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Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea

, including the Battle of Chingshanli in October 1920 and the assault on Japanese military leadership in Shanghai in April 1932. This struggle culminated in the formation of Korean Liberation Army in 1940, bringing together many if not all Korean resistance groups in exile. The government duly declared war against the Axis powers Japan and Germany on December 9, 1941, and the Liberation Army took part in allied action in China and parts of Southeast Asia. During World War II

Manchuria, China and Siberia. The Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea was established in Shanghai, China, in the aftermath of March 1 Movement, which coordinated the Liberation effort and resistance against Japanese control. Some of the achievements of the Provisional Government include the Battle of Chingshanli of 1920 and the ambush of Japanese Military Leadership in China (Yoon Bong-Gil) in 1932. The Provisional Government is considered to be the de jure

Nong Samet Refugee Camp

Embassy in Bangkok wrote: :"The Khmer (Khmer people) camp at Nong Samet...always held the most exotic fascination and excitement for me.... A tall forest provided welcome shade. The stone ruins of an old Angkor-style Buddhist temple gave it a particularly Khmer air. While its early military leadership was among the more corrupt, disruptive and despicable, the camp was unusually well organized and tightly run.... It had an interesting population and a lively market. For a time

Da Lat

and unanimously resolved to make contingency plans to repel any counter-insurrection by Khánh. Westmoreland sent Colonel Wilson, Khánh's former confidant, to go to the military airport at Đà Lạt to convince the Vietnamese general to resign and allow a new military leadership to take the reins. Moyar (2006), p. 364. Khánh finally agreed to leave if he was given a dignified send-off, so the other generals arranged a ceremony at Tan Son Nhut, where


Wars of 1703–1711. Along with Szombathely, Kőszeg was the most important fortress for the kuruc military leadership from 1705–1708, to liberate and hold onto the areas west of the Rába. '''Szombathely''' is the centre of Vas county in Western Transdanubia in Hungary. Get in The nearest international airports operate in Vienna, Bratislava, Graz


. 94-98. From September 1939, the ''Einsatzgruppen'' came under the overall command of the RSHA. See: Nuremberg Trial, Vol. 20, Day 194. Since their task included cooperating with military leadership and vice versa, suppression of opposition in the occupied territories was a joint venture, so any attempt to feign ignorance on the part of the military leadership loses credibility in light of the orders passed up and down their respective commands. Wette

, as well as what he believed was an already apparent deficiency in military leadership (Hitler had assumed the role of supreme commander in late 1941 after firing Hoepner and others), finally convinced Stauffenberg in 1942 to join with resistance groups within the ''Wehrmacht'', the only force that had a chance to overcome Hitler's Gestapo, SD (Sicherheitsdienst), and SS (Schutzstaffel). During the idle months of the so-called Phoney War, preceding the Battle of France (1939–40), he


;Schober p.260 In 1784, the Burmese (Bamar) under the military leadership of Crown Prince Thado Minsaw of Konbaung dynasty conquered the Kingdom of Mrauk U. The religious relics of the kingdom, including the Mahamuni Buddha image, were


1777. After the Turkish wars, in 1695 the garrison and surrounding areas of Kőszeg fell into the hands of the Esterházy (House of Esterházy) dukes, where it remained until 1931. The town lost its strategic importance after the Rákóczi (Francis II Rákóczi)- Liberation Wars of 1703–1711. Along with Szombathely, Kőszeg was the most important fortress for the kuruc military leadership from 1705–1708, to liberate and hold onto the areas west of the Rába. The free royal town enjoyed

Tombstone, Arizona

(i.e., deputy city policeman) June 22, 1881. This is the day of the large Tombstone fire of 1881, with which Virgil had to cope as acting city marshal; the date suggests that Jack is one of the extra men Virgil hired to help cope with looting, during and after the disaster. Upon his ascension to the governorship, Hoyt had two major rivalries to deal with. He was able to help heal a bitter relationship between the territory's civilian and military leadership which had developed under Governor

Inter-Services Intelligence

Laden have been hidden by the ISI in major settled areas of Pakistan with the full knowledge of the Pakistani military leadership. A December 2011 analysis report

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