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San Jose del Monte

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King City, California

and ranches in the south Salinas Valley and to transport the goods to San Francisco and Los Angeles. It was originally called "Hog Town" since swine were one of the major agricultural products of the area in the 1880s. "Our History" - King City official website The King City post office first opened in 1887. King City incorporated under the name "City of King" in 1911. J. Ernst Steinbeck, father of the novelist John Steinbeck, claimed to have been the first permanent resident of King City. Steinbeck was certainly among the first settlers. He was the first agent for the S.P. Milling Company, which built an early warehouse and flour mill alongside the railroad tracks running through town. The mill was built by R. M. Shackelford, an early California settler and businessman who owned sheep pasturage next to that of Charles King. King City - Monterey County Historical Society Geography King City elevation is at an elevation of 971 feet (296 m). Jolon is located in the Salinas Valley in a rural area located about 6 miles from Mission San Antonio de Padua, and is part of Fort Hunter Liggett. The three patients who were the first to arrive at the Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital (w:Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital) were all in a critical condition. Some of the injured were taken to the Lee Memorial Hospital in King City (w:King City, California), other critically injured were being sent to the Bay area. So far eight people have been reported in critical condition (w:Medical state). At least fifteen ambulances, and seven helicopter ambulances were dispatched to the scene.


, Siberia had been a major agricultural region within Russia, espеcially its southern territories (nowadays Altai Krai, Omsk Oblast, Novosibirsk Oblast, Kemerovo Oblast, Khakassia, Irkutsk Oblast). Stolypin's program (Stolypin reform) of resettlement granted a lot of land for immigrants from elsewhere in the empire, creating a large portion of well-off peasants and stimulating rapid agricultural development in 1910s. Local merchants exported large quantities of labeled


. There were two Islamic holy sites in the village, including a ''maqam'' (shrine) dedicated to an Abd ar-Rahman Sa'd ad-Din. Abu-Sitta, Salman H. (2007) p. 51 During the British Mandate the fish catch increased from six tons in 1928 to 1,622 tons in 1944. The major agricultural products were grain, vegetables, and fruit. In 1944 45 a total of 26 dunams was devoted to citrus and bananas, 6,593 to cereals and 287 dunums to orchards


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Pereira, Colombia

range running through central Colombia, 26 km north of the departmental capital Armenia (Armenia, Colombia). It is the northernmost of twelve municipalities that form Quindío, the second smallest department of Colombia. It houses a small community economically supported by agriculture and tourism. Although coffee is the major agricultural product, the municipality's diverse ecosystem makes it perfect for the production of numerous fruits and vegetables. The population is evenly split between the urban and rural areas, with an urban population in the town of Filandia itself of nearly 7000 inhabitants and a population of around 6500 in the rest of the municipality. Most of the population is classified as mestizo and the most common religion is Roman Catholic. The town's architecture, landscapes and the sociability of the locals makes Filandia one of the most beautiful and attractive towns in the department of Quindio and the nation. The town's best-known tourist attractions are its "mirador" (viewing tower) with its extensive views over the Cauca River valley to the west and the Parque Nacional Natural los Nevados (Los Nevados National Natural Park) to the east (it is also possible to see both Armenia and Pereira (Pereira, Colombia) from the top of the tower), and the cafe in the main square where scenes from the popular Colombian telenovela ''Cafe, con aroma de mujer'' were filmed. thumb 300px The viaduct has become a symbol of the cities of Pereira and Dosquebradas. (Image:Viaducto g.jpg) The '''César Gaviria Trujillo Viaduct''' ( Suolahti (consolidated in 2007 with Sumiainen to make Äänekoski), Finland (status unknown) image 300 px (Image:266368 10150687251515634 868425633 19614070 4645723 o.jpg) location Pereira (Pereira, Colombia), Colombia broke_ground '''Estadio Hernán Ramírez Villegas''' is a multi-purpose stadium in Pereira (Pereira, Colombia), Colombia. It is currently used mostly for football (football (soccer)) matches. It is also the home of Deportivo Pereira. The stadium holds 30,313 people. The stadium was built in 1971. The stadium is now under reconstruction for the FIFA U-20 World Cup in 2011. The stadium is going to host some games and is going to hold 40.000 people. Nuevo Estadio, Así quedaría el estadio de Pereira, July 6, 2009. An upper tier is being added to the stadium to match with the existing west upper tier. Main urban centers *Pereira (Pereira, Colombia), Risaralda Department *Armenia (Armenia, Colombia), Quindío Department *Juan Valdez (International gourmet coffee brand) *Pereira (Pereira, Colombia), Risaralda (Risaralda Department) (Colombian City) *Armenia (Armenia, Colombia), Quindío (Quindío Department) (Colombian City)

Kemerovo Oblast

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Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan

operations. The most pristine agricultural lands are closest to the city, whereas the surrounding areas become less suitable for farming and more amenable to ranching as you progress north Canadian Shield or east to the St. Cyr Hills. The city boasts one stockyard and two major agricultural equipment dealers. The community is home to the SaskPower Meadow Lake Power Station. The community is 40 km southeast of Meadow Lake Provincial Park. Education Meadow Lake is served

Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture

plateaus, is a major agricultural and residential area. Both Hanji Town (the county seat of Linxia County) and Linxia City are located in this valley. Xie Ai was initially regarded as only capable in civilian matters, and apparently served as a civilian official during the rule of Zhang Chonghua's father Zhang Jun (Zhang Jun (Former Liang)). In 346, in light of Zhang Jun's death and succession by Zhang Chonghua, Later Zhao launched a major attack against Former Liang, with intent

Omsk Oblast

Oblast (13.37%). Since the second half of the 19th century, Siberia had been a major agricultural region within Russia, espеcially its southern territories (nowadays Altai Krai, Omsk Oblast, Novosibirsk

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