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Polmin was one of the biggest in Europe, employing 800 people. Numerous visitors came there to see beautiful wooden Greek Catholic churches, among them the Church of St. Yur, which was regarded the most beautiful such construction in the Second Polish Republic, with frescoes from 1691. Drohobych was also a major sports center (see: Junak Drohobycz). In September, 1939, the city was attached to Soviet Ukraine when the territory of the Second Polish Republic interwar Poland

North West Leicestershire

two major sports teams; Leicester City and Leicester Tigers. '''Copt Oak''' is a place in Leicestershire in England. It is in the North West Leicestershire district, near Bawdon

Downtown Jacksonville

are: the Southbank, a commercial and residential district directly across the St. Johns River from the Downtown Core; LaVilla, a historically African American neighborhood west of the Downtown Core; Brooklyn (Brooklyn (Jacksonville)), to the southwest of the Downtown Core; and the Stadium District, an area containing the city's major sports and entertainment venues to the east of the Downtown Core.

Edmonton Capital Region

North American professional sports leagues major sports team needs to be financially viable. With the only other former World Hockey Association team in Hartford (Hartford, Connecticut) re-locating in 1997, many analysts predicted that the "domino effect" would be completed in 1998 with the Oilers' move. - CGF2 Edmonton Goyer Field Aerodrome Edmonton Capital Region, Alberta - '''Alberta Provincial Highway No. 15'''


, the Keflavík Football Club (Knattspyrnufélag Keflavíkur, KFK). Despite its name, the club formed teams in football (association football), handball (Team handball) and swimming (swimming (sport)). Commons:Category:Keflavík

Leamington, Ontario

Association has over 800 players every year *Leamington S.C. United Soccer Club formed in Dec. 2008 has become a major sports club, with 10 competitive traveling teams from under-11 to Senior Mens *Sun County Crows play in the Zone 7 of the Ontario Lacrosse Association at Heinz Arena *Velocity Volleyball Media Leamington's weekly newspaper is the Southpoint Sun. The weekly newspaper that was Leamington Post ceased operations in 2012 after 138 years in publication. Leamington is home to two regional commercial radio stations. Mix 96.7 (CHYR-FM)FM was originally known as CJSP and was on 710 on the AM dial, having signed on the air on February 17, 1955. In 2008, a second radio station with the call-sign of CJSP (CJSP-FM) signed on at 92.7 FM as a country music station. A community television (Community channel (Canada)) station, CFTV (CFTV-TV) channel 34, launched in 2006. CFTV-TV is on channel 100 on Cogeco digital cable (digital cable television) (having been moved from channel 79 to 100). Leamington In media *Aspects of the fictional town of Port Ticonderoga in The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood (including street names, demographics and a store name) appear to have been derived from Leamington. Atwood is a part-time resident of Pelee Island, which is accessed by ferry from Leamington. *The fictional town of the Sun Parlour in the book Lives of the Saints by Nino Ricci is based on Leamington. *The book Splat! By Eric Walters takes place in Leamington at the tomato festival. *Stompin' Tom Connors mentions Leamington in his tune ''The Ketchup Song'' *David Letterman referred to Leamington as ''the tomato capital of Canada'' in a monologue in July 2009. Education English-language public education for kindergarten through secondary school grades in Essex County is administered by the Greater Essex County District School Board, along with the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board which oversees English-language catholic education. French-language public and catholic education are overseen by the Conseil scolaire Viamonde and the Conseil scolaire de district des écoles catholiques du Sud-Ouest respectively. The scope of all of these organizations includes both the County and the City of Windsor. Prior to 1998 the Essex County Board of Education operates Anglophone secular public schools. Elementary Leamington has six public elementary schools, Margaret D. Bennie, Mill Street, Queen Elizabeth, Gore Hill, Mount Carmel - Blytheswood Public School and East Mersea. Leamington has two Catholic elementary schools: Queen of Peace and Saint Louis. Leamington also has one French speaking Catholic School, St. Michel. South Shore Christian School is a private elementary school located in Leamington. Leamington has two main school boards the Greater Essex County District School Board and the Windsor-Essex Catholic School Board. Secondary Leamington has three secondary schools: Leamington District Secondary School (LDSS) (Leamington_District_Secondary_School); Cardinal Carter Catholic High School (Leamington), and U.M.E.I (United Mennonite Education Institute). Notable people from Leamington * Major league pitcher Bob Hooper and infielder Danny Klassen. * NHL players Brad Selwood, Pat Ribble, Randy Manery, Darren McCarty, Kirk Bowman * Environmentalist David Suzuki * Authors Bill Sherk, Nino Ricci, Jean Brown, Lynsay Sands, Vesna Bailey * Sandra Campbell (Sandra Campbell (beauty contestant)), Miss Dominion of Canada 1974, represented Canada in Miss Universe and Miss World beauty pageants. * Musician Jody Raffoul * Wally Tatomir the equipment manager for the Carolina Hurricanes of the NHL * CBC Radio 3 personality Lana Gay * Arena Football League Defensive Back Corey Petryschuk * Actor Jeff Hammond (Jeff Hammond (actor)) See also *List of townships in Ontario References east of the town Leamington (Leamington, Ontario), Ontario, Canada. One of earliest activities was to provide and coordinate training for teachers. Mennonite Collegiate Institute (Gretna, Manitoba, 1899) was soon followed by Mennonite Educational Institute (Altona, Manitoba) and the German-English Academy, now Rosthern Junior College (Rosthern, Saskatchewan, 1905). Strong support for schools continued through the history of the conference, which by the 1990s included these additional schools: Canadian Mennonite Bible College (Winnipeg, Manitoba), Columbia Bible College (Columbia Bible College (Abbotsford, British Columbia)) (Abbotsford, British Columbia), Conrad Grebel University College (Waterloo, Ontario), Swift Current Bible Institute (Swift Current, Saskatchewan), United Mennonite Education Institute (Leamington, Ontario) and Westgate Mennonite Collegiate (Winnipeg, Manitoba). - colspan "4" '''Leamington (Leamington, Ontario)''' - ''Main article (Leamington municipal election, 2006)'' -

Pushkin, Saint Petersburg

(Городской ) Совет . (1999-07-11). Retrieved on 2011-03-11. Sports From 1947 to 2010 the town has raised 3 Honored Master of Sports (:ru:Заслуженный мастер спорта), 19 International Masters of Sports (:ru:Мастер спорта России международного класса) and 62 Masters of Sports. There is a large number of clubs for all major sports, two swimming pools, and a town stadium for 1,500 spectators. ref name


:: publisher date accessdate 2013-06-14 * Marronniergongwon Park


address lat long directions phone +20 69 3641 309 tollfree fax hours price content Red Sea Relax Resort (on the promenade 50m down from Lighthouse), Lively establishment, with a good mix of tourist and resident trade. Serves draught Heineken on tap and British orientated cuisine at very reasonable prices. Premiership football and other major sports shown on the big screen terrace and downstairs in the air con bar. * '''Elzar Bar''', next to the ruins of the old harbour on the beachfront. The best place in town for anyone wanting to get pissed late at night. Chris the Aussie barman is always on hand until the sun comes up serving a variety of alcoholics including the drunken Welshman and unconfrontational Dave the Canadian nice man. * '''The Furry cup''', at the Blue Beach Hotel, where local Westerners hang out at the sound of U2, Coldplay, etc. The only place in Dahab where you can get Western hard liquor brands instead of the fakes. * commons:دهب

Metro Detroit

, including six professional teams in four major sports. The area's several universities field teams in a variety of sports. Michigan Stadium, home of the Michigan Wolverines (Michigan Wolverines football), is the largest American football stadium in the world. Metro Detroit hosts many annual sporting events including auto and hydroplane racing. The area has hosted many major sporting events, including the 1994 FIFA World Cup, Super Bowl XVI, Super Bowl XL, the 2005 Major

the Great Lakes connects to the St. Lawrence Seaway, making it a highly desirable location for commerce and tourism. The metropolitan area shares an international border with Ontario, Canada. Boating and watersports of all types are among the popular activities. A major port and cruise ship docking site, the area is known as the world's automotive capital and contains many major corporations. Metro Detroit is the site of national convention activity and business meetings, major sports

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