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Široki Brijeg

would be essentially similar and reflect the movement of industrial production for the municipality of Siroki Brijeg. In the period 2004. 2005. The recorded slight growth of the index of industrial production (101.3). When the production of metals and production of metal products recorded a significant growth (index 2005. 2004. 134.3 and 180.4), production of paper products (index 110.7), while other areas of industrial production recorded a significant decrease ( such as food and beverages: Index 80.0, mining: index 71.4). For further growth of industrial production are essential investments in the development of existing industrial capacity in the areas that are currently represented in the municipality and which employ a large number of workers. This primarily refers to the production of metals and metal products. These activities according to official statistics reported a continued growth during 2005. year. The establishment and construction of new or expansion of existing business and industrial zones is prerequisite for the growth of manufacturing sector, attract domestic and foreign capital and create new jobs. Sport Široki Brijeg has multiple national champion in many sports, including football and basketball. NK Široki Brijeg is a double champion and conqueror of BiH Cup champion five consecutive league HB, and their domestic matches played on stadium Pečar, which meets all the criteria of the UEFA-e, while Mostar in the mud works modern Sports-recreation center training camp Musa-Karačić with the ambulance, equipped with shower, two natural and one playground with artificial grass. Basketball Club, founded in 1974., Still bears the name of HKK Široki Eronet HT and the multiple champion, as well as won multiple State Cup and most postwar BiH club titles with 6 National Championships and 6 titles Cup conquerors of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Culture thumb 200px Cross in downtown, made by Anđelko Mikulić (File:Kameni križ u središtu Širokog Brijega 04355.jpg), 2000. thumb left 200px Franciscan monastery of Široki Brijeg The Monastery (File:Crkva04743.JPG), the symbol of the city The town is the birthplace of the football player of the year in Austria Mario Bazina, as well as Stanko Bubalo and popular Croatian singer Ivan Mikulic who appeared in the Eurovision Song Contest representing Croatia in 2004. The town is also the birthplace of former Croatian defence minister Gojko Šušak, a naturalised Canadian citizen, and the native town municipality of a number of Croatian politicians. The town holds a memorial football tournament in Gojko Šušak's honour (Gojko Šušak Memorial) each year. The town also hosts the Dani Filma (Days of Film) film festival and the West Herzegovina Fest (amateur art festival). Demographics 1971 27,285 total * Croats - 26.940 (98.73%) * Serbs - 234 (0.85%) * Muslims - 43 (0.15%) * Yugoslavs - 12 (0.04%) * Others - 56 (0.20%) 1991 In the 1991 census, the municipality of Široki Brijeg had 26,437 inhabitants: * 26,231 Croats (99.2%), * 147 Serbs (0.6%), * 19 Yugoslavs (0.07%), * 9 Bosniaks (0.03%), * 31 others (0.1%). The town itself had 6,864 inhabitants, 99.37% being Croats. Twin cities Wikipedia:Široki Brijeg Commons:Category:Široki Brijeg

Novosibirsk Oblast

growth: between 1999 and 2008 industrial output grew 170%, exceeding the Russian average growth by 23%. Industry Major industrial activities—accounting for over 80% of the total shipped products and services—are basic metals and fabricated metal products, electricity, gas and water supply, fuel extraction, food products and beverages. Manufacturing accounted for 67.4% of the region's

industrial output in 2007. The most notable sector was food products, beverages and tobacco (20.7%). The region produced a total of 278,100 tons of whole milk products, 144,100 tons of bread and baked goods, 6,300 tons of pasta, 54,100 tons of meat, 518.7 million decaliters of mineral water (including the popular Karachinskaya mark), 137,300 tons of mixed fodder and 218,700 tons of flour. The basic metals and fabricated metal products sector


of the economy is from agriculture with corn and wheat as the principal crops, along with barley, beans and fava beans. Other crops include apples, peaches, pulque maguey (pulque), pears, and capulin. Livestock such as cattle, pigs, sheep and domestic fowl accounts for about five percent. It is the major source of income for a number of communities. There is still some very limited mining of copper, zinc, lead, iron, silver and gold, with some food processing and metal products. ref name "

Tricity, Poland

of the economy, primarily in the numerous seaside resorts along the coast. Of the limited industrial zones, the most important products are ships, metal products, refined sugar, and paper. Europe * The Tricity (Tricity, Poland) in Poland consists of Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot * The cities of Oxford, Cambridge and London are sometimes considered as a tricity of scientific excellence connected by good rail or road connections. Gdańsk

Grimsby, Ontario

numerous changes, being first a small rural village; then a centre for the manufacture of farm machinery (Agricultural machinery), hospital furniture, furnaces and other metal products; and later the hub of the Niagara Peninsula's fruit-growing industry. For many years, Grimsby also had a successful fishing industry which lasted until the 1960s. The Town of Grimsby and the Township of North Grimsby were amalgamated in 1970 with the formation of the Regional Municipality of Niagara

Delhi, Ontario

; where these businesses tend to prosper during the farming months and be vacant buildings during the winter. Two manufacturing plants once were located here; Delhi Industries and Delhi Foundry, Delhi Metal Products, . They both closed due to the changing Canadian economy that emphasized more on service jobs than jobs in traditional manufacturing fields. Delhi Industries lasted until the midst of the Canadian economic recession (Great Recession) when it closed down on March 2010; terminating 61

Anoka, Minnesota

1,221 - 3 Hoffman (Pentair) 1,217 - 4 Anoka County (Anoka County, Minnesota) Government Center 1,140 - 5 Anoka Metro Regional Treatment Center 479 - 6 Rural Community Insurance Services (Wells Fargo) 373 - 7 Anoka Technical College 324 - 8 Mate Precision Tooling 300 - 9 DecoPac 205 - 10 Firestone Metal Products (Firestone Building Products) 201 Arts and culture Museums and other points of interest * Anoka Metro Regional


making metal products, pharmaceuticals, plastic and leather goods. Traditional crafts include amate paper, mostly done by the Otomis, along with pottery, textiles, masks and dolls make from dried corn husks. Commerce and services

Chelyabinsk Oblast

of the Zolotoy distributary lies Shalyga Island having the length of 2.5 km, heights of 1–2 and maximum widths of 0.3 km. Zonn, p. 375 In 2006, the district was providing 90% of the Russian production of natural gas, 68% of oil and 42% of the metal products. Industrial production per capita in the district is about 2.5 higher than the average value in Russia. The district provides about 42% of the Russian tax incomes, and most of these 42% are due to the industry


of Oxford, Elgin and Norfolk counties. The industrial base has become quite diverse during the decline of the once prominent tobacco industry. The area is home to several branch plants of major US-based automotive suppliers including Rieter Automotive, Guardian Industries, TRW (TRW Inc.) and Johnson Controls. There are many service-related industries including Verspeeten Transport, Marwood Metal Fabrication Ltd., Otter Valley Foods, E & E McLauglin Ltd., J E Bearing Ltd., Fleetwood Metal

Products, and MIL-SIM-FX International Inc. The town has a very active and developing downtown core area which includes the Tillsonburg Town Centre mall, built in 1980 and the recently opened big box stores including Canadian Tire, Shopper's Drug Mart and Staples-Business Depot. Newly expanded The Source store and Mark's Work Wearhouse are located in the Tillsonburg Town Centre Mall. All of the major Canadian chartered banks have branches in the town and there is also

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