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National Disaster Response Force

right thumb 360px Major Disasters in India (1980–2009) The '''National Disaster Response Force''' ('''NDRF''') is a disaster response agency under National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) created by the Ministry of Home Affairs (Ministry of Home Affairs (India)), Government of India. It was established in 2009 in Delhi, for disaster management and specialised response to natural (natural disaster) and man-made disasters (Man-made hazard). Functioning at state and central

of the NDMA capable of dealing with all types of natural and man-made disasters. At present, National Disaster Response Force consists of ten battalions, two each from the BSF (Border Security Force), CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force), twoCISF (Central Industrial Security Force) and ITBP (Indo-Tibetan Border Police). Category:Disaster preparedness in India Category:Natural disasters in India Category:Ministry of Home Affairs (India) Category:Government agencies of India Category:Government agencies established in 2006 Category:Organisations based in Delhi

Lead, South Dakota

The Homestake Mine pit in Lead, South Dakota Two prominent man-made features of Lead's geography are the giant open cut, which was used for surface gold mining by the Homestake Mine, and the resulting ridge nearby built with the non-producing material from the cut.

Yaroslavl Oblast

the rest of the country, the Yaroslavl Oblast went through rapid forced industrialization of the first five year plans (five-year plans for the national economy of the Soviet Union). In 1935, construction of the Rybinsk dam began, it was followed by creation of the Rybinsk Reservoir, the largest man-made body of water on Earth at that time, that inundated the entire city of Mologa. By the early 1940s, the oblast became one of the most industrialized regions of Russia, its biggest economic centers were Yaroslavl (53% of the industrial output), Rybinsk (17%) and Kostroma (11%). Economic growth was accompanied with social and cultural development. A number of higher education institutes, theaters, and a philharmonia were founded in Yaroslavl and Rybisnk. On the other hand, the region was also significantly affected with the political repressions of that time (Political repression in the Soviet Union). During the period from 1918 to 1975, 18,155 people were given sentences for political crimes, including 2,219 sentenced to death. Despite being a rear region in the course of the World War II, the Yaroslavl Oblast was still in danger of invasion. Many regional manufacturers were relocated eastwards, two strong lines of defense were constructed in the late 1941. Out of 500 thousand residents of the oblast sent to fight on the front lines, 200 thousand (1 10 of the entire population) did not return. Right after the end of the war, the oblast went on to complete the old projects finishing the construction of the Rybinsk Hydroelectric Power Station and establishing new industries. Beginning with the late 1960s, the Poshekhonye brand of cheese received recognition throughout Russia. In 1979, Yarslavl became a regular host of now the oldest jazz festival in Russia, ''Jazz Nad Volgoi'' ("Jazz on Volga"). Politics thumb right 200px Seat of the Oblast government in Sovetskaya Square (image:Oblast-governement-yar.jpg) During the Soviet (Soviet Union) period, the high authority in the oblast was shared between three persons: The first secretary of the Yaroslavl CPSU Committee (who in reality had the biggest authority), the chairman of the oblast Soviet (legislative power), and the Chairman of the oblast Executive Committee (executive power). Since 1991, CPSU lost all the power, and the head of the Oblast administration, and eventually the governor was appointed elected alongside elected regional parliament (Regional parliaments of Russia). The Charter of Yaroslavl Oblast is the fundamental law of the region. The Legislative Assembly of Yaroslavl Oblast is the province's standing legislative (representative) body. The Legislative Assembly exercises its authority by passing laws, resolutions, and other legal acts and by supervising the implementation and observance of the laws and other legal acts passed by it. The highest executive body is the Oblast Government, which includes territorial executive bodies such as district administrations, committees, and commissions that facilitate development and run the day to day matters of the province. The Oblast administration supports the activities of the Governor who is the highest official and acts as guarantor of the observance of the oblast Charter in accordance with the Constitution of Russia. Administrative divisions commons:category:Yaroslavl Oblast wikipedia:Yaroslavl Oblast

Austin, Minnesota

and U.S. Highway 218 (U.S. Route 218) in the southeastern part of the state. The town was originally settled along the Cedar River (Cedar River (Iowa River)) and it has two man-made lakes called East Side Lake and Mill pond. The town was named for Austin R. Nichols, the first settler in the area. Hormel Foods Corporation (Hormel) is the largest employer in Austin, where its factory makes most of North America's Spam (Spam (food)) tinned (Tin can) meat. The Austin Area Chamber

, Minnesota Mower County birth_place Austin, Minnesota, USA death_date February, 1976 DATE OF BIRTH June 23, 1891 PLACE OF BIRTH Austin, Minnesota, USA DATE OF DEATH February 1976


there are many sites in Kashan of potential interest to tourists, the city remains largely undeveloped in this sector, with fewer than a thousand foreign tourists per year. Qamsar and Abyaneh are notable towns around Kashan, which attract tourists all year around. The nearby town of Niasar features a man-made cave and fireplace of historical interest. Kashan is internationally famous for manufacturing carpets, silk and other textiles. Kashan today houses most of Iran's mechanized carpet-weaving factories, and has an active marble and copper mining industry. Kashan and suburbs have a population of 400,000. Ghaleh Jalali is not located in the centre of kashan as the text indicates. It is located on the edge of souther margin of the old wall of the city. As a matter of fact the southern part of the wall and the Ghaleh ( the citadel ) join up and forms just one piece. Out of wall areas used to be simply irrigated farm lands, but today is sporadically residential. Main sights Kashan's architectural sights include: * Agha Bozorg Mosque (Agha Bozorg Mosque, Kashan) * Āmeri House * Boroujerdi House (Borujerdis House) * Jalali castle * Tabātabāei House (Tabatabaei House) * Abbāsi House (Abbasian House) * Attarha House * Al-e Yaseen House * Sultan Amir shrine and bath (Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse) * ''40 Dokhtaran'' Fortress * Pirouz Nahavandi Abu-Lu'lu'ah Shrine (the assassin of islam 's second Caliph) * Fin Garden * Ghal'eh jalali * Jameh Mosque of Kashan * Kashan Bazaar * Meydan Mosque (Meydan Mosque, Kashan) * Sialk * Tabriziha Mosque * Timcheh Amin-o-dowleh Education Colleges and universities in Kashan include: *Kashan University of Medical Sciences *Islamic Azad University of Kashan *University of Kashan Roads *Road 71 (Road 71 (Iran)) *Freeway 7 (Freeway 7 (Iran)), located near the city Kashan is connected via freeways to Isfahan (Isfahan (city)) and Natanz to the South, and Qom, which is an hour drive away to the north. Famous Kashanis *Sohrab Sepehri *Ghyath ad-Din Jamshid Kashani (Jamshīd al-Kāshī) *Kamal-ol-Molk *Mohammad-Nabi Sarbolouki *Ustad Ali Maryam *Muhsen Feyz Kashani *Yedidia Shofet the former chief rabbi of Iran and the worldwide spiritual leader of Persian Jewry. *Uriel Davidi the former chief rabbi of Iran and the worldwide spiritual leader of Persian Jewry. *Isaac Larian is the Chief Executive Officer of MGA Entertainment *David Alliance, Baron Alliance Businessman and a Liberal Democrat politician in the United Kingdom. *Seyyed Hossein Nasr, Leading Islamic Philosopher and exponent of the Perennial Philosophy Sister cities *20px (Image:Flag of Sweden.svg) Umeå, Sweden *20px (Image:Flag of Bulgaria.svg) Kazanlak, Bulgaria *20px (Image:Flag of Iran.svg) Sabzevar, Iran See also *Iranian Architecture *Kashan rug *List of the historical structures in the Isfahan province *Sialk - Kashan's ancient architecture. *Traditional Persian residential architecture References WikiPedia:Kashan Commons:Category:Kashan





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called ''Tamatave'', which was its official name until 1977. Get in By plane By car By bus The Postal Service operates a cheap and fast Taxi Brouse from Tamatave to Antananarivo. Look for the van parked outside the post office. By boat Get around See Do Canal des Pangalanes. There are overnight trips on this amazing man made and natural canal that effectively extends half way down the east coast of Madagascar. Ask at the Hotel Joffre or the travel

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