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Tal Afar

Ministry of the Interior which had hired roughly 2,250 policemen (Iraqi Police). The second-largest employer was the United States government. The 101st Airborne (101st Airborne Division (United States)) 3rd Brigade was stationed at Tal Afar Airbase in 2003-04 and its 1st Battalion was stationed in the town proper.military world iraq tall-afar-ab.htm Tal Afar Airbase Important industries in the region include agriculture

: views05 0128-35.htm * * TIME Magazine Photo Essay of Operation Restoring Rights * District map of Tal Afar * military world iraq tall-afar.htm

Sadr City

-woiq.html Christian Science Monitor - Democracy from Scratch District and neighborhood councils were established, giving the residents of Sadr City representation in the new Iraqi government. The municipal building became the centerpiece of the reconstruction effort, and it was the site of a forward outpost of American soldiers that met daily with council members and citizens. military world iraq sadr-city-imagery.htm Global - Sadr

; See also External links *The Globe and Mail article on Saddam City *PKFHSPKFHS military world iraq sadr-city.htm Sadr City on * Sadr City Psychosocial Report


. It is among Khabarovsk Krai's (Khabarovsk Krai) most successful enterprises, and for years has been the largest taxpayer of the territory.military world russia knaapo.htm Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Manufacturing Association It has manufactured hundreds of civil aircraft and thousands of various-role military aircraft from the first recon aircraft to modern Su- series fighters and light amphibian aeroplanes

into the Strait of Tartary Economy Khabarovsk Krai is the most industrialized territory of the Far East of Russia, producing 30% of the total industrial products in the Far Eastern Economic Region. The machine construction industry consists primarily of a highly developed military-industrial complex of large scale aircraft and ship building enterprises. http: military world russia knaapo.htm The Komsomolsk

Sabha, Libya

Air Force (1951-2011) Libyan Air Force installation that is home to multiple MiG-25 aircraft.military world libya af-orbat.htm Libya: Ministry of Defense: Air Force: Air Order of Battle Transport long railway has been proposed from Sabha to the port of Misrata for iron ore (Iron ore in Africa) transport. ''Xinhua News Agency

Kingdom of Egypt

Arab states against israel, 1948 - A map from New York Times including Mutawakkilite Yemen 23px (File:Flag of the Mutawakkilite Kingdom of Yemen.svg) Yemen (Mutawakkilite Kingdom of Yemen) http: military world war israel-inde.htm 23px (File:Arab_Revolt_flag.svg) Army of the Holy War br

Al Anbar Governorate

''' ( Al Anbar

Gori, Georgia

December 2012 "Georgia to Reinstate Stalin Monument", ''RIA Novosti'', 21 December 2012 References *Official Site *Map of Gori *military world georgia gori.htm On Gori, Georgia

Marana, Arizona

; The RSAF also has a few overseas detachments in the United States, in San Diego, California (San Diego), Marana, Arizona, Grand Prairie, Texas and Luke Air Force Base, among others.

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