famous Shekaste (Shekastegan) Nasta'liq calligrapher Modern time * Yousef Alikhani: contemporary fiction writer and researcher. * Azizi family: a well-known


The university can traced back its roots from 258 CE, Nanjing, *《The History Evolution of National Central University》, ROC 26 (1937 CE) (《國立中央大學沿革史》 中華民國二十六年) *"Chinese Encyclopedia" 中華百科全書 and in modern time founded in 1915 in Nanjing, the new capital city of the early government of the Republic of China, National Central University moved to Chungking in 1937 when Sino-Japanese War (Second Sino-Japanese War) broke out and returned to Nanjing in 1946. After the ROC lost control of the Chinese Mainland in 1949, in Nanjing it was renamed as Nanjing University (南京大學) by CCP (Communist Party of China). National Central University was reinstated in Taiwan in 1962, first as the National Central University Graduate Institute of Geophysics. In 1968, NCU moved to its current location in the Shuanglianpo (雙連坡) district of Jhongli City (中壢市), Taoyuan County (Taoyuan County, Taiwan) (桃園縣), and was renamed the National Central University College of Science. In 1979, it was officially re-established under its current name. More recently, NCU and a few other highly regarded universities established the University System of Taiwan cooperative partnership (2002). The current president is Dr Lou-Chuang Lee. Under the Song Dynasty (AD 960-AD 1279) it was heavily fortified, with walls WikiPedia:Nanjing commons:南京


'' (ܡܬܝ ܒܝܬܢܗܪܝܢ Mesopotamia my nation). Gabriel Asaad was the pioneer of Assyrian music and composed the first Assyrian song in the Syriac language in modern time, ''Othuroye Ho Mtoth Elfan l-Metba‘'' (1926, ܐܬܘܪܝܶܐ ܗܐ ܡܛܬ ܐܠܦܢ ܠܡܛܒܥ Assyrians, Our ship is on the way to sink). DATE OF DEATH 1997-07-06 PLACE OF DEATH Stockholm, Sweden birth_date birth_place Östermalm, Stockholm, Sweden death_date


. Drawer: Commons user ''Ssolbergj'' '''Norwegian nobility''' and aristocracy are persons and families who in early times belonged to the supreme social, political, and military class and who later were members of the institutionalised nobility in the Kingdom of Norway (Norway). It has its historical roots in the group of chieftains and warriors that evolved before Norway was unified as a single kingdom (Unification of Norway). However, modern-time ennoblement of farmers and burghers as well as of foreign noblemen has supplied the nobility with members who did not originate from the ancient warrior class. Bronze Age The earliest times in today’s Norway (ca. 10000 BC–ca. 1800 BC) had a relatively flat social structure, people being hunters and gatherers who in small parties moved over distances. However, in the latest part of the Stone Age, somewhen in the time before 4000 BC, permanent settlements were in gradually increasing numbers established. Aschehougs Norgeshistorie, volum 1, paginae 52 et 79. Commons:Category:Norway Dmoz:Regional Europe Norway Wikipedia:Norway


, Greenland, Haiti, Cuba, East Africa and Central America. Ptolemy was a geographer of the middle Roman Empire, an Egyptian. The idea of the continents preceded the imperial Romans but through them reached to modern time to determine today's geographic views, which are enhancements and refinements of the classical. Stating that "continents are bounded more properly, when it is possible, by seas than by rivers," Ptolemy


are the same language system. (Like early China called English men "偀國人" not "英國人" in modern time.) But I'm not sure still.--HydrogenSu (User:HydrogenSu) 12:24, 5 February 2006 (UTC) The German Water Police (Wasserschutzpolizei) rented a Combat Boat 90H from the manufacturer Dockstavarvet for the 33rd G8 summit in Heiligendamm, Germany. This boat was involved in a high speed chase with three Greenpeace RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat)s which were trying

United States

;Seafood Capital of South Carolina"''', but is also home to some of the nation's finest golf courses. The population was 8,547 at the 2010 census (2010 United States Census). The town was once primarily a fishing village, but has grown substantially in modern time, along with the rest of the Grand Strand (Grand Strand (South Carolina)) into a popular tourist and retirement location. It is most known for the Murrells Inlet Marshwalk, a cluster of award-winning seafood and barbecue

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