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Kfar Saba

online 16 ART1 578 331.html accessdate 2007-09-14 author Ayala Hurwicz date 2007-05-07 language Hebrew title Sheba - Largest Hospital in Israel Meir Hospital is a major medical center named for Josef Meir, the first head of the General Sick Fund (Clalit) and the first director of the Israeli Ministry of Health. Meir Medical Center history The hospital


;nbsp;II, who was presiding over annual military parades and celebrations of the Imperial Russian Army garrisons, stationed in Gatchina until 1917. During World War I, major medical hospitals in Gatchina were patronized by the Tsar Nicholas II and Empress Maria Fyodorovna, the mother of Nicholas II, his wife the Empress Alexandra Fyodorovna (Alexandra Feodorovna (Alix of Hesse)), as well as their daughters: the Grand Duchess Olga (Grand Duchess Olga Nikolaevna of Russia), the Grand Duchess Tatyana (Grand Duchess Tatiana Nikolaevna of Russia), the Grand Duchess Maria (Grand Duchess Maria Nikolaevna of Russia (1899–1918)), and the Grand Duchess Anastasiya (Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia). In May 1918, in the former imperial palace, one of the first museums in the country was opened "for the victorious popular masses of the Russian Revolution". WikiPedia:Gatchina Commons:Category:Gatchina

Elizabeth City, North Carolina

Hospital's position as the region's major medical facility. Limitations in some services and speciality providers had caused many prospective patients to seek services in the Hampton Roads or Greenville (Greenville, North Carolina) metro areas, leading to steady erosion of operating margins. Affiliation with a larger health organization would also provide increased buying power, improve in equipment and facility investment as well as entice additional physicians to the area. ref>

Greater Boston

in the Greater Boston area. It comprises nine campuses, with three major medical centers in Jamaica Plain (Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts), West Roxbury (West Roxbury, Massachusetts), and Brockton (Brockton, Massachusetts). '''WUNI''', digital channel 29, is the Univision television affiliate for the Greater Boston market. Licensed to Worcester, Massachusetts, the station runs general Spanish entertainment programs as well as news and information programming. The call letters stand for "Univision Nueva Inglaterra", which is Spanish for New England. The Sampan Newspaper primarily reports on the news of Chinatown and Asian Americans of Greater Boston. As a free, nonprofit newspaper, Sampan makes its profit almost entirely by advertisements. Film A number of films have been set in Boston or Greater Boston, many due to the presence of Harvard University in neighboring Cambridge, Massachusetts. *''Housesitter'' *''Ice Princess'', Takes place in Worcester, MA around the Greater Boston area about a physics geek who dreams of becoming a professional ice skater and gets an offer to go to Harvard but turns down that offer. *''Johnny Tremain'', 1957 Disney film based on the same named novel. History In the station's early days as '''WGHJ''' and '''WCCM-FM''', 93.7 aired locally based programming that targeted Lawrence and the Merrimack Valley. In 1974 the station evolved into '''WCGY''', an automated Stereo Top 40 oldies station that targeted the Greater Boston, Massachusetts area, due to the signal's strength. The call letters were chosen with the owner in mind as Curt Gowdy and his children owned and operated the station until the sale to American Radio Systems in 1994. In 2002 Aimco acquired Casden (Alan Casden) Properties, which owned 17 conventional and 99 affordable communities, WikiPedia:Greater Boston

Medford, Oregon

The first issue was four pages long, and included ads for businesses ranging from Cave City to Medford, Oregon, with the ads priced at one or two dollars.


enrolled. Has a single Masters programme in Computer Sciences in cooperation with a German university, which is taught in English. The '''Far Eastern State University of Humanities''' offers a summer course in Russian language in July as well as courses during the academic year. The '''Far-Eastern State Medical University''' is a major medical institution in Eastern Siberia. The '''Far-Eastern State University of Railways''' being one of the largest universities includes the course of Russian-Americam Programme. The '''Far-Eastern State Scientific Library''' is an old and beautiful Art-Nouveau building in the city's center and has American, German and Japanese centers. Center in Khabarovsk''' offers course of Japanese language as well as participation in business seminars hostels and not many unrenovated Soviet rooms, so accommodation is pretty steep — on the other hand, the situation is not much different from the rest of Russia. If the situation is desperate and you have a valid ISIC card, you could try to see if the university will hook you up with a room in their dorms — though call ahead instead of showing up on the day. If not, rooms can go as low as 1000 rubles (€25) if you look around and book well ahead of arrival. * commons:Khabarovsk

Tyler, Texas

He was voted Most Likely to Succeed, and in 1980, after he graduated from high school, Dunham gave himself a career goal of obtaining, within ten years, an appearance on ''The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson'', which was seen as the "holy grail" for comedians. 50px Historic SH 26 left (Image:Old Texas 26.svg) '''SH 26''' was the last of the 26 original Texas highways proposed in 1917. The original route was to be a short route from Tyler (Tyler, Texas) through Henderson (Henderson, Texas) to Nacogdoches (Nacogdoches, Texas). By 1926, the stretch from Tyler to Henderson was reassigned to SH 64 (Texas State Highway 64). '''SH 26''' was instead routed northward to Longview (Longview, Texas) over part of SH 43 (Texas State Highway 43). By 1939, it had been extended north to the Oklahoma border via a proposed section of Texas SH 149 (Texas State Highway 149) and SH 11 (Texas State Highway 11). In 1962, '''SH 26''' was cancelled when U.S. Highway 259 (U.S. Highway 259 (Texas)) was routed over its entire length. Houston, Texas; San Antonio, Texas; Corpus Christi (Corpus Christi, Texas), Texas; Fort Worth, Texas; Tyler (Tyler, Texas), Texas; Midland (Midland, Texas), Texas; Denver, Colorado; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma;

Tuscaloosa, Alabama

;action detail&ref 108 Directory of Services: Trama Center . ''DCH Health System''. Accessed November 26, 2005. The DCH Healthcare authority also operates Northport Medical Center in neighboring Northport (Northport, Alabama). Other major medical centers in Tuscaloosa include the 702-bed Veterans Affairs (United States Department of Veterans Affairs) Medical Center-Tuscaloosa and the 422-bed Bryce Hospital, Mary S. Harper Geriatric Psychiatry Center, and Taylor Hardin Secure Medical Facility. http: city Tuscaloosa-Alabama.html Transportation thumb The Tuscaloosa Amtrak Station, one mile south of downtown (Image:Tuscaloosa Alabama Amtrak Station.jpg) Tuscaloosa is connected to other parts of the country via air, rail, road and sea. The city lies at the intersection of several highways, including three federal highways (U.S. Highway system) (US 11 (U.S. Route 11 in Alabama), US 43 (US 43 (AL)), and US 82 (US 82 (AL))), three Alabama state highways (SR 69 (State Route 69 (Alabama)), SR 215 (State Route 215 (Alabama)), and SR 216 (State Route 216 (Alabama))) and two duplexed (conjoined) Interstates (Interstate Highway) (I-20 (Interstate 20 (Alabama)) I-59 (Interstate 59 (Alabama))). Interstate 359 spurs off from I-20 I-59 and heads northward, ending in downtown Tuscaloosa. SR 297 (Alabama State Route 297) will be the future loop road around Tuscaloosa. Tuscaloosa also contains one toll road on the Black Warrior Parkway (I-20 I-59), charging $1.25 for automobiles, and one toll bridge (Black Warrior Parkway bridge). Greyhound Bus Lines provides passenger bus service to Tuscaloosa. I The Tuscaloosa Transit Authority operates the Tuscaloosa Trolley System. The Tuscaloosa Trolley provides local public bus transportation with four fixed routes that operate Monday through Friday from 5:00 am to 6:00 pm. The trolley's paint job is an illusion; it is an El Dorado Transmark RE bus, painted to look like a trolley. http: door The Tuscaloosa Regional Airport, on the north side of the Black Warrior River west of downtown Northport, is equipped with two lighted runways (6499' and 4001') and provides full facilities for the general aviation which the airport mainly serves. The airport also supports private jetcraft and commercial charter flights, but passengers of regularly scheduled commercial aircraft from Tuscaloosa embark at either the convenient and well equipped Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport, located '''Pain''' was an American (United States) rock (rock music) band from Mobile (Mobile, Alabama) and Tuscaloosa (Tuscaloosa, Alabama), Alabama. The main songwriters Dan and Pose, grew up in Mobile and graduated from Mcgill Toolen High school in midtown Mobile. Though they have not produced any chart-topping hits, the band enjoyed a semi-mainstream following after touring relentlessly. Cartoon Network also aired a short two-minute music video set to their song "Jabberjaw (Running Underwater)", featuring the cartoon character of the same name along with "updated" versions of the rest of the show's characters., "Jabberjaw (Running Underwater)" music video featured on Cartoon Network - Retrieved January 6, 2011 The corpse Hazel's body was taken to Adams Vermillion Furniture which also sold caskets and functioned as a funeral parlor. No one showed up to claim her, but the body wasn't decomposing, either—supposedly an effect of the poison. With an endless supply of curious visitors the proprietor started charging 10¢ a gander to see the notorious outlaw. The corpse was later loaned out to various exhibitors, including Adams' brother in Tuscaloosa (Tuscaloosa, Alabama), and Captain Harvey Lee Boswell, before it came into the possession of O. C. Brooks in 1907. He featured the well-preserved remains in his traveling show for 40 years. When he died, Brooks left Hazel to his nephew, on the condition that any money raised from displaying her be donated to charity. '''DS: That would seem like racy material for grade school or high school. :'''EW:''' I don’t mean in Alabama; in America the curriculum is determined by each community, which is unlike every other country in the western world. So, in Tuscaloosa (w:Tuscaloosa, Alabama) they are not going to teach something racy, but in Darien, Connecticut (w:Darien, Connecticut) they are.

Scranton, Pennsylvania


head politico, this is the place! Wear a helmet whilst cycling because an accident would be catastrophic and the nearest major medical facilities are in New Zealand and Australia. Seatbelts in vehicles aren't obligatory but it's advisable to wear one anyway. Emergency services and in-patient care for surgical conditions are provided at the sparklingly clean and newly re-built Niue Foou Hospital in Alofi, but travel insurance is strongly recommended. For some of the caves, especially Vaikona, it is strongly advised to go with a guide unless you're experienced because people have been lost and injured in some of the island's caves. The emergency phone number in Niue is 999. Stay healthy thumb 300px Katuali (poisonous sea snake) off the coast of Niue (File:Sea Snake Niue 2.jpg) There are no land snakes (sea snakes do ply waters off the coast) or poisonous insects. There is no malaria but there are mosquitos which peak between December through to March. In 2012 there were reported cases of Dengue fever, with one death, though these were the first cases in a number of years. Take proper precautions to avoid being bitten by the Aedes mosquito. Herbalists and traditional healers (''taulaatua'') are also patronised by locals. Reef shoes are strongly recommended if snorkelling because coral cuts can easily become infected. If you cut yourself rinse the cut straight away with generous amounts of soap and water. Respect Sunday is a special day reserved for Niue's strong church-going population. Fishing, kayaking and diving are prohibited by law on Sunday. Swimming is also prohibited on Sunday but, in practice, you can swim at many locations away from villages without any offence to the locals. Swimming gear is OK in swimming areas but not in villages. Don't swim nude or topless, and don't swim where locals are fishing during the spawning season. Wave to everyone when they pass by. Niueans are among the friendliest people in the world. If they're able to help you, ''they will''. Refusing an offer of dinner or a cuppa can be considered offensive. Niue is a very conservative island. Don't get drunk, as locals (especially police officers) don't look kindly on people getting drunk and then causing trouble. There have been reports of people being deported for these type of offences. Furthermore, homosexual couples should be mindful to the culture and older generations. Connect Visitors pay a one off fee of NZ$25 to RockET who register their computer MAC address onto a single wireless base station of their choice. Connection speed seems poor and is a frustrating experience if previously used to broadband. If you don't have your own laptop there is an internet cafe next to the bakery at NZ$12 an hour. Some accommodation options offer internet access. The airport offers free wifi. Skype audio or video calls don't work effectively due to the slow connection but Skype IM is OK. Your best bet is to contact any and all friends family from New Zealand (or your home country) before leaving for Niue because it's NZ$0.99 a minute to call New Zealand. If you need to call from Niue the Telecom Office is open 24 hours. There is now a limited mobile phone service on the island, which only works in some parts of the island. You can buy a SIM card from the Telecom Office for $34 (plus $5 credit), however there is limited sizes of SIM cards so make sure it fits into your mobile phone first. There are no roaming agreements with NZ mobile operators. Cope The New Zealand High Commission is in Alofi on the airport road. WikiPedia:Niue Commons:Category:Niue Dmoz:Regional Oceania Niue

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