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National Disaster Response Force

;ref http: news 315084_Centre-steps-up-flood-relief-ops-in-AP--Karnataka# NDRF rescued tens of thousands persons marooned in the floods at these two States and distributed over 40 quintals of food and drinking water. The medical teams of NDRF at these districts

610 Office

CECC2008 The CLGDF includes high-ranking members of the Communist Party’s propaganda department, including the minister of propaganda and deputy head of the Central Leading Group on Propaganda and Ideological Work. This, coupled with the 610 Office’s organizational position above the main news and propaganda organs, gives it sufficient influence to direct the anti-Falun Gong propaganda efforts at the central level. Tong notes that the first “propaganda assaults


'', Indiana University Press, 1989. ISBN 0-253-20536-0 *Degtyarev A. G., ''Letopis' gory Magnitnoy i goroda Magnitogorska'', 1993. The book is about Magnitogorsk, its history and natural resources *Stephen Kotkin. ''Steeltown, USSR'' External links *http: the official website of Magnitogorsk *http: Magnitogorsk Main News *City Magnitogorsk *http: courses

Domodedovo International Airport

Reinforced concrete stat-year 2013 stat1-header Number of passengers stat1-data 30,760,000 stat2-header Aircraft movements stat2-data 253,500 footnotes Sources: DAFIF,

(30.76 million passengers used the airport in 2013, which is a 9.2% increase from 2012),main news press_rel ?ID 3888 Аэропорт Домодедово подвел итоги работы в 2013 году and is one of the three major Moscow airports along with Sheremetyevo (Sheremetyevo International Airport) and Vnukovo (Vnukovo International Airport). History The airport is named after the town of Domodedovo (Domodedovo (town)), on the territory of which

million passengers per year from 2.8 million in 2000. Domodedovo is Russia's first airport to have parallel runways operating simultaneously.


Interior Ministry until 1991, Paramilitaries Get 15 – 20 Years for Kosovo Crimes – Balkan Insight http: en main news 20364 participated in the massacre "Serbia: Mladic “Recruited” Infamous Scorpions". Institute for War and Peace Reporting.


. The Gyeongsangbuk-do Office will be relocated in a borderland between Andong and Yecheon. Jang Byeong-cheol (Korean name) ( , 7 April 2009). "main news news_content.php?id 257085&news_area 010&news_divide &news_local


;ndash;77 kg 160.0 '''195.5 JWR''' '''355.0 JWR''' Hermosillo, MEX (Mexico) Jun 1, 2003 She was born in Hermosillo, Sonora, where she worked in a local TV channel until 1994, when she was hired as main host of Azteca's main news program, ''Hechos''. She is also an investigative reporter. Funeral Carrillo was given a large and expensive funeral in Guamuchilito, Sinaloa. In 2006, Gov (Governor of Sonora). Eduardo Bours asked the federal government to tear


: main news inf_news ~id 637 Конструкторское бюро "Омсктрансмаша" станет филиалом "Уралвагонзавода" - Экскаватор РУ Uralvagonzavod was developing the T-95 competitor for the Black Eagle, and now owns the rights to both projects, but the Russian government has withdrawn all support and funding for the project. This may be because due to its age, it will be outdated if it is even ever completed. ref name rcap>


to the discovery of a bullet hole in the aircraft's tail. The aircraft was carrying 20 passengers, but none were injured. The reason for the incident is unknown; however, reports indicate that it may have been an inadvertent result of guns being fired during celebrations for Orthodox Christmas.main news 7248 Montenegro Airlines aircraft shot at during landing company_slogan headquarters Podgorica, Montenegro key_people


; Notable people * Trevor Bailey, cricketer for Essex & England * Mathew Baynton, musician, writer, actor Horrible Histories (Horrible Histories (2009 TV series)) * David Bellos, professor translator http: main news archive S32 82 81Q36 index.xml?section featured * James Booth, actor Zulu (1964 film

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