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Straits Settlements

the last made by Mary Miles Minter. Gibson (in her words) "fled" the United States to the Far East in 1934, where she married her husband who worked for Socony (later Mobil Oil). However, she returned to Los Angeles in 1940 for medical reasons. Her husband, Elbert Lewis, died in a March 1942 Japanese attack on the Socony oil refinery at Penang, Straits Settlements (now Malaysia) during World War II. Lewis left Gibson with a small pension, which she lived on until


#dlm443684 Citizenship Act 1977, Section 6(3)(a) * Tokelauan (Tokelau)s born in Samoa '''on or after 21 April 2005''' for medical reasons Citizenship Act 1977, Section 6(5) * Children born '''on or after 21 April 2005''' and found in New Zealand with unknown parents Citizenship Act 1977


of taking him to see an eye surgeon (eye surgery) in Suva, his father Rupeni Raga smuggled him out of his village in January, 1953, in order to educate him. (At that time, it was permitted to leave the village only for medical reasons). Living with relatives in Bagasau, he was educated at Suva Methodist Boys School and subsequently at Lelean Memorial School, graduating in 1964. During this time, his immediate family moved to Suva. On leaving high school, Taoka enlisted in the police training school. - Suva WikiPedia:Suva Commons:Category:Suva

Athens International Airport

, the A380 (Airbus A380). The first ever A380 to visit 'Eleftherios Venizelos' Athens International Airport made an emergency landing on 13 April 2011 for emergency medical reasons. The first scheduled A380 flight took place on 26 October 2012 by Emirates (Emirates (airline)). Greek Government Debt-crisis Impact and Recovery The Greek government-debt crisis reduced the overall passenger traffic of the airport for six consecutive years. Continental


the Germans alleged to be maltreatment of Germans interned in the Dutch East Indies. Geyl spent thirteen months at the Buchenwald concentration camp. Even after his release from Buchenwald, Geyl continued to be held by the Germans at a Dutch prison until he was finally released for medical reasons in February 1944. '''Otto Ohlendorf''' (4 February 1907 – 8 June 1951) was a German (German people) SS (Schutzstaffel)-Gruppenführer and head of the Inland-SD (responsible


In Mauritania, where "health campaigners estimate that more than 70 percent of Mauritanian girls undergo the partial or total removal of their external genitalia for non-medical reasons", 34 Islamic scholars signed a fatwa banning the practice in January 2010. Their aim was to prevent people from citing religion as a justification for genital mutilation. The authors cited the work of Islamic legal expert Ibn al-Hajj as support for their assertion that " s uch practices

Montgomery, Alabama

. Sirica . Mitchell served only 19 months of his sentence, at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery (Montgomery, Alabama), Alabama, a minimum security prison, before being released on parole for medical reasons. Tape

Food and Drug Administration

glycemic control on other diabetes medications and to those, who in consultation with their healthcare provider, have decided not to take Actos (pioglitazone) or other pioglitazone-containing medicines for medical reasons. Over 1,000 chemicals have been reported


speculated (speculation) in Chinese currency. "Surprise for Mr. Roosevelt", ''Time'', June 29, 1942. While in Beijing, Johnston was assaulted by an unknown person. His skull was fractured, which led to sinus infections and lung ailments and his discharge from the Corps in 1922 for medical reasons. Johnston returned to Spokane for its dry climate, where he

Traks & Live'', featuring eight new audio tracks and a DVD containing the band's performance at Madrid's DeciBELIO festival in June 2006. Aftermath Rehe was subsequently annexed to Manchukuo. Zhang Xueliang was forced by the Kuomintang government to relinquish his posts for “medical reasons”. Chinese forces fell back in disarray to the Great Wall, where after a series of battles and skirmishes (Defense of the Great Wall), the Japanese Army seized a number of strategic points


in the countryside (unless you intend to drink straight out of a river, generally not recommended). If you are in Mongolia especially in the country side try their National Home Made Vodka. It's usually made from distilled yogurt or milk. It doesn't have any weird taste. After you have your first shot of the vodka you won't feel anything, but few minutes later it will get to your head. Most people in Mongolia usually drink this for medical reasons. First you heat up the vodka then put in a little

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