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woodblocks and stored, and still in, Haeinsa. Subjects and officials of the Goryeo dynasty also created the world's first metal-based movable type in 1234; the oldest surviving movable metal type book, the Jikji, was made in 1377. In 668, Silla conquered Baekje and Goguryeo with alliance of Tang Dynasty, but by the late 9th century it was tottering, its monarchs being unimaginative and pressed by the power of powerful statesmen. Many robbers and outlaws agitated


Violence, Religion, Jailbait, Forces of Law, Wild Thing) and albums (Excorcise the demons of youth, Armaggedon in action, Bomb Hanoi, Merry Xmas and F*** off) By 1984 he had left The Destructors to join English Dogs. Ian Glasper, Burning Britain, London: Cherry Red, 2004, p. 209. While in The English Dogs he toured the USA, and it was at this time Gizz's fusion of punk and metal based guitar playing was started to get him noticed by the likes of Metallica and helping


music service) Revolver publisher Future US accessdate 7 August 2011 date 17 April 2010 quote 'Their metal-based drone experiments have proved groundbreaking and hugely


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disaster was caused by the electrical ignition of lacquer- and metal-based paints used on the outer hull of the airship. Thus Bain believes that the hydrogen in the airship had no part to play in the initiation of the disaster. This theory, which was proposed in 1997 and recently updated in his 2004 book, ''The Freedom Element: Living with Hydrogen'', has been generally accepted by people interested in promoting hydrogen as a transportation fuel, and generally rejected by people involved


Sonic Wave International). With their style of 'Vedic metal' based around Hindu themes, the band have gained some fame in South East Asia, fusing metal and traditional music in the vein of Brazil's Sepultura, although they do not use avant-garde instruments as in the case of the latter. Many international critics from America, Germany and other countries have given the band's albums rave reviews. In a year of 2010, mobile banking users soared over 100 percent in Kenya, China

United States

; '''Cobalt Flux''' is a game controller manufacturer based in the greater Salt Lake City, Utah area of the United States. One notable product from Cobalt Flux is the polycarbonate plastic and metal-based dance platform (dance pad), which is used with console (video game console) dance games such as Dance Dance Revolution. Born in Syracuse, New York, in 1929 to German immigrants Johanna and Erich Carle, Eric moved back to Germany with his parents in the mid 1930s

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