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National Museum . By some accounts although not all Kashan was the origin of the three wise men who followed the star that guided them to Bethlehem to witness the nativity of Jesus, as recounted in the Bible. Elgood, Cyril. ''A Medical History of Persia and the Eastern Caliphate: From the Earliest Times Until the Year A.D. 1932.'' Cambridge Library Collection - History of Medicine. Cambridge University Press, 2010. ISBN 1108015883 p. 34 Whatever the historical


were merged last year by local government decision. Some of the Tyumen Museums: *Tyumen Museum of Local Lore (Several exhibition halls) *Museum of the Fine Arts *Museum of Kolokolnikov estate (Several exhibition halls) *House of Merchant Masharov *Medical History Museum *Museum of Tyumen Agricultural Academy (includes a local lore exhibition, Museum of anatomy; Museum of soil science) Music thumb Tyumen philharmonic (File:Tyumen philharmonic.jpg) Music has always attracted


műemlék).jpg hours Tu-Su 10:00-18:00 Renovation works will be closed until May 2016! price HUF800 400 (2014) content The building of the museum is one of the most beautiful baroque palaces in Győr. Now this is the home of John Xantus Museum. Collections: Győr and surroundings of history from prehistoric times to the present day; The Petz family's private collection (medical history, fine and decorative arts exhibition); The Hauser-Abad family collection of fine and applied art. The pictures of Second World War destruction after air raids in a protective basement. Hungarian postal stamps – from the first issue to the 1980s. * Wikipedia:Győr Commons:Category:Győr


'''Fairmount''' is a town in Fairmount Township (Fairmount Township, Grant County, Indiana), Grant County (Grant County, Indiana) in the east central part of the U.S. state of Indiana. The population was 2,992 at the 2000 census (2000 United States Census). It is ninety kilometers (fifty-five miles) northeast of Indianapolis. Largely a bedroom community to its three thousand citizens, Fairmount is best known as the boyhood home of actor James Dean, who is buried there. Final Four Indianapolis, headquarters of the National Collegiate Athletic Association and often

price $8, $5 students under the age of 17 and seniors, $3 group rate content Located inside of Crispus Attucks school, this museum celebrates Indy's African American heritage with art galleries, school history, and student achievement. Although not as famous as the communities in Chicago or Detroit, Indianapolis has a rich black heritage from the Great Migration of the late 19th century with a quarter of the population African American. *

Medical History Museum alt url http: email address 3045 W. Vermont St lat long directions phone +1 317 635-7329 tollfree fax hours price content Set on the grounds of one of the countries most well known mental hospitals, Central State, which is now defunct, this is a creepy way to make any visit memorable. Take a tour and check out the collections. See Museums above for more gory details. *

Portland, Maine

, one of the two surgeons who had operated on him in Petersburg 50 years previously. He was the last Civil War veteran to die as a result of wounds from the war. Patrick, Bethanne Kelly. ''Maj. Gen. Joshua L. Chamberlain'' A full study of his medical history strongly suggests that it was complications from the wound suffered at Petersburg that resulted in his death. Schmidt, Jim. "


. His undergraduate work was in Electronic Engineering at the Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería in Peru, from which he graduated in 1977. DATE OF BIRTH October 4, 1954 PLACE OF BIRTH Lima, Perú DATE OF DEATH A thorough medical history and physical examination are the first steps in making a diagnosis. thumb right 175px Moche (Image:Paralisis facialMOCHE.jpg) Culture Representation of Facial Paralysis. 300 A.D. Larco Museum Larco Museum


;ref He spoke for 90 minutes. His opening comments to the gathered crowd were, "Ladies and gentlemen, I don't know whether you fully understand that I have just been shot (s:I have just been shot); but it takes more than that to kill a Bull Moose."


by the inhalation of different gases, ''i.e.'' pneumatic medicine (Pneumatic school). Miller, David Philip and Levere, Trevor (March 2008) "“Inhale it and See?” The Collaboration between Thomas Beddoes and James Watt in Pneumatic Medicine" ''Ambix'' 55(1): pp. 5–28 Stansfield, Dorothy A. and Stansfield, Ronald G. (1986) "Dr Thomas Beddoes and James Watt: Preparatory Work 1794–96 for the Bristol Pneumatic Institute" ''Medical

History'' 30: pp. 276–302 In this he was assisted by Richard Lovell Edgeworth, whose daughter, Anna, became Beddoes' wife in 1794. In 1799 the Pneumatic Institution was established at Dowry Square, Hotwells, Bristol, its first superintendent being Humphry Davy,


of proteolytic bacteria. Metchnikoff himself introduced in his diet sour milk fermented with the bacteria he called "Bulgarian Bacillus" and found his health benefited. Friends in Paris soon followed his example and physicians began prescribing the sour milk diet for their patients.


" Iraq operates a consular services office in the William J. Boardman House on P Street. '''Lina Medina''' (born September 27, 1933, in Ticrapo, Huancavelica Region, Peru) is the youngest confirmed mother (list of youngest birth mothers) in medical history (history of medicine), giving birth at the age

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