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release of a commodity output of the enterprises food and a process industry, the enterprises of light industry and the enterprises of a machine-building complex at the expense of reorientation to release of the consumer goods. Relative density of the enterprises chemical and a petroleum-refining industry is reduced, despite insignificant growth of their volumes of manufacture. Chemical and the petroleum-refining industry in a city is presented by two big enterprises: Public corporation"

;AZMOL", the Berdyansk state factory of fiberglass, and also two small enterprises: Limited Liability Company "Fibreglass", Closed Corporation "Bertie". Public corporation"AZMOL"is engaged in manufacture and realisation of lubricants, manufacturing of container for their packaging and packing. Expansion of assortment of lubricants, development and introduction of new highly effective and competitive products with application of energy-efficient technologies

is planned. Works on container and packing perfection, expansion of their assortment proceed . Search of new business partners will proceed. Perspective directions of expansion of outlets for the enterprise are the countries of Africa and Asia. Building of experimental wind-driver power station is supposed. Transfer into the municipal property of the city of plant of biological sewage treatment is planned. The Berdyansk state factory of fiberglass specialises on manufacture of fiberglass and products

Kaluga Oblast

. The leading foreign pharmaceutical companies have set up partnerships with the region. Most of the research is done in Obninsk, Russia’s first technology city. '''Manufacture of Finished Dosage Forms:''' *Khemopharm (STADA Group, Germany), present in Kaluga region since 2007, first in Russia to export medicines both to Europe and USA; *Berlin-Chemie Menarini, Menarini (Italy); *Novo-Nordisk (Novo Nordisk) (Denmark); *Niarmedik Plus (Russia); *AstraZeneca (Sweden-UK). '''Pilot production

Meat Factory OAO; *Invest Alyans OOO; *Zuegg Russia (Zuegg) OOO ООО; *Obninsk Dairy Factory, Wimm-Bill-Dann branch; *MosMedynAgroprom OAO – dairy products. Consumer Goods Consumer goods manufacturers in Kaluga region include about 250 companies and organizations of various ownership, including 11 large and medium-sized companies. The following large companies operate in the key sectors of the consumer goods manufacture: *Ermolino OJSC, textiles

; *Runo OJSC, textiles; *Sukhinichi Clothing Factory, clothing; *Ludinovo Clothing Factory LLC, clothing; *Yukhnovo Clothing Factory LLC, clothing; *KALITA OJSC, shoes; *Kaluga Shoes LLC; *Forio LLC, shoes. In its efforts to diversify the regional economy the government of Kaluga region focuses on the development of various industries. Nowadays companies in Kaluga region manufacture paper, cardboard package, chipboards and wood fiberboards, board packets, bricks, sanitary stoneware, reinforced

Tamil Nadu Government Organizations

;" + ! Sl. No Company Incorporated Headquarters Parent Department Role Type Remarks Website Share Holding - 1 Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Papers Limited (TNPL) 1984 Chennai Industries Newsprint, Printing & Writing paper manufacture from Bagasse State Govt. Undertaking Presently Government of Tamil Nadu holds 35.32% (Out of 100%) of Equity shares in TNPL as of 31.3.2012 as per http

: DisplayPage.aspx?file share_holding.htm - 2 Tamil Nadu Cement Corporation Limited (TANCEM) 1976 Chennai Industries Manufacture of Cements, Asbestos Sheets & Stone Ware Pipes State Govt. Undertaking - 3 Tamil Nadu Magnesite Limited (TANMAG) 1979 Salem (Salem, Tamil Nadu) Industries Magnasite Mining State Govt. Undertaking tanmag

- 4 Tamil Nadu Industrial Explosives Limited (TEL) 1983 Chennai Industries Manufacture of Industrial Explosives State Govt. Undertaking - 5 Tamil Nadu Minerals Limited (TAMIN) 1978 Chennai Industries Exploitation, Processing & Marketing of Minerals State Govt. Undertaking - 6 Tamil Nadu Small Industries Corporation Limited (TANSI


of submarines, military and civil ships, construction of oil platforms and faceting of diamonds. *'''"Severny Reyd"''' ( ) :Manufacture of road-building equipment and snow-ploughs. thumb right 220px Kudemskaya narrow-gauge railway (File:Kud-0845.jpg) (2011) Transportation Severodvinsk

as the Papa class (Papa class submarine)), was built at the SEVMASH shipyard (Sevmash) in Severodvinsk and completed in 1972. The long build time was caused by numerous design flaws and difficulties in manufacture. Extensively tested and reconfigured, she was taken out of service following a reactor accident in 1980. She reportedly had a top speed of and a claimed dive depth of 800 m. This combined with other reports created some alarm in the U.S. Navy

Pale, Bosnia and Herzegovina

migration into the town, the suburb of Koran is built out with new building and apartment complexes constructed. In 1968 the Military Maintenance complex in Koran enters is merged with the "FAMOS" corporation and is incorporated as "FAMOS-Koran". This merger brings further development and new work opportunities. Famos-Koran would go on to manufacture parts for heavy engines, transmissions and vehicles. Towards the end of the 1980s there were more than 2000 employees at Famos

-Koran. In addition factories were add for the manufacture of engine turbos and manufacture of parts for the Mercedes Benz OM-360 engine that was built under licence. War in Bosnia During 1991 and 1992, as the tensions rose in the run up to the Bosnian War, the Pale region became the an administrative center of the nascent breakaway Republika Srpska. It would remain a center of activity for the Serb forces during the Siege of Sarajevo. The town became the nominal

Muang Sing

, clothes and other souvenirs to sell to tourists. The Yao people are noted in particular for their needlework and embroidery and are skilled in making trousers, tunics and turbans. Between November to January, they produce a durable bamboo paper which is dried and later used as paper, primarily for religious purposes. The Hmong also manufacture embroidered clothing, bags and blankets for special ceremonies and festivals. ref name

"MSTeh" The locals manufacture banners with bright colors such as orange, pink, blue, green, red and purple and often feature animals, humans and with Buddhist themes. The banners are typically 2 or 3 metres in length and 1 ft in diameter and are often adorned with beads, sequins, tassels, metal foil and paper. A notable local dish is ''Khao soi'' (English: "rice cut"), a Lao

El Puerto de Santa María

, more delicate flavour than other varieties of fino. It is typically aged for five years in a solera, but some types may be aged longer. http: region-5402-manzanilla '''Flor''' (Spanish and Portuguese for ''flower'') is a winemaking term referring to a film of yeast on the surface of wine and which is important in the manufacture of certain styles of sherry. The flor is formed naturally under certain winemaking conditions, from indigenous

yeasts found in the region of Andalucía in southern Spain. Normally in winemaking, it is essential to keep young wines away from exposure to air by sealing them in airtight barrels, to avoid infection by bacteria and yeasts that tend to spoil it. However, in the manufacture of sherries, the slightly porous oak barrels are deliberately filled only about five-sixths full with the young wine, leaving "the space of two fists" empty to allow the flor yeast to take form

Agros, Cyprus

by the British for “having paraded in Agros without a written permit by the Commander of Lemesos”. In several residences of Agros there were many guerrilla hideouts. The first guerrilla hideout was in the home of Kyriacou Polykarpou. Stylianos Lenas would manufacture grenades there. When the hideout was compromised, Lenas continued to manufacture grenades in a hideout in another village. As we have already said, the headquarters of Agros was also in a hideout in Agros. The first ever curfew

for health as it can cure several illnesses.The majority of the visitors prefer the sweet made of walnuts (karidaki).The manufacture of these sweets lasts two days. They are put in syrup which is made of water and sugar.The women from the village make another delicious sweet the “machalepi”. It is usually prepared during summer and it is served cold with rose water, water and another traditional liquid made of rose and with red color.In conclusion, in Agros you can find many delicacies that will amaze

Malton, Ontario

;p_community Mississauga Peel District School Board Schools in Ward 5 *Dufferin-Peel Catholic School Board Category:Neighbourhoods in Mississauga In 1959, the Diefenbaker government cancelled the development and manufacture of the Avro CF-105 Arrow (CF-105 Arrow). The Arrow was a supersonic jet interceptor built by Avro Canada in Malton, Ontario

to manufacture Avro Lancaster heavy bombers was to go to the National Steel Car Ltd. headquartered in Hamilton (Hamilton, Ontario), utilizing the Malton, Ontario factory (near today's Toronto Pearson International Airport). National Steel Car was already producing Westland Lysander aircraft and involved as a subcontractor in the manufacture of Hawker Hurricane fighters, Avro Anson trainers and Handley Page Hampden bombers. Questions arising as to the company's abililty


a population of 1,490. History Antiquity Dor (Tel Dor) was the most southern settlement of the Phoenicians on the coast of Syria and a center for the manufacture of Tyrian purple, extracted from the murex snail found there in abundance. Dor is first mentioned in the Egyptian ''Story of Wenamun,'' as a port ruled by the Tjeker prince Beder (Beder (ancient ruler)), where Wenamun (a priest of Amun at Karnak) stopped on his way to Byblos

children were the only Jews in the village. The farm was successful and the family maintained good relations with their Arab neighbors. "History", Bashan Foundation In 1891 Baron Rothschild financed the development of a bottle factory in Tantura, ''Encyclopedia Judaica'', "Dor", p. 172, Keter Publishing House, Jerusalem, 1972 as he planned to use the fine sand on the shore to manufacture

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