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Morden, Manitoba

Morden (Morden, Manitoba). Because Winkler's many customers from the Mennonite settlement wanted him to build a market in their vicinity, he persuaded the Canadian Pacific Railway to build a spur route on the northeastern edge of the settlement where Winkler had been established. The Pembina Valley was home to 52,126 residents as of the 2001 census (Canada 2001 Census). Its major service centre is the city of Winkler (Winkler, Manitoba). Other important towns include Morden

Vũng Tàu

waters along with the concomitant service in Vietnam continued into 1970. Vietnam War service Intensified operations in Vietnam called her with other ships of Destroyer Squadron 20 and they left Newport on 4 October for Panama and Yokosuka, arriving on 10 November. As they had in Korea, her guns supported troops ashore, first driving back Viet Cong attempting to overrun Vũng Tàu on 21 November. After four months on the gunline giving major service in the struggle to keep South Vietnam free, ''Norris'' completed a circumnavigation by returning via Suez to Newport, arriving on 25 April 1967. Pacific operations, 1954–1964 During her deployment in 1954, ''Skagit'' was ordered to Tourane (Da Nang), French Indochina, to participate in "Operation Passage to Freedom". The ship transported 4,089 refugees from Hai Phong in the north to Saigon and Cape St. Jacques (Vũng Tàu) in the south. The refugees were fleeing from the communists then closing in on Hanoi and Hai Phong.

Winkler, Manitoba

) was a politician in Manitoba, Canada. He was a member of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba from 1973 to 1988, representing the riding (electoral district (Canada)) of Rhineland (Rhineland (Manitoba riding)) for the Progressive Conservative Party (Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba). The Pembina Valley was home to 52,126 residents as of the 2001 census (Canada 2001 Census). Its major service centre is the city of Winkler (Winkler, Manitoba). Other important towns include Morden (Morden, Manitoba), Altona (Altona, Manitoba), and Carman (Carman, Manitoba). The region comprises two of Statistics Canada's census divisions of Canada: Manitoba Census Division No. 3 and No. 4, which together have a land area of 9,790.98 km² (3,780.32 sq mi) and a total population of 52,126 (2001 census (Canada 2001 Census)). '''Morden''' is a small town located in the Pembina Valley region of southern Manitoba, Canada. Morden is about 15 kilometres (9 miles) west of neighbouring Winkler (Winkler, Manitoba), and a relatively short distance (by car) to Pembina Valley Provincial Park. It lies within the Rural Municipality of Stanley (Stanley, Manitoba). demo-cd demo-csd Portage la Prairie (Portage la Prairie, Manitoba), Winkler (Winkler, Manitoba), Morden (Morden, Manitoba), Stanley (Stanley, Manitoba), Macdonald (Macdonald, Manitoba), Rhineland (Rural Municipality of Rhineland), Altona (Altona, Manitoba), Cartier (Cartier, Manitoba), Carman (Carman, Manitoba) Geography This is a rural district that include the towns of Portage La Prairie, Carman (Carman, Manitoba), Altona (Altona, Manitoba), Winkler (Winkler, Manitoba) and Morden (Morden, Manitoba). - CJEL-FM 00 93.5 FM Winkler (Winkler, Manitoba) Golden West Broadcasting adult contemporary - - VF2465 0 101.3 FM Winkler (Winkler, Manitoba) Pembina Valley Development Corporation tourist information - Winkler was born in Neustadt (Neustadt, Ontario), Grey County (Grey County, Ontario), Canada West (now Ontario), and educated at public schools in the area. He moved to Manitoba in 1879 after the death of his father, and worked in his brother Enoch Winkler's lumberyard. In 1883, he began his own grain and lumber business in Morden (Morden, Manitoba). He began farming in 1888. After the incorporation of the Municipality of Stanley (Stanley, Manitoba) in 1890, Winkler was chosen as the community's first reeve (Reeve (Canada)). He served in this position until 1892. In the same year, the village of Winkler (Winkler, Manitoba) was established in Manitoba, named after him. He ran a grain elevator and lumber business in the community. Winkler was also an active freemason. The '''Winkler Flyers''' are a Manitoba Junior Hockey League team playing out of the Winkler Arena in Winkler, Manitoba, Canada. The Flyers entered the MJHL as an expansion team for the 1980-81 season. Famous NHL (National Hockey League) players to have played on this team include Eddie "The Eagle" Belfour (Ed Belfour). They also had Ed Belfour's son playing backup for the team. '''Triple E Recreational Vehicles''', a division of Triple E Canada, is a Canadian recreational vehicle manufacturing company located in Winkler, Manitoba. It is the only Canadian-owned Class-A RV builder in Canada. Other Triple E Canada divisions include Load King Industries, who manufacture highway and flatbed trailers. '''Schanzenfeld''' is a small community about 1 km south of Winkler, Manitoba, Canada. It is located in the Rural Municipality of Stanley. Largely a Mennonite community, its close vicinity to Winkler has made it a suburb of the much larger City of Winkler. The village was named after Jacob Yost Schantz a businessman from Ontario who helped the Mennonites migrate from Russia to southern Manitoba. He visited areas of southern Manitoba in 1872 to explore possibilities for Mennonite settlement. DATE OF BIRTH September 28, 1982 PLACE OF BIRTH Winkler, Manitoba , Canada DATE OF DEATH '''CJEL-FM''' (93.5 FM (FM broadcasting), "The Eagle 93.5") is a radio station broadcasting a soft adult contemporary music (adult contemporary music) format. Licensed to Winkler, Manitoba, it serves the Pembina Valley region (Pembina Valley Region, Manitoba) of Manitoba.

Port Alberni

. By the Second World War, plywood mills and a nascent pulp industry had started. For the next forty years, the forest industry reigned supreme. Today, the town is a major service centre for local, regional, and provincial governments, and a supply centre and hospital for west coast communities like Bamfield, Tofino, and Ucluelet. Currently, the natural resources of the area are taking centre stage again, but in a different way. Port Alberni is in the process of "re-developing" itself as a tourism destination. The area's amenities, such as the natural beauty of the area, the opportunities for fishing (both marine and freshwater), its convenience as a jumping-off point for new outdoor recreation and ecotourism activities such as hiking, kayaking, and mountain-biking, lend themselves to these activities very well. thumb widthpx Damage to Bank of Montreal in Port Alberni by the 1946 Vancouver Island earthquake. (File:Bank of Montreal damage in 1946.jpg)The 1946 Vancouver Island earthquake was a 7.3 magnitude (moment magnitude scale) earthquake that struck Vancouver Island, on the Coast of British Columbia, Canada, at 10:15 a.m. on Sunday, June 23, 1946. The M7.3 Vancouver Island Earthquake of 1946 Retrieved on 2008-06-11 The main shock epicenter occurred in the Forbidden Plateau area north of Port Alberni. While most of the large earthquakes in the Vancouver area occur at tectonic plate (plate tectonics) boundaries, the 1946 Vancouver Island earthquake was a crustal (crust (geology)) event. 1946 Vancouver Island Earthquake Anniversary Retrieved on 2008-06-11 Shaking was felt from Portland, Oregon to Prince Rupert, British Columbia. The earthquake is remembered as one of the most damaging earthquakes in the history of British Columbia. From 1920 to 1973 Alberni Residential School was in operation. The Canadian Federal government now says that this was a big blot on race relations in Canada. Indian and Northern Affairs Canada The residential school (Canadian Indian residential school system) system run by the United Church forcibly separated children from their families and communities. The residential school was closed in the late 1970s and in 2009 was demolished. In 1955, the Alberni Athletics Senior-A Men's Basketball Team had an outstanding year. The Alberni Athletics won the Canadian Senior Basketball Championships at home. A young Jim Robson honed his sports reporting skills doing the play-by-play on radio station CJAV. The Alberni Athletics were inducted into the BC Sports Hall of Fame in 2001. thumb left Good Friday Tsunami (File:USGS Tsunami Travel Time.gif)In 1964, Port Alberni was hit by two tsunamis (called tidal waves in 1964) during the Good Friday Earthquake. The water rose about one foot in a minute reaching ten feet above the high-water mark. About 375 homes were damaged and 55 were washed away, however there were no injuries or fatalities. In 1967, the neighbouring towns of Alberni (on the north) and Port Alberni (on the south) amalgamated to form the city of Port Alberni. The Alberni Valley has a museum and many ancillary attractions. Sproat Lake, located just outside of Port Alberni is the present home of Martin Mars water bombers. Geography

Banff, Alberta

Gardeners (Gardening#Gardeners) in Canada will similarly regard Victoria Day as the beginning of spring, as it falls at a time when one can be fairly certain that frost will not return until the next autumn. First legislature and regional tensions One of the most


Peterborough are situated close to scenic lakes, rivers and hills in the northern reaches of the Golden Horseshoe, where all-year around recreation contributes to the local economies, in addition to being major service centres. The lake is bordered by Simcoe County (Simcoe County, Ontario), Durham Region (Regional Municipality of Durham), and York Region (Regional Municipality of York). The city of Barrie is located on Kempenfelt Bay, and Orillia is located at the entrance

Brandon, Manitoba

in the year; although initially planning to move to British Columbia, he chose to remain in the city after meeting Mary Wilcox, later his wife. He became a law student, and struck up a friendship with Fred Dixon, later a prominent labourist politician in the city. Stubbs himself had by this point converted to philosophical liberalism. '''Westman''' is the name given to the Southwestern area of the province of Manitoba, Canada. The area's major service center is the city of Brandon (Brandon, Manitoba), and to some extent, the city of Winnipeg. Winnipeg is not part of Westman, but is to the east, and is the provincial capital of Manitoba. The region comprises four of Statistics Canada's census divisions of Canada: Manitoba Census Divisions No. 5, No. 6, No. 7, and No. 15. Together they have a land area of 27,242.06 km² (10,518.22 sq mi) and a population of 103,020 as of the 2001 census (Canada 2001 Census). The first hydroelectric plant in Manitoba operated north of Brandon (Brandon, Manitoba) from 1901 to 1924. A 261-foot (80 m) earth-fill dam http: book chapter 16 25 Manitoba from the Air: Figure 16.25 The Ten Mile Dam on the Little Saskatchewan River, retrieved 2009 June 26 was constructed across the Minnedosa River (now known as the Little Saskatchewan River) about a kilometer from its junction with the Assiniboine River by private investors. The plant only operated part of the year, with the load carried in the winter months by steam generators (fossil fuel power plant). An 11-kV wood-pole transmission line connected the station with the town of Brandon, Manitoba. The dam washed out in 1948 but remains are still visible. A second plant was built by private investors near Minnedosa (Minnedosa, Manitoba) in 1912 but low water levels meant that it only operated intermittently. In 1920 the plant was replaced by a diesel station owned by the Manitoba Power Commission. The dam still exists today at Minnedosa Lake. alias origin Brandon (Brandon, Manitoba), Manitoba, Canada instrument '''Farm Fresh''' is a Canadian hip hop (hip hop music) group from Brandon (Brandon, Manitoba) formed in 1994. Made up of mcenroe, Wishahouse Pip Skid Street Cred and DJ Hunnicutt, they released their first recording ''The Space EP'' in 1994 Breaking Bread with Peanuts & Corn followed by a full length album named ''Crazy Friction'' in 1995. Breaking Bread with Peanuts & Corn Hamiota has a population of 850 people, including the rural population the population is 1,360. It is located in Western Manitoba, 84 kilometers to the northwest of the city of Brandon, Manitoba. It is surrounded by the Rural Municipality of Hamiota (Hamiota, Manitoba (rural municipality)). The trading area radius of 20 kilometers has approximately 10,000 people. The Town of Hamiota has seen continued growth for over 25 years. Minnedosa is located in the southwestern region of Manitoba. It is bordered by Russell (Russell (Manitoba riding)) to the north, Ste. Rose (Ste. Rose (Manitoba riding)) to the east, Turtle Mountain (Turtle Mountain (Manitoba riding)) to the east and south, and Arthur-Virden (Arthur-Virden (Manitoba riding)) to the south and west. The constituency also surrounds the City of Brandon (Brandon, Manitoba), which is divided into the ridings of Brandon East (Brandon East (Manitoba riding)) and Brandon West (Brandon West (Manitoba riding)). '''Canadian Forces Base Shilo''' (or '''CFB Shilo''') is an Operations and Training base of the Canadian Forces, located The '''Manex Arena''' was an indoor arena located in Brandon, Manitoba. It briefly hosted the Brandon Wheat Kings of the Western Hockey League between the demolition of the Wheat City Arena in 1969 and the construction of the Keystone Centre in 1972. Manex Arena was located in the same sports complex as the Keystone Centre, and was mostly demolished in 2004 to make way for a hotel. The frame of the arena still stands, housing a bar and part of the hotel's restaurant.


+Routes+and+Schedules default.htm . Major service changes have recently been implemented and many routes have changed. There is now 30 minute service on all routes during the day and 40 minute service at night. You can now cross town in half an hour or so. The bus is reliable, usually on time, and not overly expensive; for adults it is $2.25 for one way. On Foot Bike You can walk bike around in certain stretches of the city, but trying to walk bike from south Lethbridge to west Lethbridge



Providence, Rhode Island

, in 1845. The line opened in two sections, the part south of Millville (Millville (MA)) on September 27, 1847, and the rest on October 20. The line from Providence to Central Falls (Central Falls, Rhode Island) was shared with the Boston and Providence Railroad, which at the same time built a connection from its old line (ending in East Providence (East Providence, Rhode Island)) over to the P&W. Routes Peter Pan's major service areas include: Boston, Massachusetts

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