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Avenal, California

of Skyline Boulevard (California State Route 269) in the City's joint effort with Caltrans. Avenal has also completed a massive public improvement project with the development of of new curbs, gutters and sidewalks throughout the City. In November 2010, the Avenal Police Department was initiated with 14 sworn officers. Jack Amoroso was the first police chief. ''Hanford Sentinel'', November 13, 2010 Although Avenal's future is no longer closely


money moved out of the West Bank to secret bank accounts. highly publicized cases of deadly panic occurred during massive public events. The layout of Mecca was extensively redesigned by Saudi authorities in an attempt to eliminate frequent stampedes, which kill an average of 250 pilgrims every year.


election s. In 1971, the military junta led by Yahya Khan refused to transfer power to the newly elected National Assembly, sparking mass riots, civil disobdience and a movement for self-determination. On 7 March 1971, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman addressed a massive public rally on the Ramna Race Course ground (Suhrawardy Udyan) which was attended by nearly two million people.


and the presidency of South Africa. ** In Germany, the Nazis stage massive public book burnings. ** Paraguay declares war on Bolivia. * May 12 – Agricultural Adjustment Act is enacted in the USA. Date unknown * U.S. arbitration rejects Argentine (Argentina) claims to Paraguay's part of the Chaco (Gran Chaco) region. * Otto von Bismarck abandons his ''Kulturkampf'' and forces through legislation outlawing the Social Democrats

Mexico City

and sewage utilities by 1908. While the initial focus was on developing modern hospitals, schools, factories and massive public works, perhaps the most long lasting effects of the Porfirian modernization were creation of the Colonia Roma area and the development of Reforma Avenue. Many of Mexico City's major attractions and landmarks were built during this era in this style. Diaz's plans called for the entire city to eventually be modernized or rebuilt in the Porfirian French style of the Colonia




is banned. Central Park General Information, Central Park Conservancy. Retrieved September 21, 2006. While much of the park looks natural, it is almost entirely landscaped and contains several artificial lakes. The construction of Central Park in the 1850s was one of the era's most massive public works projects. Some 20,000 workers crafted the topography to create the English-style pastoral landscape


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Soviet Union

: Why My Small Country is Now Being Rent Asunder "The Tour", as it has become known, provoked massive public demonstrations, the formation of public pressure group Halt All Racist Tours (HART) and some of the worst social schisms New Zealand has ever seen. Muldoon came down firmly on the pro-Tour side, arguing that sport and politics should be kept separate. He argued that his refusal to ban the Springboks was anti-authoritarian, leaving it up to individual consciences whether to play sports with representatives of apartheid. He also argued that allowing their rugby team to tour did not mean supporting apartheid any more than playing a Soviet Union team meant supporting Communism. Despite the turmoil over "The Tour" created within New Zealand, Muldoon's New Zealand National Party won the subsequent election held later that year. In the winter of 1927, Liu was sent to the Soviet Union by the CPC to study military strategies and tactics. At first, Liu pursued his studies at a military academy in Moscow, but was soon transferred to the more prestigious Frunze Military Academy for regular training in military strategies and tactics. A man known for perseverance, Liu quickly mastered the Russian language and went on to become the first Chinese translator of Russian military theoretic works. Later on, Liu was invited to give a lecture on the subject at the 6th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party which was held in Moscow. Despite the demotion, Liu was dedicated to his new job, attempting to bring what he learned during his years in the Soviet Union to the Academy. He organised the translations of numerous military textbooks from the Soviet Union and other countries, introducing major campaigns from ancient times to World War II to students, and sowing the seeds of the PLA's evolution into a modern army. Although Liu was appointed Vice-Chairman of the Central Military Committee of the CPC and PRC in 1954 as a reward for his contributions, these titles did not promise real power as Peng's did. (Peng was appointed Defense Minister for his battle achievements in the Korean War.) In 1955, Liu attained the rank of field marshal, ranking as the 4th amongst 10 field marshals of the PLA, next to Zhu De, Peng and Lin Biao. Feng renamed his army the ''Guominjun'' or the National People's Army. To counter pressure from the Zhili and Fengtian factions, he invited Duan Qirui to take on the presidency, but was still defeated by a Zhili-Fengtian alliance in the Anti-Fengtian War in January 1926. He lost control of Beijing, and retreated to Zhangjiakou where his army became known as the Northwest Army. In August, he went to the Soviet Union and returned in September, whereupon he joined the Nationalist Party (Kuomintang). Feng threw his support behind the Nationalists in the Northern Expedition and merged his ''Guominjun'' with the National Revolutionary Army. '''''Teheran 43''''' is a 1981 USSR (Soviet Union)-France-Switzerland film made by Mosfilm, ''Mediterraneo Cine'' and ''Pro Dis Film'', directed by Aleksandr Alov and Vladimir Naumov. '''Andrei Alekseevich Amalrik''' (Russian:Андрей Алексеевич Амальрик; May 12, 1938 - November 12, 1980), alternatively spelled ''Andrei'' or ''Andrey'', was a Russian (Soviet Union) writer and dissident. ---- Wikipedia:Post-Soviet states commons:Союз Советских Социалистических Республик


November 1943, and was imprisoned in Rashaïa castle, where he was held for eleven days, along with Bishara el-Khoury and Riad el-Solh, who were to become the first President and Prime Minister (List of Prime Ministers of Lebanon), respectively, of the new republic. Massive public protests led to their release on 22 November, which has since been celebrated as the Lebanese Independence Day. !-- Deleted image removed: Image:Chamounfamily2.jpg thumb 220px left Family potrait

of Lebanon parliament in 1934, and was reelected in 1937 and 1943. A champion of independence from France, he was arrested on 11 November 1943, and was imprisoned in Rashaïa castle, where he was held for eleven days, along with Bishara el-Khoury and Riad el-Solh, who were to become the first President and Prime Minister (List of Prime Ministers of Lebanon), respectively, of the new republic. Massive public protests led to their release on 22 November, which has since

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