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Lokomotivet; Eskilstuna, Sweden, September 12, 2003 Genre Progressive metal '''''"BE" (Original Stage Production)''''' is Swedish progressive metal band Pain of Salvation's first live DVD (and second live CD), documenting one of the performances of their 2004 album ''BE (BE (Pain of Salvation album))'' in its entirety in Eskilstuna, Sweden on September 12, 2003. In contrast to the studio album, ''The Orchestra of Eternity'' (a nine-piece


decades has returned to its roots. Rock themed night club playing all varieties of rock music "from rockabilly to black metal". Occasional gigs. *


Marymount Teachers' College * Mutare Teachers College * Mutare Polytechnic * Magamba vocational training * Fern Valley University -under consideration for construction for a long time Economy The main activities of the area are citrus farming, mining (The city's name is derived from "metal") and forestry. Two of the largest food producers in Zimbabwe, Cairns Foods and Tanganda Tea, operate in Mutare. Mining includes gold at Redwing Mine

Sausalito, California

the battle with the shadow tax allowing the state to make the case that property beneath the float home was improved by the shadow the float home cast upon the bottom. Released April 12, 2005 Recorded The Plant Studios, Sausalito (Sausalito, California), California Genre Heavy metal (Heavy metal music) He currently lives in or near Sausalito, California

Squamish, British Columbia

biking, with over 600 trails suitable to all riders that can ride ultra-steep trails with huge gaps and steep rock surrounding the town. One of the more famous events supported by the Mountain Biking Community is the "Test of Metal," Test of Metal a 67-kilometre, cross-country, mountain-bike race held annually in late June. Limited to 800 riders, the 2007 race sold out in under an hour. Kiteboarding

Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission

, and melodic" for an audience who "could do with a little less rock and rap and metal". This followed CHUM's earlier application for MuchCountry, a country music channel. " Melodic music


defended themselves. Ekeroth, chapter 3, "The Birth of Swedish Death Metal", p. 54-86. Mudrian, ch. 6, "Mass Appeal Madness", p. 181. stylistic_origins Death metal, thrash metal, D-beat, punk rock cultural_origins Early 1990s, Stockholm and Gothenburg, Sweden instruments Electric guitar – Bass guitar – Drums (Drum kit) – Vocals (Singing) History In the early 1990s two death

metal scenes emerged in Gothenburg and Stockholm. The first wave of "Swedish death metal" consisted of the bands Carnage (Carnage (band)) and Nihilist (Nihilist (band)), who fragmented later into Entombed (Entombed (band)), Dismember (Dismember (band)) and Unleashed (Unleashed (band)). Many of these bands used the trademark Tomas Skogsberg Sunlight Studios "buzzsaw" guitar tone. It was created by using heavily detuned (Guitar tunings) electric guitars (usually C# standard or lower), a maxed out Boss (Boss Corporation) HM-2 Heavy Metal pedal, sometimes in combination with a single guitar through a Boss DS-1 Distortion pedal. The originator of this guitar sound was Nihilist guitarist Leffe Cuzner though it was evolved and altered over the years. Ekeroth, chapter 3, "The Birth of Swedish Death Metal", p. 54-86. Newer bands playing in the 'old school' Swedish style include Bloodbath, Paganizer and Repugnant. Commons:Category:Stockholm Wikipedia:Stockholm Dmoz:Europe Sweden Stockholm County Localities Stockholm


and Stockholm. alias origin Helsinki, Finland genre Folk metal, pagan metal, melodic black metal, progressive metal '''Moonsorrow''' is a pagan metal band formed in Helsinki, Finland, in 1995. Musically, the band incorporates elements of black metal and folk metal in their sound. The band call their sound "epic heathen metal"

Biography of the band. Retrieved 2008-04-29. and try to distance themselves from the term "Viking metal". thumb Marion Rung (File:Marion rung.jpg) '''Marion Rung''' (b. December 7, 1945 Helsinki) is a Finnish (Finland) pop singer. She is known to have represented Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1962 and 1973.


, though a few of the songs on their demos were in English. The band currently refers their music style as "heathen war heavy metal." League teams * Vilnius „Statyba“ (BC Statyba) * Vilnius „Š. Marčiulionio krepšinio akademija“ (BC Akademija) * Vilnius „Statyba“ (BC Statyba) * Vilnius „Š. Marčiulionio krepšinio akademija“ (BC Akademija) * Vilnius „Perlas-MRU“ (BC Perlas-MRU) * Vilnius „Š. Marčiulionio krepšinio akademija“ (BC Akademija) * Vilnius


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