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, north and south are views of city that's nestled up against the western side of central Cordillera (Colombia, in the western part of country, is basically divided into sections by three large, wide mountain ranges) and to west are views of the valleys, rivers and coffee plantations down below which contain the famous coffee cities of Chinchina and Palastina (where a new, modern international airport is now under construction). The city has a large eco-park called ''Los Yarumos'', named after a large tree species, ''Yarumo''. It contains beautiful views overlooking the city and affords views of mountains and a volcano encircling the city above. There are many hiking trails and nature walks, and city just completed a new indoor ice skating rink, which has a great music system! Also, there is also a large conference center and restaurants. The city has two main plazas, Plaza Bolivar and Parque Caldas, where people can go to sit and to chat with friends, or to shop and to watch others in afternoon and evening. Plaza Bolivar contains the State Government of Caldas administration buildings, as Manizales city is also the seat of Caldas state. On the other side of the plaza stands the impressive, beautiful Cathedral of Manizales, built by people of the city. It's massive size is impressive and famous for it's elaborate gold canopy and beautiful, large stained-glass windows. The cathedral is also the third tallest in Latin America, at 113 meters. thumb right 200px View from Avenida Santander (Image:Manizales-panorama.jpg) Many people visit this plaza during trips to city center to conduct personal or municipal business, as this area contains most of important government and banking buildings, and is oldest part of city. The Universidad de Caldas has many museums (Natural History, Art, and Archeology) and a botanical garden. Do The city has a municipal auditorium and theatres where you can attend concerts, operas, and listen to symphonic music. There are lots of night clubs, discos, and bars that serve up lively house, trance, rock, salsa, and tango music. thumb right 250px El Ruiz Volcano in 2006 (Image:el ruiz volcano.jpg) The Rose Zona is where most of night clubs, discos, restaurants and coffee bars are located, and 'Luker Plaza' is city's newest, ultra modern commercial development. It is also the safest and most exclusive area of town. Next to it is 'Cable Plaza', the city's hottest new entertainment destination. It houses a 5 floor state of the art shopping and entertainment center, housing an upscale luxury supermarket, expensive fast food restaurants, and the latest Hollywood movies. The city offers an exciting nightlife along the main avenue Santander, where you will find many of best discos and restaurants, but there is another smaller in upscale residential neighborhood located in south part of city, called Batallon and Milan. On weekends, starting on Thursday night, this is where many of younger crowd and students like to gather. There are many fast food restaurants in this area also. The city is also home to famous football (soccer) club, 'Once Caldas', who won the South American Championship 'Copa Libertadores'. Viewing football is a very important activity here and Once fans pack the 40,000 seat stadium to cheer for their team. If you are a football fan you will appreciate the dedication of fans and large, beautiful stadium that sits in center of Palogrande, one of best neighborhoods in Manizales, and close to many universities. Then there is the famous mountains surrounding the city called 'El Nevado Ruiz', with its three volcanic formations. Early in morning is best time to view it as clouds then move in a make viewing difficult, but if you get up early you won't be disappointed. The mountains contain glaciers and it snows a lot up on mountain, where the temperature can be chilly and cold, but the solitude and peace you'll experience up on mountain make all the inconvenience and difficulty in reaching it, worth it. Another nice place, but very different one is Santagueda which its about 40 minutes from Manizales. There you will find estates of warm land, the temperature is from 23 to 28 centigrade degrees for which they are many places to enjoy the sun and swimming pool. The most popular part is "la fonda" where people of all the ages enjoy the weather while drinking a beer or any type of liquor, especially the unmatured brandy Crystal (''aguardiente Cristal'') or the old Rum of Caldas (''Ron viejo de Caldas''). To come to Santagueda you can take a jeep from terminal, this alone trip costs 7.000 pesos (3.0 dollars). Also, the region is famous in Colombia for its hot springs and resorts such as 'Termales del Otoño' and 'Termales del Santa Rosa' and 'Termales del Nevado'. Each contains not only hot pool where the public gather to soak and relax, but many levels of hotel accommodation. Prices are approx. $16,000-$20,000 per day, and all stay open till midnight. The 'Termales del Santa Rosa' lower and upper locations, as does the hot springs at 'Termales del Nevado.' At both locales, the upper pools are closer to water source and so have hotter water, but water temperature also fluctuates depending on which season it is, winter or summer. Worth seeing is the 'Termales del Santa Rosa' Hotel, it is a four star hotel and very nice if you can afford the $150,000 peso price (per person), USD$75.00, however, included is all meals and entry fees to pools, as well as use of private, exclusive wading pools. Also, both sites at Santa Rosa have incredible, breathtaking waterfalls that are lit with multi-colored lights, visiting at night is best, or if you have time, stay all day as price of entry is for all day! Eat The traditional food comes from Antioquia, the region to northwest and famous for the city of Medellin. Lunch-time meals usually consist of a soup made from plantain (a variety of green bananas), followed by a plate of rice and selection of fried pork, beef, or chicken, with small cabbage salad in vinegar dressing, a natural juice drink made from mango, or if you are adventurous, try one of native fruit flavors, they are delicious but hard to pronounce, this will usually be followed by a coffee. Sometimes, you might be offered a dessert called mazamorra, which is corn and milk with local sugar, called 'panela'. They also use panella and water in making coffee, but don't recommend it, as the taste is very sweet, actually coffee served here is exceptionally sweet and unless you are a fan of sugary tasting coffee, ask for coffee made from plain water. The water quality here is excellent (Manizales' water is on the top 10 of best quality drinking waters in the world), it is very pure also it is possible to drink straight from the tap here (but not in all parts of Colombia is this true), so no need to purchase bottled water and taste is great! If you're visiting the 'Los Nevados' Natural Park ask for 'aguapanela con queso' while going there. It's a hot beverage made of sugar cane served with cheese. Also look for cheese icecream, chorizos from Santa Rosa and obleas. Drink * '''Pit Stop Bar''' (same directions as the Pit Stop Hostel in the SLEEP section of this page). This bar is below the Pit Stop Hostel and is beautifully decorated with reclaimed old Spanish Colonial style windows and doors for a spectacular entrance. Bar is also equipped with a DJ booth and DJ equipment which features local DJ talent in the area. Pit Stop also has two huge flat screen TVs with show European and American sporting events. Nightly drink specials. Call ahead to find out if we can find your particular hard-to-get sporting event at 310-597-1214 or just come and mingle with other foreigners on the backpacking trail . * '''Bar C''' (taxidrivers should know to find it). Nice place to dance the night away on a mix of electronic and local music (CrossOver). It has a nice view over Manizales and is open until 5AM. Beautiful people. *'''POP Bar''' Very good place, has mixed music as '''BarC''' but it is located in a more accessible location (in the Rose Zone), and it closes earlier (2AM). *'''Paramo Coctales Bar''' located in the "El Cable" sector. Frozen cocktails with tropical flavor. In Paramo you can see all the night life of the zone whilst drinking. *'''Cross Over Music''' Bar C, Vertigo, Britania, Mango Biche. Moliendo cafe, La Bombonera. *'''Salsa Music''' Salomon, Son Salome * Wikipedia:Manizales commons:Manizales

Oneonta, New York

(United States) Megabus began service to Buffalo Airport (Buffalo Niagara International Airport) and Toronto in June 2008, but discontinued it in December 2008. thumb Some of the exhibits at the International Boxing Hall of Fame (File:Inside of the IBHOF.jpg) The modern '''International Boxing Hall of Fame (IBHOF)''' is located in Canastota, New York, United States, within driving distance from the Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Cooperstown and the National Soccer Hall

Province of Silesia

thumb left Crown land of Silesia until 1742 (outlined in cyan) and Silesia Province from 1815 (outlined in yellow), superimposed on modern international borders (File:Silesia (Now).png) The territory on both sides of the Oder river formed the southeastern part of the Prussian kingdom. It comprised the bulk of the former Bohemian crown land (Lands of the Bohemian Crown) of Upper (Upper Silesia) and Lower (Lower Silesia) Silesia as well as the adjacent County of Kladsko, which the Prussian King Frederick the Great had all conquered from the Austrian Habsburg Monarchy under Empress Maria Theresa in the 18th century Silesian Wars. It furthermore included the northeastern part of Upper Lusatia around Görlitz and Lauban (Lubań), ceded to Prussia by the Kingdom of Saxony according to the resolutions of the Vienna Congress (Congress of Vienna) in 1815. The province bordered on the Prussian heartland of Brandenburg (Province of Brandenburg) (including the newly acquired lands of Lower Lusatia) in the northwest, and on the Grand Duchy of Posen (Province of Posen from 1848) in the north, i.e. the Greater Polish (Greater Poland) lands that before the 18th century Partitions of Poland had belonged to the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth. In the northeast, Upper Silesia bordered on remaining Congress Poland, the Russian partition that was incorporated as Vistula Land by 1867. In the east lay the Austrian share, the Lesser Polish (Lesser Poland) kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria (Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria) with the Free City of Kraków (until 1846), and in the south the remaining Bohemian crown lands of Austrian Silesia, Moravia and Bohemia proper. The incorporated Upper Lusatian strip of land in the west touched the remaining territory of the Saxon kingdom. History Reichsgaue established during the Second World War Of the territories annexed from Poland (Polish areas annexed by Nazi Germany) and the Free City of Danzig in 1939, Reichsgau Wartheland and Reichsgau Danzig-West Prussia were created. Annexed territories of pre-war Poland (Second Polish Republic) not within these two Reichsgaue was incorporated into the neighboring Gaue (Gau (country subdivision)) East Prussia and Silesia (Province of Silesia). The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg as well as Alsace-Lorraine, annexed from pre-war France in 1940, were attached to the bordering Southwestern Gaue of Nazi Germany. Two further Reichsgaue in Belgium were established in 1944, and also annexed ''de jure'' to Germany.

Da Nang

price content Open to street. View of Han River. Modern international decor, bar on ground floor. Good gathering place. Comfortable seating. Good selection of local & imported beer & large selection of wines by the glass or bottle. Good service. Full restaurant for lunch and dinner on 2nd level, balcony seating. Owned by expatriates. *


email address Meteorology 55 lat long directions phone tollfree fax hours price content Modern International fare. * *


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centers, not excluding all time favorites like local cuisine restaurants, exhibition centers and country clubs specialized in fishing, tennis, golf, cart racing and other sports. Many traditional plantations still exist in the surrounding area and many offer bed and breakfast accommodation and "ecotourism" packages. The city has a modern international airport El Edén International Airport with daily links to Bogotá, Cartagena de Indias, Medellín and Fort


famous Japanese restaurant, although it does not offer an all-you-can-eat deal. It does have a sushi train and set meals though and the sushi is fresh and tasty. * '''Mu Zhi Lan''', Nanshan Rd (''next to the Bernini coffee shop'') is one of the best, especially location-wise. The all-you-can-eat deal is around ¥180, but the seating and views are excellent, as is the food. * '''Honglin Teppanyaki''', 2 F Modern International Plaza, Yugu Road and Tianmushan Road. This newish Teppanyaki restaurant


was to provide for a common defense. The first of the modern Pan-American Conferences (International Conference of American States) was held in Washington, DC (1889–90), with all nations represented except the Dominican Republic. Treaties for arbitration of disputes and adjustment of tariffs were adopted, and the Commercial Bureau of the American Republics, which became the Pan-American Union (Organization of American States), was established. Subsequent meetings were held in various Latin American cities. Dmoz:Regional South America Peru Departments Lima Lima Commons:Category:Lima Wikipedia:Lima

Kingdom of Prussia

Lutheran church became the official religion in many German states after 1530. Religious conflict led to the Thirty Years' War (1618–1648), which devastated German lands. The population of the German states was reduced by about 30%.

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