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Safi, Morocco

the centre of an agglomeration which has an estimated 793,000 inhabitants (1987). The city was under protectorate by the Portuguese Empire from 1488 to 1541, while the fortress built to protect the city, under Portuguese rule (Portuguese people) is still there today. Safi is the main fishing port for the country's sardine industry, and also exports phosphates, textiles and ceramics (Pottery). During the Second World War, Safi was one of the landing sites for Operation Torch. Etymology The city's name as it is locally pronounced is "Asfi", which was Latinized as "Safi" and "Safim" under Portuguese rule (Portuguese Empire). "Asfi" means ''flood'' or ''river estuary'' in Berber (Berber language) and comes from the Berber root "sfi sfey" which means ''to flood'', ''to spill'' or ''to pour''. 11th-century geographer Al-Idrisi gave an apparently false explanation to the origin the name "Asfi" as he linked it to the Arabic word "Asaf" (regret); Asafi (my regret). He based this claim on a strange story about some sailors from al-Andalus who sailed to discover the other end of the Atlantic ocean but got lost and landed on some island where the natives captured them and sent them back on their ships blindfolded. The ships eventually ended on the shores of "Asfi" and locals helped the lost sailors and told them that they were two months away from their native land al-Andalus. Upon hearing this one of the sailors responded by saying: "Wa asafi" (Oh my regret). Al-Idrisi wrote that from that time the city carried the name "Asafi". This story is thought to be a legend and unlikely explanation of the origin of the name. Mohammedia, Morocco


, adjacent to the capital Malé. The airport is served by flights to India, Sri Lanka, Doha, Dubai, Singapore, Istanbul, and major airports in South-East Asia, as well as charters from Europe. Gan Airport (Gan International Airport), on the southern atoll of Addu (Addu City), also serves an international flight to Milan several times a week. British Airways offer direct flights to the Maldives around 2–3 times per week. Fishing industry Commons:Category:Maldives WikiPedia:Maldives Dmoz:Regional Asia Maldives


America Since 1930 publisher Google Books date accessdate 2010-04-17 isbn 978-0-521-26652-9 author1 Bethell, Leslie year 1991 The Callao seaport is one of the main fishing and commerce ports in South America, covering over and shipping 20.7 million metric tons of cargo in 2007.


lat -20.40689 long 57.70822 directions phone tollfree fax hours price content One of the main fishing villages on the island. Built on the magnificent Grand Port Bay, it was founded in 1804 by the French Governor Charles Decaën. The Monday markets are among the biggest and best on the island and are held right next to the main bus station. * Commons:Category:Mauritius WikiPedia:Mauritius Dmoz:Regional Africa Mauritius


is the main fishing port for the country's sardine industry, and also exports phosphates, textiles and ceramics (Pottery). During the Second World War, Safi was one of the landing sites for Operation Torch. The city was under Portuguese (Portugal) rule in 1488 and 1541; it is believed that they abandoned it to the Saadians (who were at war with them), since the city proved difficult to defend from land attacks. The Portuguese (Portuguese people) fortress built to protect the city is still there today. After 1541, the city played a major role in Morocco as one of the safest and biggest seaports in the country. Many ambassadors to the Saadian and Alaouite kings during the 16th–18th centuries came to Morocco via Asfi; its proximity to Marrakech, then capital of Morocco, helped expand the maritime trade in the city. Louis De Chénier, consul of the French court in Morocco in 1767, reported that the city was the only usable seaport at the time. Notable people from Safi *Abderrahim Goumri: Moroccan (Morocco) long-distance runner *Abraham Ben Zmirro: 15th century rabbi *Ahmed Ghayby: Member of the Moroccan football federation and president of Olympic Safi *Brahim Boulami & Khalid Boulami: Moroccan (Morocco) Athletes (sportsperson) *Driss Benhima: Current CEO of Royal Air Maroc and president of Hawd Assafi, Safi-based non-profit organization Other uses of the term ''iqama'' ''Iqāmah'' is the ''maṣdar (Arabic verbal noun)'' form of the fourth (causative) stem (stem '' ' af`ala'') from the triliteral root (Semitic root) Q (Qoph)-W (Vav)-M (Mem), which relates to setting things up, carrying things out, existence, and assorted other meanings. The word ''iqāmah'' itself is multivalent, but its most common meaning outside the inauguration of prayer is in the context of immigration law, referring to a long-term visa (visa (document)) for a foreign national. In some cases, as in Egypt, it is a stamp on the foreigner's passport; in others (as in Morocco and Saudi Arabia) it is a separate identity document in the form of a plastic card. '''Imlil''' is a small village in the high Atlas Mountains of Morocco. It is located 1740 meters above sea level. A portrait of Imlil and the problems and prospects of Morocco's mountain populations appeared in 1984 in the book by James A. Miller called Imlil and published by Westview Press). It is close to the mountain Jebel Toubkal, the highest peak in Northern Africa. Imlil makes a good base for attempting to summit Toubkal. right thumb 300px A Kasbah (Image:hoher atlas dadestal.jpg) in the Dades valley, High Atlas '''High Atlas''', also called the '''''Grand''' Atlas Mountains'' ( WikiPedia:Morocco Dmoz:Regional Africa Morocco Commons:Category:Morocco

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Census . '''Kilkeel''' ( WikiPedia:Northern Ireland Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom Northern Ireland commons:Northern Ireland

New Zealand

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Fishing industry in New Zealand New Zealand implements the Quota Management System (QMS) to limit catches of fish and shellfish. Under QMS, a limit of Wikipedia:New Zealand Commons:Category:New Zealand Dmoz:Regional Oceania New Zealand

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