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dependencies." In 1900, it became Dahomey's capital city. thumb left 150px Voodoo altar with several fetishes in Abomey (File:Voodo-altar.jpg), BeninTraditional African religion is the oldest and original religion of the native populations of this region, and includes Yoruba religion, Odinani, Serer religion, etc. It is spiritual but also linked to the historical and cultural heritage of the people. John S

San Juan Teotihuacán

vegetative decoration. The Jardin de las Cactáceas or Cactus Garden covers four hectares and exhibits a wide variety of plants found in the deserts and arid grasslands of Mexico. Some of the plants include maguey (Agave americana), various palms, barrel cactus (Echinocactus) and other cacti. It is located next to the archeological site. The town has two main traditional festivals: the feast day of John the Baptist (the patron of the town) in late June and the feast of Christ the Redeemer in July, which runs concurrently with the Obsidian Fair. During the festival of Christ the Redeemer, which lasts eight days, one can see a number of traditional dances such as the Aztecs, Santiagueros and Sembradores. There are also amusement rides, fireworks and sporting events. thumb Balloons over the Teotihuacan site suring the Festival Aerostatico Teotihuacan (File:BalloonsTeotiEquinox5.JPG) In the 2000s, two other annual events have been added the Festival Aerostatico Teotihuacan and the Festival Musica para los Dioses. The Festival Aerostatico Teotihuacan (Teotihuacan Hot-Air Balloon Festival) has been held each year since 2005. The event attracts about 15,000 people each year with an average of twenty balloons participating. Other events include paragliding and skydiving exhibitions, ultragliders, a farming and livestock show, and a gastronomy and crafts fair. The 2010 event was dedicated to the Bicentennial of Mexico’s Independence (Celebration of Mexican political anniversaries in 2010) and featured a dirigible 44 meters long and the return of John Ninomiya, a man who is able to fly attached to a bunch of balloons (cluster ballooning). The event takes place at the “Globopuerto Volare, located on the Tulancingo-Teotihuacan highway. Other colonial structures can be found in Ozumba, Toluca and the cities that surround Mexico City. The '''Pyramid of the Moon''' is the second largest pyramid in Teotihuacan (San Juan Teotihuacán), Mexico after the Pyramid of the Sun. It is located in the western part of Teotihuacan and mimics the contours of the mountain Cerro Gordo, just north of the site. Some have called it ''Tenan'', which in Nahuatl, means "mother or protective stone." The Pyramid of the Moon covers a structure older than the Pyramid of the Sun which existed prior to 200 AD (Anno Domini).

Boca del Río, Veracruz

include Mexican and Caribbean folk dance and music and art expositions. The Feast of Saint Ann is the main traditional festival of the city, taking place from 24 to 31 July. The days are filled with cultural as well as religious events. The '''Expo Regional Ylang Ylang''' (Ylang Ylang Regional Expo) occurs from the end of May to the beginning of June and showcases the area agricultural, craft, industrial and commercial production. It also has cockfight (cockfighting)s, rodeos (called palenques) and folkdance such as jaripeos. From the end of May to the beginning of June is held the annual agricultural, crafts, industrial and commercial fair of the city, with cockfights, rodeos and folk dance. Crafts here include seashell jewelry, wooden boxes, key rings and trinkets made with ocean materials such as coral and pebbles. Veracruz’s annual carnival parade passes along the boardwalk that connects the port of Boca del Rio with the port of Veracruz. It is one of the highlights of the event, which has contained as many as 35 dance groups, 10 bands and over 100 floats. '''XHVE-FM''' is a Mexican (Mexico) radio station based in Boca del Río, Veracruz, that is also called '''Best FM'''. It was founded by MVS Radio located in Mexico City. Preparations Some 100,000 inhabitants of the Sierra de los Tuxtlas region on the Gulf Coast were evacuated from their homes, and incidents of mild flooding as well as wind damage (such as uprooted trees and roofs ripped off houses) were reported from coastal areas of Veracruz, including the port of Veracruz (Veracruz, Veracruz), Boca del Río (Boca del Río, Veracruz), San Andrés Tuxtla, Santiago Tuxtla, Minatitlán (Minatitlán, Veracruz) and Coatzacoalcos, as well as state capital Xalapa further inland. The armed forces (Military of Mexico) evacuated the inhabitants of a dozen or so towns on the coastal plain, between World Heritage Site Tlacotalpan in the west and the lakeside resort of Catemaco in the east. - Boca del Río (Boca del Río, Veracruz) Veracruz 229 (Area Code 229 (Mexico)) -


to groups of Brythonic (British language (Celtic)) speakers who emigrated from southwestern Great Britain in waves from the 3rd to 6th century into the Armorican peninsula, subsequently named Brittany after them.

Food and Drug Administration

"body type"); and treatment is aimed at restoring balance to the mind-body system. It has long been the main traditional system of health care in India, and it has become institutionalized in India's colleges and schools, although unlicensed practitioners are common. In what the Food and Drug Administration (w:Food and Drug Administration) is characterizing as one of the largest recalls in recent history, numerous types of products containing peanuts (w:Peanut) are being recalled in the United States. The FDA issued a recall on Wednesday on food items with peanut paste and other peanut products made after January 1, 2007 at a Peanut Corp. of America (PCA) center in Blakely, Georgia (w:Blakely, Georgia). The recall affects over 430 products containing peanut paste or peanut butter from the PCA plant. The president announced the nomination of a new agency commissioner for the Food and Drug Administration (w:Food and Drug Administration) (FDA), former New York City (w:New York City) Health Commissioner Margaret Hamburg (w:Margaret Hamburg). According to the Food and Drug Administration (w:Food and Drug Administration) (FDA), inspections of Nipro facilities last October revealed problems with the needles, which could allow parts of silicone (w:silicone) in the port to be dislodged. 60%–72% of tested needles had that problem. In a conference call with reporters, FDA officials remarked that they were concerned the silicone could enter the bloodstream of a patient, although, to date, no harm from this has been reported.

Sri Lanka

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is probably the most popular in Moscow after Georgian. It is similar to Persian and Turkish cuisine.You can find Azerbaijani restaurants everywhere in Moscow. It is strongly recommended if you want to try delicious food in Moscow. Curiously, one of the main traditional sauces is almost identical to fresh red Latin American salsas. '''Armenian''' - Similar to Turkish and Azerbaijani cuisine but with an exciting twist to it. Try out their mouth watering charcoal grilled kebabs and fish dishes. Many good restaurants available around Moscow and many of the chefs are actually natives from Armenia, which adds to the authenticity of the food. Try out Restaurant Gavan at the address: “ulitsa Rossolimo 7, gorod Moskva”. Take metro to Park Kul’tury station, also not far away from the famous Gorky Park. "Armenia" supermarket on Pushkin Square is famous for its authentic Armenian deli and Armenian brandy. '''Georgian''' – Besides Russian cuisine, one variety of ethnic food that is strongly recommended while in Moscow is Georgian. This cuisine is generally spicier than Russian food, and there are a number of reasonably priced Georgian restaurants in Moscow. '''South German''' cuisine and draft beers can be found at "Bavarius". '''Japanese''' – Muscovites have been obsessed with sushi since late 1990s, and the boom is not over yet. Japanese restaurants are probably most popular among young Russian women, easily competing with Italian and French restaurants. The picture menus are a great help when ordering, and the names of items are basically just Japanese transliterated to Cyrillic. Don't expect a proliferation of raw fish, though; the most popular rolls contain cooked items. '''Thai''' cuisine can be found only in few restaurants, and its authenticity is debatable. '''Vietnamese''' and '''Chinese''' cuisines are not popular with Russians, but can be found if you search for it. * You can find "authentic" Chinese and Vietnamese food in Vietnamese Chinese Markets, such as Izmaylovo Market. You will need to do some exploring deep into the markets or maybe ask a few vendors to locate the restaurants. The vendors themselves eat at those places. * '''Viet Cafe''' - A modern fusion-like chain of cafes serves Vietnamese cuisine but for a slightly higher price. Normal meal will cost around 500 rubles per person. * '''Izumrudnaya Reka''' ("Emerald River") A nice place for Vietnamese food in the Savyolovskiy market, close to Savyolovskaya metro station. * Dmoz:Regional Europe Russia Administrative Regions Moscow Commons:Category:Moscow Wikipedia:Moscow

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