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Nenets Autonomous Okrug

. At the time, Kievan Rus was under the influence of Novgorod, as was the whole of the North Eastern territories of Kievan Rus'. By the end of the fifteenth century, Novgorod's influence was waning and the area fell under the control of Muscovy and in 1499, they established, Pustozyorsk ( ) was the administrative center of Yugra and Pechora krais of Muscovy and Imperial Russia. It was situated in what is today Nenets Autonomous Okrug of Arkhangelsk Oblast in Russia.


in the Roman period. The name originates in the times of Emperor Trajan, who granted the settlement city status and named it ''Colonia Ulpia Traiana Poetovio''. Roman Poetovio developed into an important military, commercial, customs and administrative center. Forty thousand people lived in the Ptuj area in this period, a number never since reached. It was later burned by the Huns and occupied by the Avars and the Slavs. In the period of the Slav prince Pribina, it was incorporated into the Frankish state. Later, it became the property of the Salzburg archdiocese and experienced the Hungarian attacks. The city recovered and when city rights were granted, it was able to build a wall around the city. The first city statutes from 1376 provided the legal regulation of the city and contributed to its economic power. Sadly, this declined under the pressure of Turkish attacks and major fires, floods, and epidemics. Today, it is an important center of the lower Podravje region of Slovenia. It is a city of fairs, wine cellars and thermal springs. Get in By car, Ptuj can be reached from Maribor and the A1 highway by the A4 highway. There are also frequent bus and train connections between the two cities. There are also bus and train connections to Ljubljana. Eurobusways do a transfer to Ptuj, on the way between Budapest and Ljubljana. You can see a regional bus timetable here. Get around See thumb right 250px The town tower (Image:Ptuj tower.jpg) * WikiPedia: Ptuj Commons:Category:Ptuj


, the diseases, and famine. Since then, Vidin has been an important military commercial and transport center for 200 years. There are many landmarks that exhibit the glorious past of Vidin: Baba Vida castle, the Vidin Synagogue (deserted after Jewish emigration to Israel), St. Petka church, the Osman Pazvantoglue mosque and library (built by the late Turkish ruler of northwestern Bulgaria in the 18th century), the Krastata Kazarma and St. Dimitar church. Understand Vidin is currently the poorest city


. The main issue with the airport is the limitation that its two runways provide, since they are used at 97.3% of their maximum capacity, leaving a very short room for new operations into the airport. Only government, military, commercial and specially authorized aircraft are allowed to land at the airport. Private aircraft must use alternate airports, such as Lic. Adolfo Lopez Mateos International Airport in Toluca, General Mariano Matamoros Airport in Cuernavaca or Hermanos

French colonial empire

relied heavily on creating friendly contacts with the local First Nations community. Without the appetite of New England for land, and by relying solely on Aboriginals to supply them with fur at the trading posts, the French composed a complex series of military, commercial, and diplomatic connections. These became the most enduring alliances between the French and the First Nation community. The French were, however, under pressure from religious orders to convert them to Catholicism.

Kingston, Ontario

rivers were historically important in the logging and lumber industries and the Rideau as part of the Rideau Canal system for military, commercial and, subsequently, recreational purposes. The Rideau Canal, connecting the Ottawa River and the Saint Lawrence River at Kingston, Ontario, by-passes unnavigable sections of the Rideau River as it winds its way through the city. Rideau is a French word that means

Federal Aviation Administration

planning_capacity npias FAA National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems: 2007-2011 Given the unique nature of model aviation insofar as it requires both airspace as well as frequency (radio frequency) allocation for radio control, the AMA serves as a liaison with the Federal Aviation Administration concerning aeromodeling safety and operation of model aircraft as it relates to full-scale aviation, most recently with the upcoming likelihood of the start of non-military, commercial

Madison, Wisconsin

National Guard Base '' '''Dane County Regional Airport''' , formerly known as '''Truax Field''', is a joint civil-military commercial airport located five nautical miles (9 km) northeast of the central business district of Madison (Madison, Wisconsin), the capital of Wisconsin. It has three runways and in 2010 it served over 1.5 million passengers. MSN serves American Airlines, Continental Airlines


was under the influence of Novgorod, as was the whole of the North Eastern territories of Kievan Rus'. By the end of the fifteenth century, Novgorod's influence was waning and the area fell under the control of Muscovy and in 1499, they established, Pustozyorsk ( Commons:Category:Kiev WikiPedia:Kiev Dmoz:Regional Europe Ukraine Provinces Kyiv Oblast Kyiv


last Chew first Amy title Indonesia military regains ground publisher CNN Asia date 7 July 2002 url http: 2002 WORLD asiapcf southeast 07 05 indonesia.sutarto index.html accessdate 24 April 2007 The army has about 400,000 active-duty personnel. Defense spending in the national budget was 4% of GDP in 2006, and is controversially supplemented by revenue from military commercial interests and foundations. Dmoz:Regional Asia Indonesia Commons:Category:Indonesia Wikipedia:Indonesia

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